Broadband Slow. BT are even Slower!

Yet another complaint here about slow broadband speeds from BT and even slower response from BT to resolve it.

To please help me!

I’m very annoyed with the way I have been treated by BT. I reported a slow speed with my internet. I have had so far 1 engineer that did not turn up and 6 engineers that came out and the problem is still not fixed, one of the engineers was the manager from openreach I have his number if you want it and the other engineers that came out the manager has these engineers names.

1st engineer here for 5 hours said there was a earthling fault with the external wiring, he run out of time to completely fix the issue but arranged for another engineer to call couple of days later to fix the earthling problem.

2nd engineer was here for 10 to 20 mines and said it was my internal wiring I tried to explain to him the first engineer tested my internal wiring and found no fault, it was an earthling problem externally. The 2nd engineer would not listen and left.

3rd engineer did not turn up

4th engineer came out tested my system then changed the internal wiring found out still had no fault with internal wiring which I tried to explain to the 2nd engineer, this engineer said it may be my router. I ordered a replacement but it did not get sent out phoned again and I finally received it and all seemed to be ok.

Manager and 5th engineer, In the meantime I made a complaint about the second engineer and was told I would get an answer back within 3 days it took over a week when an openreach manager came out with one of his engineers case number is 4016891, he was very nice and tried to sort the problem. I said the 4rd engineer said it may be the router, I did not have the new router at this time to try, it arrived a day later, this router seemed ok for a week approx.

6th engineer came out tested the lines and found out, what a surprise an earthling problem. He said I needed a BT exchange operator engineer to go to the exchange and change the concentrator equipment.

Re booked for exchange engineer to come out but had the engineer that came out previously 7th engineer, he again put on his report BT exchange engineer needed not openreach engineer.

This BT engineer is supposed to come out today 18th August but still have not heard anything from him.
I would like to know if this has finally been changed as last night I had no broadband what’s so ever as my speed according to the girl on the phone was to slow.

All the engineers say I am getting a download speed of 5200, 5.2 meg with all their equipment.

While all of this was going on I spoke to loads of departments and not getting anywhere, they kept diverting me to other departments but I always ended up back at technical faults in the end these could not help me any further so put me in contact with the engineers department which gave me a pin number, again not all these people were helpful, on the 17th August I was told that a specialist team was looking into this now and again I would get a phone call within 12 hrs it now been 24 hrs and still have not heard a thing!!!!.

I have been on the phone up to 4 to 5 hrs being transferred from one team to another and when I get told this is the correct person to talk to they cut me off!!!.
If you look at all my phone calls that I have done its ridiculers. I have spoken to so many supervisors not even they can sort this out, why have supervisors that cannot help I requested a manager on loads of phone calls and a far as I could get was a supervisor.

My wife is disabled and I have to rearrange care for when I’m here, this had to be arranged at least 8 times as I had to be here to see the engineer as my wife also has memory problems

I would like to know has this special engineer changed the concentrator equipment at the exchange?
What happened to my updates?
I would also like some compensation for all the hassle that I have had and still having trying to sort this out, phone calls hrs, changing dates for care for my wife, which I had to rearrange as this has been going on so I could be here when the engineer was to turn up and the length of time this is taking to sort out, this has been going on since the beginning of July.

Lack of broadband speed up and down always varied and finally no broadband as speed was too low.
If I could get fibre I would have changed to this weeks ago, could you please tell me when I can get this as Hemel is live!!!

Once all this has been sorted can you please get in contact with me before go to Ortelo/ofcom I have run out of patients and cannot wait another couple of more weeks so please get in contact to let me know what’s happening ASAP!!!!.


John O’Mahoney

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  2. I think it's ridiculers how these earthling faults only show up some of the time. I think your problems may be that these Openreach engineers are also earthlings, the human's are uniting against you. Honestly, being told you need to speak to the technical faults team when your problem is a technical fault…. that's heinous!

