Broadband and telephone nightmare

Since moving house in November 2011i’ve had nothing but trouble with the phoneline and broadband connection. I have had complaint after complaint and nothing gets sorted. The so called help line is intensely annoying and I have been promised the earth and it has delivered nothing.

I have been promised discounts, reviews, even fibre optic broadband! but nothing is delivered. My phone line continues to be faint to indistinguishable and the broadband varies from 0.01 Mbps to 0.7 Mbps on a very good day!

The open reach engineers have been here and find nothing wrong but suspect their is a fault with the broadband equipment causing the intermittent loss of signal but they don’t fix that side of it. The intermittent broadband continues to annoy and fall in and out needing continuing re-booting of the equipment to make it work.

The so called BT help desk is there to be a barrier to talking to someone who can tell you what is going on and can sort out your problem. They are extremely patronising and very polite but completely useless and it takes a considerable amount of time to get through the stupid option system.

I have now to resort to using my mobile phone as a hotspot simply to send this e-mail. It is simply not acceptable to be treated this way hence why i’ve submitted this complaint to be shared on

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As soon as I can I will be switching provider to some-one who can get action from the infrastructure providers. It is obvious to me that BT is completely incompetent when it comes to talking to what used to be part of the same company. Disgraceful state of affairs.  I have been lied to and feel cheated by what used to be a good company. All I want to know is when is it going to be fixed…not much to ask!

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  • Absolutley disgraced with customer services, do you actually know that half of the calls goes to BT call centres in India, thats why they don't give a toss, they speak to you with utmost respect but don't be fooled, your problems will remain the same with no help.

    My account had been suspended on Sunday 28th and there representatives stated the very same day the account will be reinstated within 2 hours, nothing happened, called again and was told to wait 24 hours, waited come monday still no connection called again and was told to wait 48 hours today is Tuesday and called again and was told again to wait till midnight, what the F**k ARE YOU SERIOUSLY PULLING MY LEG, im out of broadband no internet no phone line, i am so disgusted, and digraced with BT, all in all they told me i called in 20 times what else to do!

    Thanks for this.


  • ongoing issue with BT for a long time now and still nothing resolved, neither the customer service or the service itself are reliable, i called to cancel my services and they want to charge me £200 for cancellation fee, i said i won't be paying that because i'm paying for services that i'm not using, i use internet for work, so if my max speed is less then 1mb how can i do my work?
    i said to the guy when i spoke to the lady to renew my contract she said i will get minimum of 3mb up to 7mb in my area, which is lies. i can't even get 1mb when i'm paying to get 17mb!!

    asking them to cancel my BT service is a nightmare, the guy said his i will receive a call from his manager the next day, waited 5 days no calls!! phoned again, and tell the guy the same story again although they have everything registered in the first call i made, i had to tell him everything again, he said he will speak to his manager and someone will call me in 1 hour.
    waited again no calls!!! phoned 2 days after that they said it will take up to 7 days to receive a call regarding your complain!! IS THIS A JOKE!!!
    i said if no one calls me for the next two days to cancel my services i will take a legal actions, as i have all the calls recorded and also text messages they sent me.
    i'm so pissed off with this crap service, no one can give you straight answer!! what f**k.
    process is so easy account number Suspend or Delete that's all they can do, but no they have to drag me and make my life hell to cancel a service that i pay for and cannot use!


  • BT management service is hopeless was promised a line connection on the 7 October, engineer turned up and could not find the line in the bt junction box. He spent some time looking at gis plans in his van then drove away never to be seen again (its now the 13/14 October. Rang twice today wasted 1 hour on two calls, uk side transferred me to a call centre in India who left me on the line then disconnected the call. BT is an awful faceless customer service. I am 86 and desperately need a phone line in case I need a doctor. The 'engineer' who was here on the 7th just told me get a mobile phone as BT cant find a line??? And this is the engineer. I am at a loss to know where to complain.

  • We ordered phone, broadband TV on 26.1.16 to be installed on 12.2.16. £108 was taken out of our bank account on 27.1.16. On 30.1.16 received a call stating that they would have to cancel our order due to technical problems. They said they had to wait 48hrs before beginning a new order & that they would ring on 1.2.16. Received an SMS message stating that they would ring within 5mins. The phone rang once & then stopped. Received another SMS on 4.2.16 saying they would ring within 5mins. No phone call!!!! Received another SMS saying that they'd been trying to contact us (oh no they haven't!!!!)that they would contact us again by 8.2.16. No phone call!!!! Received another SMS on 8.2.16 saying that they were working to get us connected & that they would contact us again by 10.1.16. No phone call!!!! On 10.2.16, I phoned an automated line twice to be told that we had cancelled our order & then it disconnected. I then phoned them only to be told that I had already put in 2 complaints. I told her that the last conversation I'd had was on 30.1.16. Oh yes, she said "it was us that escalated it". We cannot connect you until you've cancelled with your old provider. I asked why I hadn't been told this before! I told her that there was no way I was cancelling with my current provider until I had a confirmed date for the changeover. She then proceeded to tell me that I must not ring again for 3 days otherwise it will mess up their system. She did apologise but that doesn't get our service up & running. In the meantime BT have had £108 of our money & so far nothing in return. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE STINKS!!!!!!! I am absolutely disgusted that a TELECOMMUNICATIONS company DOES NOT communicate with their customers!!!!

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