My Broadband has NEVER worked

Submitted by Michael in November 2016

Our telephone line was connected by BT Open Reach on the 5th Sept 2016 and we are told our broadband was would by midnight that night. As of today Sunday 13th November 2016 it still does not work.

We have made numerous calls and complaints to BT to resolve the problem but we get the total run around. We get passed from 1 department to another, we got promised call back within an hour that either don happen or happen days later.

BT continue to charge us for line rental, broadband and BT TV despite it not working.

We have been told the problem was at the exchange, then it was at the box near the apartment, we get told that engineers go out and fix this but they never do, they close the complaints as complete when they are not resolved.

It transpired that when they reconnected the broadband line they reconnected the old number, not our new number, it took 9 weeks for them to figure this out. We then found out the lines where crossed so they send another engineer to fix it. We then found that when they connected the line again they gave us a ‘sky’ line, we found this out due to the different dial tone. We have never had sky, only BT.

Its a catalogue of BT failures, we have again tried to call BT to fix this but we either get cut off and or told to do through the same routines if restarting the router and unplugging it. When we asked them they don’t know what the fault it, they don’t even confirm that there us a broadband signal being sent to the line.

We have had 3 engineer bookings, 1 who installed the line initially, 1 didn’t turn up and the 3rd rectified a BT error off the crossed line and the sky line issue. BT open reach have verified that the line is fully working and the issue is the broadband service issue. BT Broadband continue to suggest its a line issue when its clearly not as the line is working.

We have reached a dead end and BT clearly cant seem to fix this, we just get passed from 1 call centre person to another.

Im self employed and its cost me 3 half days to be at the apartment for the engineers and ive had to buy a data only SIM card for my iPad to act as hotspot so I can have wifi to work at home. The Data only SIM card has cost nearly £100 so far.

The service from BT is a total disgrace.



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