    Have you run out of patients due to your slow broadband speed? Surely bad medical practice or an unfriendly manner would drive patients away in this manner.

    I don't think Ortelo would help you, Otello might. However, in order to take your complaint to this level you have to be seen to have exhausted the internal complaints procedure of the company in question.

    Let's be honest, if that's the email you sent to BT complaints, no wonder they couldn't help you, they'd struggle to understand it. In your own words, the spelling and grammar you have done is ridiculers.

  3. Hi,

    I am in a similar boat. Slow speed and many engineers calling and still no resolution. Cables changed and faults repaired. Still low speed. On a final rant to Delhi and will call the engineers out once a week if needed to have this problem resolved. Speed varies from 45Kbps-900Kbps highest if I am lucky. On way to solve problem cut the cable down entirely and hide it so it has to be replaced!!!

  4. When I first signed on to Total Broadband I achieved pretty well the speeds quoted . Now six months later I get about a third of this speed. BT also do not reply to my complaints. I thought TalkTalk was bad , BT are no better! I'm sick and tired of BT crowing over faster rollout speeds and Infinity and that stupid TV ad.As soon as my 18 months contract is finished I'm going cable.

  5. BT are crap, Had Total Broadband for several years, until 17 July, the service became very unreliable up to 13 August, then no service at all.
    Customer service (lack of) was called loads of times, 4 engineers were called out, only 2 visited. The last straw was when customer services . So went toSky. 1day with Sky, Broadband working better then before.
    How can an inept company such as BT take 7weeks to fix it, NOT, and Sy take 1 day!! BT need a good kick up the ass.

  6. Well i can totally agree. The first couple of months was great and a completely great service after coming off a dongle (totally worst than bt x5) I could play on the xbox and the laptop at the same time. Now i have to have one on or the other… Now my xbox wont even play anymore online. I phoned bt last wednesday to report it, They said there was something wrong and would fix it. 2 days later, still no change! engineer was meant to come out on saturday to check everything, never turned up. Rang bt and said they went to the main boxin my area and fixed it. Turned xbox on, couldnt do naff all! Rang them up. An engineer will come out on tuesday. Well guess what never turned up. Just rang them now. Yes madam you have a small problem with your line. It can be fixed from our end so no engineer is needed… so you've just messed me around for the past week! We pay £50 a month for shit broadband and have another year left till our contract is up, which we cant wait!! BT is a complete joke and is full of people who you cant understand because they are not english… Numerous times i have asked for an english person because i cant friggin understand them! BT=JOKE

  7. My girlfriend works for BT and so gets the On Demand service for free. Recently trying to use On Demand services brings up the "error VO4" notices. My girlfriend asked for a BT engineer to come out and check our line but has been repeatedly lied to by BT staff. An engineer that was supposed to turn up never appeared on five separate occasions. BT services are rubbish. We will probably end up cancelling them to pay for better ones with a rival company.
    BT suck and the bosses are too stupid to be honest with even those that work for them. That is a recipe for failure.

    Adam Black.

  8. All above comments sound familiar. I've been trying to get a decent phone and broadband service for just under 2 years. BT have blamed everything and everyone else. 6 Engineer visits 1 replaced cable, been told countless times it must be my equipment, phone call, emails, take the face plate off and plug into the test socket, over and over again.
    BT's equipment supplying my property is substandard and not fit for purpose, does BT agree, one of the engineers that attended did.

  9. "all calls may be recorded………to help give you a better service"
    what a complete joke. the only service bt seem to be offering is the rape and pilliage of my wallet

    i have been having problems constantly with my broadband for the last 12months or so. the connection dies, it takes ages to reconnect, it doesnt reconnect, blah blah blah.
    it came to a head last wednesday 6/10/10 when broadband and phoneline completely died. thinking i would get some help from the broadband technical help desk i gave them a ring(on my mobile i might add)in the hope they could A. shed some light on the problem or B. possibly rectify it.
    after about 25minutes of trying to navigate their impossible automated service i was finally put through to a call centre and got the sound advice of "have you tried turning your broadband off and back on again as this normally solves the problem" suprisingly this didnt work. i was then asked if i had a screwdriver!? and was told to screw the panel off the front of the phone socket box and plug the broadband adsl filter directly in. is this normal practice???

