Broadband and Phone Contracts Renewed Without Customers Permission

Dear BT Complaints

I signed up for the BT Phone Line and Broadband service in February 2010 on the phone and was told that my monthly charges would come to £30.00 per month and that throughout the Day Monday to Sunday Anytime i could make Unlimited Calls to 01,02,03 numbers up to 59 minutes but when my bill decided to come in it would be higher at around £45 – £60 which i didnt think anything about it as i thought there may of been any other charges that are not in the current call plan.

At the time of agreeing the contract over the phone with BT they explained that I will receice a phone with the broadband router which was fine.

I then noticed that down the line in October 2011 that after checking my bills which I was silly not to before that time, I was being charged for my calls which I thought was FREE.

My broadband speeds would slow down and after contacting BT to have this resolved they told me that they could not do anything and they hung up.

A company contacted me to provide me with a cheaper and excellent service on my telephone line and i agreed. A week down the line i received a letter from BT stating that a request has been sent to them and if i do not know anything about it i would need to contact them in order to cancel the request.

I ignored the letter because i was happy to move. I then received a email from BT stating that i owe them £165 and also they have renewed my Broadband Contract for 12 Months whereas i did not agree to this.

I called them up and they said that the contract was agreed and when i asked wheres the proof they said that a letter was sent to them to renew it which i have not got a clue about.

I asked them to cancel the service and this would disconnect Friday 28th October 2011 after which they decided to bill me for the Broadband and the 12 Months which i never agreed to.

My advice for other consumers or businesses is to think about their future Telecommunications companies as everyone knows they earn more money than anyone and all they are there for is to rip you off with 50% more on your Rental Services and Calls.


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  • Hello
    the same thing happened to me i had a mobile on contract with bt and when it ran out they didnt inform me it was about to run out just charged me for two months extortionate amounts of money. As with all other contracts when it ends it ends!!! Complete rip off.

  • Word for word this echoes exactly my situation.In trying to resolve the situation when I eventually succeeded in speaking to a human being , they put the phone down halfway through the conversation.
    Random figures were bandied about during the course of the conversation and all i was trying to do was to establish how much they wanted now and how much more to the end of the contract.
    The 'agent' couldn't answer me with any degree of confidence and eventually as previously mentioned,put the phone down.
    This is the second time I have had dealings with BT and their broadband 'service'.Their standard of customer service is abysmal and never,ever will I enter into an agreement with them again,for anything, again.

  • The same thing with me!I was contacted by phone and told I could have free visual number recognition no catch,I explained I was with Talk Talk and was told everything would stay the same. OH NO,I returned from holiday to find my account with Talk Talk was cancelled and I was now a B T customer!!!! I am shocked at the under hand and dishonest way this was done.I have since cancelled B T and gone back to Talk Talk who I trust,Shame on you B T.

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