BT Basics Complaint

This is a BT complaint regarding the customer services a disabled customer received when requesting to join BT Basics

Please find the e-mail drafted below. I called the 0800 800 150 number on and guess what they have NO e-mail complaint procedure!! It’s all very shoddy indeed and I already wish I didn’t have to rely on BT. So if you could forward this would be most greatful!

Dear Sirs

I am writing to complain about the service I received when requesting to joining BT as a new customer under BT basics. Initially all the help I received was positive and that I would be connected on my moving day 15th July.

When on the 14th I rang to request that the line be put on sooner if possible. I was told no and that I wouldn’t be connected until my appointment Friday AM.

My response was . . .”what Appointment???”

Nobody saw fit to advise me of this appointment despite them having my mobile number or arranging this on application.

I am now going to be without my phone for a week and as a disabled person on the most minimum of benefits I can ill afford to rely on my PAYG mobile (plus I do not even know if I can get mobile coverage).

This is a very poor indeed and even before a service has even been installed.

I would appreciate your response on this matter.

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  • i was put on a 12month contract i did nt sign up for
    when i complained they said they beleived my story they charged me 35 pound too cancel the contract it
    was there fault but would give me 10 pounds back as a goodwill gesture great this is from the call centre in india they said they could not do any thing

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