    it is now 16.39pm on the 11/10/10 and i am still waiting for bt`s engineer to ring me to confirm an appointment for today. somehow i cant see that happening.
    i have absolutely no faith in bt, and this is cemented by the fact about 70% of the time i have phoned them i am put through to someone who has absolutey no grasp of the english language and either puts me on hold while they read from whatever crappy bt training manual they are given tells them to say, or repeats exactly what i have just told them.

    while i am on a rant….
    i got a debt recovery letter saying that i owed money for bt vision. uh????
    i cancelled my bt vision almost 2yrs ago, because – suprise suprise it didnt bloody work! no calls or bill from them saying they wanted money or were going to pass the account over to debt recovery! i had 2 engineers out, they couldnt fix it so i cancelled it. however for the time i had it they charged me. so i got charged for a service that didnt work. after at least 3 phonecalls and a somewhere in the region of 2hrs i finally got put through to someone with a bit of authority.she managed to knock off about 15% of what they wanted.

    on the whole i dont think bt is about providing a phoneline service or even broadband and they certaintly dont give a flying,
    …. (please insert a word of your choice here)
    for any of their customers. its disappointing such a big firm offers so little help to their supposedly valued customers.
    actual its not-its disgusting.

  10. i joined bt broadband in june 2010. what a big mistake.
    the 'priority' department is useless. they tell lies after lies and try to fob you off with gobbledygook.

    bt does not care about its customers if the above stories are anything to go by.
    i have never recieved a letter, phone call or email from them to apologise for their shocking customer care.

    BT, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    am i wrong in thinking that OFCOM were set up to prevent this sort of practice?
    another toothless quango.

  11. id love to believe all these post,comments stories will make the slightest difference,my experience is the same as pretty much all the above in terms of slow speeds,engineers not turning up and b.t india simply been very very sorry,when is someone in a position to make change going to read these ? or is this simply a place to rant ?

  12. B.T are a total disgrace,i was quoted speeds of around 4meg i get (if im lucky) around 600k,you want to browse ? do a little shopping ? fine,but i got so called high speed broadband for my xbox and other speed dependent apps and entertainment,if i started to tell you about the engineer visits and calls to and from b.t india this post would be
    a short novel,WITH NO HAPPY ENDING,ive been told since pretty much the second visit that my line is long and of not good quality,yet i live in the middle of a major city,ive had so called special faults engineers work on the the line(so im led to believe)ive never seen or spoke to one,when bt india last phoned me today to ask how my broadband was i told them,the same as before SLOW oh and every time im phoned my broadband goes off,IT IS NOT filters ect,my issue as of now is i do not want to know what i aready know,JUST FIX IT or tell me it cant or wont be done,oh well only 15 more months of this terrible service,ive found a use for my internet THIS IS IT……..

  13. Shockingly slow internet.. on a good day! So angry… especially when their adverts are informing us of high speed internet, reliable access. Maybe SKY is a better move or Virgin. Maidstones BT exchanges needs overhauling.

  14. Amazing..after so much trouble and upset with b.t i decided to contact
    the cancellation department,just to give you brief outline of my troubles,4 months of phone calls to and from b.t india,and AT LEAST 5 visits from engineers(prob more)today was the last straw i was contacted by the supervisor/manager of the engineering team and told
    no engineer would be coming today.well this is amazing as i never asked
    for one,the manager said that my problem(broadband going off when it feels like it and when anyone phones me,also very slow)is caused by power lines
    or other interference from another property that b.t can not enter,
    this is(excuse me)bullshit ive been told sooo many different things its utterly ridiculous,the manager also said"you have cost us a fortune"YES YOU HEARD IT… so the perfect excuse to do no more work,
    but expect me to at last i contacted the cancellation team and
    as changing my provider would make no difference i asked for some kind of compensation,anything,AND YOU KNOW WHAT THEY OFFERED ME….NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.SO B.T YOU ARE A TOTAL DISGRACE
    any other field of buisness this would be tottaly unacceptable practice,there is much more to this story like engineers not even
    turning up e.c.t. DONT BUY B.T
    p.s they did offer to terminate my contract
    well how honourable and big of them..

