BT 20Mbps Broadband Advert to be Scrutinised by ASA?

It is understood that TalkTalk UK, a popular internet service provider in the United Kingdom renowned for its cheap business broadband packages, is all set to complain to ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) that BT’s fresh advertisements on its new broadband service speeds of up to 20Mbps were misleading. The cause for the commotion is an advertisement by BT, which claims that its service that was recently upgraded, offered faster access speeds consistently compared with the industry, even at peak times.

The chief complaint regarding BT’s claim of offering a superiorly fast service is that the week-long test was quite short and had only participated twenty broadband telephone lines. The detractors of the BT test also cite the fact that it was conducted during the school holidays that could bring about a misleadingly advantageous test result. And last but definitely not the least, the test was run by BT itself that would had given it the the advantage of being selective about the lines chosen.

The BT test is also left to prove wrong the criticism that the testing method adopted by it was quiet different from the testing methodology approved by the telecoms regulator of the United Kingdom, Ofcom. Meanwhile, a broadband speed study carried out by Ofcom in April had revealed that the average broadband speed delivered in the UK by its various broadband providers was 4.1Mbps. It had also uncovered the fact that the average performance of BT on its conventional 8Mbps broadband products ranged between 3.8Mbps and 4.2Mbps.

TalkTalk had as a matter of fact, fared better than BT – although marginally – in the Ofcom broadband speed study by averaging between 3.8Mbps and 4.6Mbps. A TalkTalk spokesman downplayed the BT test questioning, by just looking at twenty phone lines over one week, how could BT expect that they would be able to emerge with a credible industrial average. He added that in the study undertaken by Ofcom that they thought was a better methodology, ironically BT could not do well on the other hand.

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  • I have been with BT for years i have laptop and pc my phone bills average about £32–£42 a month now my phone bill has doubled £64 a month i use the internet no more no less then before no in fact i would say i use it less my children have left home so now i dont download just open email online shopping i phoned BT they refunded me £30 i wanted to know why has my bills doubled i was sent emails saying they would get back to me they would get a manager to look into it for me they also emails me saying they will contact me to update my email and contact details as they are wrong did they get in touch of course not customer service is rubbish we have to speak to people that dont understand our complaints and cant give us the answers which makes us angry BT need to give there cusomer service staff more training and how to deal with upset and unhappy coustomers because the person i have spoken to was rude i will be leaving BT when my contract ends never to return

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