Broadband Speed Confusion

Yet another complaint about broadband speed sent in to us to share with other customers.

Dear BT,

Recently my broadband speed crashed from about 10mb to…maybe 300 kbps, at best, though strangely, my upload speed, though slow, remained about twice as fast as the download speed- very odd. I therefore rang BT and ended up talking to someone on the other side of the world. I was informed that the ‘profile on the line’ had changed but that it would be sorted out automatically within 48 hrs.

I waited 48 hrs and nothing changed – so I rang again, this time speaking to a UK based operative who was considerably better – he said the ‘profile’ was fine and always had been, and that the problem might be internal wiring – so we checked the wiring and found that the ‘master socket’ didn’t work – at all, not even a dial tone, even though a 25 year old socket wired in parallel to the same connection point did still work. Speed was still rubbish, though. I was then told that an engineer would call round to fix the master socket- and received a further text confirming the possible time, and another text also saying the broadband problem would be fixed by the end of the next day after the engineer’s visit.

I therefore had to stay in (on a Monday morning) to wait for the engineer – who never showed up. I then rang BT, who said that no engineer was ever going to show up, since the problem had been tracked down to the exchange and they would be fixing it there. So that was one morning wasted because BT couldn’t be bothered to tell me an engineer wasn’t going to show up after all.

That morning was today – time of writing. I await with interest to see if BT manage to get the problem fixed by 5 pm tomorrow- though what I really don’t understand is how an apparent exchange problem …

  1. Never showed up in the original line tests. leading operatives to assume the problem was due to ‘internal wiring’
  2. Somehow allows a dialling tone, and slow broadband, to turn up on one socket, but not on another, when both are wired to the same connection point. Surely that implies a socket problem, not an exchange problem (though the slow speed could be). By the way – to say that an engineer will call (at their time of choosing) and then not to inform me that he won’t turn up after all… is just (excuse my french) F****** RUDE. It wastes my time – and you can sure that if he had turned up, and I wasn’t there, they would have charged me £150 – as, apparently, they would have charged me even if the problem turned out to be the home hub that they had supplied me with. No way will they compensate ME for a wasted morning, though.

The problem is – all these companies are the same. I have friends with Virgin and plenty of other suppliers and the story is always the same – absolutely appalling customer service, high-handed treatment, failure of engineers to show up, and total confusion when trying to sort it out (along with long, expensive calls to 0845 numbers) We have no choice but to get screwed by one or another of them.

OFCOM should fine the lot.

Tom Green

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    I recommended that my mother changed from Pipex to BT and we are now 3 weeks in and she has had to have her phone number changed, which she had had for over 40 years-despite promising that she could keep her old number, the broadband still not working, they promise -every single day-tomorrow-tomorrow-tomorrow-now 21 days on and it as supposedly been escalated to he highest level an a senior advisor would call back this morning to let us know what the problem is and how they are going to resolve it. of course no phone call and i have been on the line from a different telephone number for over 30 minutes already and all I get is 'we are very busy at the moment and apologise for the delay-your call will be answered as soon as possible- i am logging all this and am taking them to the ombudsman PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND NEVER EVEN CONSIDER SWICHING TO BT!

  2. i have been experiencing drops in broadband speed intermitently over the past few months . i phone bt's helpline and speak to someone in india..i go through the same procedure every call… do they keep no record of previous calls and problems? to date , after 24 hours the speed picks up and then after a few weeks drops down again….how do i get to speak to someone in the uk to get this issue solved??????????????

  3. Why is it that BT say they will charge you if you are not at home for a engineers appointment yet they don't bother to turn up or even ring you

  4. The broadband speed is diabolical in the postcode area NN12 7PJ, and all over our rural village, despite fibre-optic broadband allegedly “being here now”.
    We saw news articles saying that phone companies were looking to rent space in church towers etc with government help to boost broadband rural speeds.
    How do we get in contact with the right department to investigate installing this equipment?
    I have been tasked to do this by my Parish Church Council, as a way to improve church standing in the secular village by boosting technology, gaining a rental income for the church and helping domestic users like myself?

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