  15. Weve had problems with our BT Broadband since August 2008 finally got them to admit today that the line is so old it is probably Prehistoric!!! Dont know if it will help but spoke to a lady from the cancellations Dept who said if after 3 visits from an engineer and they can solve the problem you should be allowed to cancel with no fees to pay (otherwise they want £73)managed to get a note put on my account that if the 4th engineer comes out and cant help then they will let me cancel Whoopie Doo!!!!! apparently its the engineers desicion as to wether Broadband can be provided so im going to get the next one to write me a letter stating that they cant so i can send that in and finally be allowed to cancel. It might work if we all start demanding letters from the engineers x

  16. iv been with BT for 10 months + now . i live 3 miles from the exchange . but i was promised 3-4 meg on my line still .
    wen i first went with bt i had 3.6meg for 3 days . then it dropd to 0.2 i complained and they sent a engineer round and iv had 10 in total! and they all sed the same ! " nuthing rong with my line its bts end!" so now i threatn'd bt that i was complainin to offtell. and they boost my connection to 5 meg?! i thought i was only b able to get 3-4 ?
    everymonth my connection drops to 0.2 and i have to ring bt and they keep sending engineer's out ….
    im on the 10th month and my connection again has drop'ed to 0.2…

    bt are crap! sadly where i live i can only get adsl connection . no cable and no fibre. and i can only get BT or sky and iv been told by neighbours BT r the better option yet im finding it hard to believe .. guess im stuck with shitty BT!

  17. I have to agree with all the above complaints its terrible the service they are supposed to provide but its all a con. They give you this great story and advert to hook you and they reel you in till you have a contract with them and then its F*** you they dont five a monkeys. We were told on our first complaint it was our wiring that was at fault we called the experts which cost us loads just to get told there was nothing wrong with our wiring. The second one they blamed our extension cable for the slow speeds so we bought loads of extension cables to see if it was the problem guess what it wasnt. The third one they blamed the small router cable box for being dirty yip they said dirty and it wasnt as we tried new ones and again slow speeds weve had five routers some we had to pay for our selves as they wouldnt change them after a while because they said it might be those that are faulty but there not as our new one is giving the same slow speeds. It takes about 10 minutes for certain pages to open up and they cant blame the computer as its new now aswell. What there doing is robbing the public to line there own pockets not surprised the owner of bt is a millionare i think its about time he took some of that money and payed all of there bt broadband customers some compensation and i dont mean just a few £s either id say somewhere around £400 per bt broadband customer should do it and the chance to cancel there contract. And the most amazing thing as well is they named it wrong when they called it British Telecom as its all indians. I got told from a Bt engineer that they gave forms to a few people in india with questions on them to ask there customers and they arent even employed by bt they do it from there homes for free thats why every time you call them its always the same question in the same order and if you listen carefully there are always three different types of tone when you call the 0800 111 4567 thats because the calls are being diverted to there homes. Thats why they never help there customers because they dont have any idea of what there talking about. Give the company back to Britian so at least we can get understood when were loging a complaint. And BT ure Crap wish id never joined

  18. "around £400 per bt broadband customer should do it" HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! Are you real?
    THere is no owner of BT by the way. It's a public limited company, ever heard of shareholders?

    By the way, when referring to something of or belonging to a person or organisation, the word is 'their'.

  19. You are all illiterate. That is all.

    Earthling fault? Are you an alien?

    Also, can any of you actually spell? No wonder you receive bad service! They probably don't understand a word you are saying!

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