Broadband issue

Submitted by Ian in November 2016

I am at the edge of binning BT as my broadband provider. It is slow- almost like dial up- to a point where some websites are a waste of time trying to open up as I know it will take too long. When I do a broadband speed check the results are pretty poor, circa 2mbps when it is advertised at 10.

I accept that due to my location it will be a bit slower but 80% slower, I think not. To add to this insult the router that I have crashes on a regular basis ( usually evenings at around 8pm) which is a extremely frustrating.

What is BT going to do about this? I am a paying customer so I am within my right to find out and what I am paying for. I have seen BT fibre advertised in my village so there must be a decent connection- where is it going wrong?

I would like a qualified person to email me (do not call) with an explanation or answers to this pathetic saga which should not be happening in 2016.

As you can tell from this message I am, as are my family, extremely annoyed and fed up with the broadband service we are being given/ paying for.

I look forward to your response.

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