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Submitted by Slavica in November 2016

My husband and I have an issue with an internet speed since we signed the contract for the BT broadband. when we run the speed tests it’s below the 1 Mbps which is not enough for our purposes. And it’s not what we are told we should get for the money we are paying on the monthly basis. On the top of that we have been wasting our time with the customer service and technical helpdesk number of times, writing complains but nothing happened. this evening we spent 50 min on the phone, nothing resolved, but instead we’ve just been cut off. and it’s not the first time this is happening. Instead we are being treated like a potato being put on hold, transferred to this department, that department, another one, and nothing resolved.

All the time excuses “let me put you though this department and the line cut of. let me do that and the line cut of. I can’t believe this is the service quality that well known BT can provide. We chose the BT broadband with a high level of trust, well known, with the reputation, name, rather than other new ones recently brought up.

But to be honest, going through the hassle for the last 3 months I don’t know what to think about the BT either. This is a new building site at Essex (RM8) where 200 new homes are being built up and the school soon. There should be your interest to improve the service so that people chose the BT rather than other providers. We received a piece of paper where other people have the same issue (internet speed) asking if we have the same issue to register our interest with the one of the tree listed providers and none of them is BT.

Why don’t you as a well known BT provide a fibre broadband to get another 200 customers?

We are very unhappy with the service provided and I believe we are not the only ones

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  • i havĂ© been told I will get Broad band by 29 Nov Is this Infinity? I am currently paying for Infinity and a. quick reaction please

    Reply please

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