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Dear BT Complaints

I have been with BT for 40 years and more recently Broadband for about 8 years. My annual contract recently expired, although they did not send me a reminder to say that it had gone past the date of 21st October, (I was away on business at the time), and on contacting them on my return (26th October) they offered me a new 12 month contract of £10 per month Broadband/evening and weekend calls and £13.90 for line rental as from 28th October, 2011, which I thought was a good deal and accepted over the phone, requesting confirmation in writing.

I received a confirmation letter today, 31st October 2011, and in the same letter an additional paragraph stated that the price would be going up to £10.50 and £14.60 respectively, as from 3rd December, 2011.

I have made various phone calls to them expressing my disgust but all you are able to speak to are Indian call centre operatives who I have a job to understand, and they won’t put you through to anyone in authority.

I think this is underhand and constitutes sharp business practise. They should have made me aware of the imminent price hike when I agreed to the new contract price.

It’s a one way street as I see it. They can put up charges and I have no comeback but if I don’t want to pay the higher price (which I didn’t agree to) I have to pay a forfeit to cancel. Although it’s not a large amount, it the principle involved.

Here’s hoping this can be submitted to Ofcom and Watchdog along with others with the same grouse with the result that BT are made to change their fraudulent sales tactics.

Thank you

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  • Hello,

    I have had a similar problem. Mine was the fact they sold me one thing and charged me for something totally different. I asked for a monthly bill and have now been penalised as they send me a quarterly bill which I cannot afford but there is no one that wants to help and its a kind of "oh well, we are still going to charge you that" and no relief where you could pay it bit by bit.

    To add insult to injury they told me on the phone that it would be £49.99 a month for broadband and phone line. Well lets just say they haven't charged me that at all about £59.99 more like. I have made numerous phone calls to india where not one person understands what I am saying and when asked to put me through to someone in authority they get offended. I finally got someone english by just asking to be put through to the cancellation department. This case is still not solved and this month (as they have changed me to monthly BT One bill) I get a bill for £135.00 for both as apparently I hadn't paid £66 from last month although I had paid exactly what they told me to.

    Do you know of an address I can write to, to complain? I have tried their phone, online chat and Email and still seem to have no luck. No one answers anything. I'm that close to taking it to the ombudsman its unbelieveable. I managed to resolve an issue that way before so it may work again. I am also going to be reporting it the OFT, Ofcom and Watchdog. Surely one of them will help?

    Hope yours is sorted soon!!

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