Broadband Customer Services Complaint

Latest BT customer services complaint regarding new phone line and broadband order.

Dear SirMadam,

I am writing to complain about the BT customer service you provide and the way I have been treated. I ordered you BT package on the 31st of Aug for the phone line and broadband. I was told my phone line would go active on Friday the 4th of Sept which it did and that my BT home hub with phone would be sent out to me on the 8th of Sept and that I would need to be in the house to collect and sign for this.

So I took the day off today and have waited in the house all day and nobody arrived. I then tried to check my order online to be told that it didn’t exist. So I tried to call your customer services to get them to help explain the problem. I have now spent in total over 3 hours on the phone to different BT dept’s getting passed around several times before transferring me to another number that doesn’t exist or just hanging up on me.

So I have wasted a days holiday on your request and have been passed from pillar to post by your customer services and I have absolutely know idea what’s happening with my broadband. I know doubt will have to take another days holiday at some point to collect another home hub that I have know idea will even arrive.

Please can someone check that you even have my order on your system and have someone get back to me ASAP to sort this out. This isn’t difficult to do but for some reason your staff seem to think checking the system is. Do you actually train these people you employ as they don’t even seem to be able to do the simple things like transfer a call without cutting you off.

I bet the one thing you don’t mess up is charging me and taking money out of my account, this never seems to be a problem for you, or something you get wrong. Maybe you should try applying that kind of work ethic to the rest of your business.

Extremely hacked off customer.

Keith Carruthers

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