Broadband problems – customer not happy with BT services

Broadband problems must top the list of complaints we receive and this is the latest customer experiencing problems with BT services and BT customer service.


Please find my following complaints:

1. We have 4 issues using BT services in the past 4 months.

2. We updated our BT broadband to BT Infinity with hope the all issues will gone, but nothing changed.

3. Last BT engineer’s visit on 01/08/2012 was not acceptable. The engineer was swearing, impolite, blaming us for the things we did not do, and we had the dropping internet connection for few hours after the engineer left our premises.

4. We are paying for services we are not receiving. We got BT Infinity with speed 80/20 Mbps. First few days when BT Infinity was connected on 23/07/2012 we had 61/16 Mbps. Now we are getting only 20/4 Mbps.

5. BT employees are not competence. For example, our last Online Chat: the first person could not help us and gave us a link, which even did not work. So we go for Online Chat second time after few minutes, and our question was answered straight away by other support person.

6. I did not get callback on scheduled time at 16:40 o’clock on 03/08/2012. Also BT called us on time we did not agreed at 15:00 o’clock on 03/08/2012, promised us to callback in few minutes, but there was not callback in few minutes or on scheduled time.

7. Yesterday (03/08/2012) we asked BT the following question “when our speed issue will be fixed”, and the answer was “BT Infinity will not be connected till 15/08/2012. We already are using it since 23/07/2012 and it requires only 10 calendar day to become stable (it is happened on 02/08/2012).

8. BT engineer on 23/08/2012 told us, there is not any difference between Business and Consumer services, except the possibility to have a faster broadband. In all Europe the business customers have special response/issue fix time, and for our 24/7 international company it are totally not acceptable.

9. There is no response to our complaints 120714-002368 and 120714-001415.

WE ARE ASKING FOR COMPENSATION as we are already spent too much time dealing with BT issues. We have lost a few clients as a result and received many complaints from our employees and customers. We are not happy with BT services.

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  • BT, insted of publishing all the complaints about bad connection to broadband / internet etc why not fix it so that it works, I have spent time and money having my PC inspected / tested etc, BT take money out of my bank account every quater, of which a week or two i have no connection, even with a new hub i still have problems. BT 4out of 10, not good.

  • Are the public aware that if you have a newer windows operating system on 64bit computers that BTSport free with broadband will not work properly or any other HD stream using Microsoft Silverlight. I wonder if UEFA or MOTOGP knew about this when they took 90 million. I was tricked by BTs marketing. If they put the same energy into customer care as their marketing we might have an half decent telecom provider.

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