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This BT complaint was sent in today complaining about  slow broadband speed which is a common complaint received here at


I live in a small village in the North East of Scotland, recently I changed back to BT as I felt that my internet connection was too slow and was informed that joining BT would speed this up.

However my Internet speed has not increased, in fact in recent times it has slowed down, whenever we try to phone BT we are always put through to a call centre which I may add is not in Britain, and the people who work in this centre do not seem to understand what we are saying, and I might add at times I cannot understand them.

When asking to speak to a supervisor, they on a number of occasions have hung up, and even when reaching the supervisor they have not helped. I honestly thought that BT stood for British Telecom, which in years gone by British stood for well made and customer focused, however in the time I have now been with this company I am beginning to wonder exactly what these initials stand for!!!!

The British Government keep mentioning that they are looking for the majority of the population to get on line, it seems if you stay outside of the main population areas you should just forget it.

Disgusted Customer

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  1. I live in aberdeen and from monday (7th march) Internet (BT) is very slow. Download after 5pm is about 250 kbits. In the morning (about 7-8am)I have about 4mbits. So the reason is traffic? If yes it's time to resigne from bt – 24 pounds for option 3 for 250kbits is to much.

  2. We are down to less than 2.5Mb and it has been like this for weeks. And I have Option3. I work from home and have to send/ download with large files – my connection has become unusable to all extent end purposes. I have tested my network and equipment in every possible way – the problem is with BT. Calling them is a veritable joke, you get bounced from call centre to call centre, dealing with people that have no idea of what you are talking about, if they could understand English that is.
    I am looking at changing provider as soon as I can afford the downtime.

  3. ridiculous. awful product – do you really think under 400kbits is good enough? NO. in frensham the speed is atrocious, the exchange is well in need of an upgrade. in this house we have never ever received more than 1.5mbits – is that good for a product i'm spending way too much on as it is already? no. sort it out BT! upgrade the exchanges.

  4. Had 8Mbps on another provider. Stupidly went for BT's offer "up to 20 Mbps". Am seeing between 256 and 512 Kbps…yes KILObps. Also the connection frequently drops. IT IS AWFUL. DEEPLY regret changing to BT. Area. East Sussex.

  5. On a bad day I get 20-40kbps on BT1. The very best I see is 1.9Mbps but I have to turn off the router for a while to get this performance and it only lasts a few hours before I'm back down at 20-400kbps. The upload speed is alway 380kbps even on a bad day.

  6. I live in Ludlow Shropshire and the best download speed is 1.5 mps and averages 0.75 mps. It take 8 hours to download a HD movie! Upload is about 0.2mps.

  7. i live on the western isles normaly i get around 4 mbps but for the last week iv been getting 50-100kbs i have phoned bt 6 times and the last time after spending around an hour on hold the bt call center hung up and when i phoned back they said the problem had been resolved …… in fact my nets slower so slow i cant even load a web page
    Fact of the matter is call centers over sea's dont work !!!!!!!!!!

  8. I live in Penzance, Cornwall and my line is apparently able to produce up to 17mps, how ever I am getting the same as everyone else on option 3. Some times as low as 8kbs. But I am in a contract with them!
    This problem appears all over the forums, I am half tempted to call trading standards and watchdog on this matter. If enough people do it we have a chance!

  9. "Good news. We’re rolling out our faster broadband and we’ll be upgrading our network in your area on 02-Sep-11. This’ll make the things you do online quicker."

    This was trumpeted in an e-mail to me on 30th August, since when, I have received no more than 30% of my pre-upgrade speed. BT Vision recordings are also failing to record correctly (a related issue?).

    Whilst BT is not cheap, I have been satisfied as the service has been very reliable in the past. However, I am disappointed that BT lacks the transparency and integrity to contact customers when problems arise.

    I have neither the time nor the inclination to pursue a tedious stream of call centre options, and the upheaval involved in transferring to a new provider (new e-mail addresses, digital tv recorders etc.) is another restricting factor, although, I am out of contract with BT!

  10. Comments above are typical for BT. The offshore call centre staff, if they can be understood, really have no idea. They just seem to be reading from a script.

    had been with AOL for several years – almost always got speeds around 2mbps. Soon after switching to BT my speeds slowed down to below this, then over 2 separate weeks the speed crawled down to less than 0.2mbps.

    I suggest anyone with a problem escalate to the ISP association. BT has to respond.

  11. paying for bt total broadband option 3 in an 8mb/s area in the borders. says i have 0.5mb/s download and yet bt's own speed tester ( claims i have 7.09mb/s a few minutes later. there is no possible way my line is anywhere near 1mb/s yet bt speed tester always claims more than 7mb/s and thats what the customer support agents keep claiming im getting. nobody cares to listen on the phone, they just give me bull about resetting my router and my pc's, like im not intelligent enough to think of that myself at least once prior to calling.

  12. I stay in Cove, Aberdeen and over the past two weeks the internet has been extremely slow in fact my son can't play his Xbox if someone else is using the internet its that bad.

  13. Agreed with the call centres being out of this country. Have had a problem with the Open Reach installed last week. Meant to be loads quicker.. Errr No!!!! Running as slow as.
    The screen glitches, poor connection or what BT…
    Am now waiting for my 4th call back tomorrow from a foreigner who does quite understand!!!


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