Broadband Complaint and Compensation Claim

Here is another BT broadband complaint about troubles switching broadband provider and refund requested.

Dear Sirs

I recently moved my personal phone and broad band services form BT to Sky – due to huge cost savings available. Shortly afterwards a BT sales person contacted me to ensure that BT kept by business lines and Broadband with BT. He offered to reduce my broad band costs from £95 per quarter to £30 per quarter . I agreed to this and an order was set up.

The sales person insisted however that I needed to move by broadband from line 01452xxxxxx to another line of 01452xxxxxxx. As we have 2 lines with this number I asked which line our IT support people should use for connecting the ADSL router. he informed me either lines will work.

The work was scheduled for 19/01/2012. I booked our support company AL Networks to carry out the changeover in our offices on that date. BT then wrote the day before to cancel this date and gave me a new date of 24/01/2012. I rebooked AL Networks to attend on the 25th to carry out the network changes, router set up , new passwords, software etc (as per BT correspondences).

On the 25th, Al Networks attended. After an hour, they were struggling to access internet services given all the details that BT had provided and concluded that the ADSL line could not be working. On contacting BT , I was told that the order was live but not yet actioned. I then received a call back after around 30 minutes to say that the lines 01452xxxxxxx were not compatible with broad band. As my son in law is a BT broadband specialist I queried this with him. He confirmed within 10 minutes that the lines were fine for broadband. Further calls to and from BT disclosed the fact that I did not need to change lines at all and that I had been sold a limited usage broad band service – all this despite the fact that this is a business account.

Finally BT Reading called and confirmed that I should switch back to my old number to get broad band as the old line had not yet been turned off. He confirmed that it was not being turned off. Once Al Networks had reconfigured everything to the original set up we were able to start working again now that our broad band was working. Harminder confirmed that he could offer me a new price of £54 per quarter for broad band which I accepted at this time just to get the broad band working.

My complaint covers the fact that I was approached by BT to sign up for a new contract at lower price. The result has been that I now have to pay for 2 hours on site for Al Networking (£75/hr plus callout fee = total £225) just because BT is a disorganised shambles. We lost 2 hours of work (we are an on line retailer) which equated to around £500 of lost sales. Further we are now paying £24 per month more than quoted by BT for broad band per quarter. Over 2 years (the contract length this will cost me an additional £192.00. Finally my own time of 2 hours that would have been charged out at £75 per hour = £150

My total out of pocket costs for BT’s inability to organise themselves is £1067.00 plus Vat.

At this time I would ask you to put me in funds to this value either by cheque or credit to our account. Failure to respond to this request or e-mail will result in an invoice being issued. Failure to pay within a reasonable time or to acknowledge the the invoice will result in the debt being handed over for collection.

The whole episode shows how poorly organised BT is.

I look forward to an immediate response.

Kind Regards
Vivian Blick

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  • Dear sir/madam
    i have recently recieved a bill wich was £50 over agreed bill . Their was no explanation on letter so after going through automated services for 1hr i finally spoke to someone. They said it was due to me exceeding my usage. This is all very well but i was asured i would be notified through email if i was going over . This was discussed and it has come to light the notification's were going to wrong email. When setting up i already had a email adress wich i use and explained i wanted to keep that one and use only that one and disrigard new one bt set up . bt has used this email but decided to email my exeeding to the wrong email(wich should have been cancled) . After phoning she said i have gone i over next month as well , I would not mind but this is the slowest broadband i have ever used and if i was notified i would have got to full package.Now i feel i have been robbed . at this moment bt has left me with a bad taste

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