Broadband takes 10 days to stabilize – you’ve 7 days to cancel if not happy

A very interesting BT broadband complaint sent in today about the cooling off period being only seven days to cancel but the broadband isn’t supposed to stabilized for ten days. BT advise not to call until then so this customer begs the question

How do you cancel within the seven days if you are not happy with broadband which have to wait ten days to make a judgement on?”

Dear Sir,

I feel really deceived by what I was sold. I have had line rental through BT but call service, long distance and broadband with Sky up until a month ago when I was told I could get much faster broadband with the BT phone and broadband package (I have all of this sale chat documented). I was getting about 4mb with Sky and BT said I would get between 10 and 19mb if I switched to their superfast broadband and that it would stabilize at 14mb. I cannot get even above ten. I was sold something they could not deliver on and I feel deceived.

Here is a kicker in all of this. Once you place an order, you have 7 days to cancel. The Broadband is not supposed to stabilize for 10 days and they advise not call until then. So how do you cancel within the 7 days if you are not happy with broadband which have to wait 10 days to make a judgement on?

Also, in all of this, you are supposed to have access to BT Fon and Openzone and we were never provided a username and password for this so I called to get this information. I was told that the account was in my wife’s name so they could not give me that information. Yet, I set up the phone line, broadband and line rental and they somehow put my wife’s name on the account. Why did they let me open account for someone else if I am not able to access it? I do not get it.

After this, I asked to have the account put in my name so I can access what I need. Today, I get a call informing me that in order to put my name on the account, the account would have to be terminated and an early termination fee would be assessed to my wife. WTF? In addition to this, I was told my line is not physically capable of doing more than 11mb. So why did they say something completely different when I was sold the services?

I have spent several hours on hold, navigating through really illogical phone menus and speaking with non-solution providing support people. I am very frustrated and wondering where I can go to get answers and help. I feel like I was deceived into this and I have no recourse.

Scott A. Henry

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  • I have order BT infinity 10 days ago.

    As I always assume there is 14 days for online order, so was not too bother about ten days period to stablise the speed.

    Th package promised me 39.5 Mb download speed but so far I am getting between 7 to 18Mb.

    As I don't want to drag on so they can re-stablise for 10 more days and 10 more days, I decide I would go to BE, which I used at another address.

    It was then I was told mmy right of cancellation STOP on the day I receive the service, not 14 days, not even 7 days. After the installation, I have to pay about £200 to cancel!!

    I then read the contract, it was written there.

    Feel very foolish to fall for this trick. I wonder if such a contract is legal?? if so, the law need to get change, and until then, people beware!

  • I was lied too this week with regards to my right to cancel – purchasing BT infinty as a new customer. An advisor who talked me through the sale told me I had 15 days after activation to cancel my infinity and I'd get my line rental back, I asked this on more than one occassion and was told – nope if its slow you can cancel and have a full refund and your line would not be locked to BT. Not happy – can't beleive a company of that size would lie so blantly.

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