Broadband Charges – Services Stopped

This BT customer has been charged for Broadband even though they cancelled their contract.


After cancelling my broadband services with BT with plenty of time as required by them, I received my bill with advanced charges for the next 3 months!

I sent them an email asking them to revise the bill as they had stopped my broadband service already and I was not prepared to pay for 3 month of broadband services I was not going to get, only to be called back by a member of staff and be told that it is “impossible” to revise the bill and that a refund would be done on my next bill in 3 months time!

I told her I was not happy at all and I was not prepared to pay for 3 months of broadband (which we all know is not the cheapest out there!) and that there must be a way to revise the bill…….

After 20 mins of the phone with her I got nowhere, so please pass this to all the complaints organisations and I pray they do something about it to stop other customers getting ripped off!

I will of course email BT again as I am not prepared to pay for 3 months of broadband and “hope” for a refund in 3 months time which we all know will never happen!

Thanks for setting this up and let us get our complaints to the right people.

Have a great weekend!

A not so happy Mrs Arocha-Cornilliac

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  • "and that there must be a way to revise the bill". Must there? really?

    Going by that assertion, then there 'must be' a way to get microsoft Word to play music, and there 'must be' a way to make internet explorer control the air conditioning in your house.

    The functionality and limitations of any given peice of software or hardware do not simply change because you would like them to.

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