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Submitted by Tammy in November 2016

I moved to a new house almost 3 years ago I asked by about coverage for broadband in my area I told them I work from home (I have a online shop) and that I my kids also use tablets etc I was sold a service that from day 1 has not met requirements at all a couple of examples to download a film takes 14 hours as I walk into house I have to turn wifi off on my phone as I can’t even check on emails as the buffering goes on for hours to the point where my Voda phone bill came in at £103 for 1 month where I was using it so much I also have a top up dongle with 3 network that is costing £20 per month.

That’s on top of line rental as I don’t use the by line so it is only for broadband line after 4 months of having it installed I was told that I could not cancel as I was in contact and that if I plug my computer into socket it should be fine ! As the unit and socket is in the pantry cubuard I don’t see this working After 12 months they told me if I pay more fibre will give me what I need but a year later I was told fibre what I was told would be ready in a couple of months is now not going to happen. But if I pay more another version is in my area that will give me more gig. But they only tell you the maximum signal not the minimum.

If I was told at the beginning it would basically be dial up plug in I would not of signed up by is the biggest. On with the worst customer support I have ever seen my last phone call lasted 89 minuets only to be told that I would be called back well I am still waiting!

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