BT Answer 1571 low use charge

Dear BT, how come I have an item on my latest bill ‘One-off charges £3 – BT Answer 1571 low use charge’ because, ‘the minimum number of calls has not been made’.

I do not even have 1571 on my phone and if you phone me this can be confirmed. But if I go to my services on my online account it shows that I have 1571. And anyway, assuming I did have it, what’s all this about being charged for not using the phone enough?



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  1. This is a penalty charge and could be unlawful.
    Challenge it.
    2 minumun calls costs 20p so the charge should be 20p as a maximum.
    80p is a penalty.

  2. I got the same charges of (call display + BT Answer 1571) for making less than 2 calls for the past month. Have made an online complaint last night and got called by the customer service just now, who agreed to refund the extra charges and cancel the (call display + BT Answer 1571 services). Maybe I'm just too stupid to see any good intentions in making up these kinds of rules but to take advantage of customer's carelessness.

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