Broadband Nightmare!

A BT complaint about a customer who moved home and one of the priorities was to get phone line and broadband sorted and the problems they experienced.

Dear BT Complaints

I’ve recently moved home and one of the priorities was to get phone line and broadband sorted. My partner has had a lot of issues with Business BT in the past and was very reluctant to use BT, but I insisted it would be ok.

The sales team were really good in offering lots of advice etc, and we agreed a contract for 18 months with BT Total Broadband.

Everything was going to plan when the phone line, was activated the following day and a letter with all my username/password details stating that the broadband would be activated on the 28th Feb. Now this is where it all gets really messy and confusing. It says to wait until up to midnight on the day of activation before checking the hub. I did this and nothing.

Checked it again the following morning and still nothing. I phoned BT and they said there was a problem with the order and it will be getting re-activated. Not the best start to my new relationship with BT, but I accepted it and waited confirmation of the new date. After being out most of the day, I got back home and noticed the broadband light was on the hub and checked for Internet access and it all seemed ok, apart from the fact that it was amazingly slow. I accessed the BT Homepage to access my details and the username and password they gave me on the initial letter were completely wrong?? I phoned again and they couldn’t understand and gave me an activation date of the March 3rd?? after me telling them it was working albeit really slow.

They advised me it takes around 10 days for the line to fully come up to speed. After March 3rd, still no change, I could access the internet but horrendously slow, I phoned again and got given a new activation date of March 8th, this is now getting ridiculous!! So, here I am, it’s March 9th, and still no change, internet still really frustratingly slow, I ended up going down to our local services and using a well known coffee shop with free wifi just to download some emails. I phoned BT at 9am this morning and as I am typing this my partner is still on the phone to BT trying to resolve this matter, what a joke!!! I was told at 9 30 to turn off all equipment for 45mins whilst an engineer checked the line. 2 hours later, NOTHING.

So, I phoned back and you have to go through the whole rigmarole of explaining the whole situation to yet another member of the BT India Call Centre which is very hard to understand some of the staff which makes it even more harder and frustrating. So here we are, after spending all day back and forward going round in circles my partner is still on the phone getting nowhere. They are adamant that it was re-activated today and will take another 10 days for the speed to work at its best. An absolute outrage, it seems the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing with BT. It never used to be like this.

I have dealt with BT all my life and after this experience I am very reluctant to use them in the future for any broadband package. It’s so obvious that the Indian Call Centre just isn’t working. This is absolutely not a racist remark, some of the guys that work in the call centre are really good but overall it just isn’t working. I’ve just heard my partner on the phone to the call centre, they are saying there has been a problem with the adsl line and the phone line hasn’t been connected, Haaa…. it was activated on the 23rd of Feb and what do you think I’m speaking to you from?

Anyway, I just think BT are very quick and eager to get your business but the after sales/tech services just isn’t working there is a huge lack of communication. This matter still isn’t resolved, I’ll keep you posted on the outcome. I dont know whether to laugh or cry.


Steve Fivey

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  1. Sounds familar… i am still waiting for my homehub… i am now on the 3rd order for one… fingers crossed it turns up this time.

  2. thank you … how can I stop my contrat ? I have never had such a bad service . Nobody answers > how can I conplain officialy against BT ?? I anm really fed up with this provider. thanks for your help

  3. I have just taken a third day off work because the call centre in India told me, and i received emails telling me that my broadband router would be delivered. Delivery window is 7am to 6pm ! unbelievable. Anyway today is the third time the offending router is meant to be delivered……no one in BT has any idea if its coming. It is now 4 pm and its not here yet…..If it doesnt arrive, thats it, I am off to SKY or any other provider on the planet. This is pitiful for such a rich company with so many opportunities! Come on BT ! I bet you are spening millions on the Olympics so you look good… about fixing basic processes!

  4. Can any one help. I switched to BT to obtain your BT channels as I am an OAP and I love sport. The tracking number for the equipment was no good (on contacting you I got a VOL number). Stayed in all day Monday no equipment arrived. To;d then its going to arrive Tuesday so stayed in again. Engineer arrived Monday did the phone down stairs (took 5-10 mins). Told him broadband was upstairs he had a look and said it will be OK. My son set up but it did not work as line not tested and it was a different setup. Contacted you again and was told it will cost £130 to have line put in. Said I wanted to cancel as I could not afford this. Told this will cost £250 so now I am stuck with old supplier broadband and BT phone connection can you please help me resolve this problem as this is going to involve further costs. I cannot understand how a company as big as you can leave someone in this state. Not sure how it is connected its via Virgin Media.

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