Broadband and billing issue

Submitted by Stephyn in October 2016

I moved into a flat in March 2016 and signed up to BT Unlimited broadband with line rental and no calling plan. After a few weeks i noticed that my broadband kept dropping out.

I reported the fault and they sent me a new router.  The router was changed and the fault was still present.

More calls made and BT decided to send an engineer.  Engineer came week later said problem was line outside property and that I was not to blame, problem fixed.

A long story short, the line was not fixed.  I had a further 3 engineer visits.  Finally the 4th Engineer finally found a fault on the line leading to the pole which was the other side of our street.

Broadband has now been fixed.

However just received my latest bill and they have charged me £129.99 for the repair when it was not even on my property.
I have tried speaking to customer services and they keep saying someone will get back to me.  The original agent was abroad and said someone would call me from UK.

Nothing heard and the DD is due out of my account in a few days.

At my wits end, I know I shouldn’t cancel the DD but I do not have the money in the account and I should not even have been charged.

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