Broadband Customer Complaint

A broadband customer services complaint here to add to the many others received that will be complied into report and sent for investigation.

Dear Sirs.

I am writing to severely complain about the treatment and level of service I have received as a business broadband customer. We moved premises in April 2008 and it was bad enough I was forced into a new 2 year contract in order to move I wanted to be released from my contract to have both my phone line and my broadband with XLN Telecom but that was refused and rather than my contract being allowed to run so I could get out of it within the original 2 years when we moved it was re-set to 2 years again which was bad enough.

Then I moved banks from LloydsTSB to Natwest and for some reason during the transfer of accounts my Direct Debit to BT was not moved (not our fault but the Banks !!!) the first I was aware of this situation was when my Broadband connection was suddenly cut off on a Saturday afternoon without any communication from BT whatsoever which when our business is mail order via our Internet website is seriously out of order i had no access to my website, my orders, my e-mails or my customers for nearly 48 hours until your accounts dept was open on Monday.

I duly then gave my new bank details was told the amount owing would be taken on the first direct debit and all would be fine. Two weeks later my Broadband was cut off again I was told that should not have happened and all was fine with a new direct debit in place . Now today my Broadband has been cut of yet again for a third time and again for the third time with no warning or no communication from BT.

This time I am told the Direct Debit was suspended at the beginning of July ? By who ? Not by me I have had no Notification or Communication from BT or my Bank that the Direct Debit was suspended !!!

I also have had no communication or Bills sent to me for well over a year I can only assume as you still have our old address which you say is just for admin reasons that you have been sending them there ??

This is very very shoddy and totally unacceptable and has potentially caused my business loses as i was unable to run my business on a day to day basis whilst you cut me of without warning at a whim after telling me twice all was ok !!!

I was seriously unhappy about being tied in to BT for yet another 2 years anyway and this just proves my reasoning why my business Broadband needs to be elsewhere I don’t care how long is left to run i want releasing from my contract immediately so I can go to a Broadband supplier that takes my business seriously as far as i am concerned you have broken that contract anyway by disconnecting me three times without warning or any letter or dialogue from yourselves to resolve the matter or even tell me initially there was a problem (which i was not aware of) or is it a case of don’t tell them cut there broadband so they have to phone an 0845 number which I pay for thereby gaining you extra revenue !! whilst I wait in a queue for hours and then argue with someone who can’t understand what I am on about in Mumbai !!

So I therefore insist firstly make sure I do not get further disconnected and then you release me from my contract and give me a migration code and compensate me for my lost business and Broadband service interruption

Yours a seriously unhappy customer


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  • Try this for customer service.
    1.5 hour on phone over two days.

    I pay two landlines accounts 2 Internet accounts Bristol and Isle of Wight.
    My partner lives on IOW with son who is 17, he has turned violent due to excessive Xbox usage.
    And I need to suspend activity on that line for a while, keep paying but just stop web activity.
    Before you say “ just pull the plug, read above again, Violent”
    The complaints department ring me 5 days later, that’s ok, as I was told that.
    So the upshot, from this person in complaints department, after he allowed me to explain the situation, about this bully, and his mother is so freighted, she needs help.
    His words.
    “Why should BT be at fault for not offering in the terms and conditions the ability to turn on and off activity”
    No compassion no understanding at all.
    I have to pay now this is the good bit £85.48 cancellation charges, and one months rental.

    Funny how that is the exact amount that would have been paid had I kept it going.

    Brilliant service BT…..

    How do I feel about BT ….read my Mind

  • I have a massive complaint against BT,,I have 2 BT account(s) one for my landline usage and one for my broadband which is for residential/private home usage..I had a monthly payment plan of £40 a month which was working well, when I was earning enough money to cover this outgoing..and this year I am now on JSA for a single person and getting £64.30pw,,to live on and out of that I have tried my hardest to keep my head above water, and to be able to exist..I am married and I have explained to BT billing that I am having difficulties to pay my current bill which is £165..and as a result of not being able to cover this without any help from BT, I have asked for a payment for my broadband account, and also some BLANK counterfoils to pay off as much as I can from this bill..and BT are simply not responding to me, and when they do, it is someone "offshore" and not a very good speaker of English either, I contacted a Ms Olga Clancy,(BT) and quite frankly, this person, would not really help me at all and now I have a letter from BT, telling that my Direct Debit from my bank was returned, even though I was TOLD THAT MY DD WAS CAMCELLED BY BT!!!!!!!!!! and I now have bank charges on my bank account which I have never incurred before..and I have emailed, phoned, written to Durham and SPOKEN to countless "custoer service agents" from Durham via NEW DELHI..HELP ME PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!

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