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Submitted by Mark in October 2016

So BT Infinity 1, I’m £26 for an agreed speed of almost 50mbps, I don’t need that much and when it was first installed I was getting between 30 & 40 and all was fine. This day and age we all have multiple devices, plus BT themselves link the wifi with the TV.
I’m now getting between 1 &5mbps, 10% of the agreed speed, and all they say is either turn other devices off, only use one device at a time ( family of 4 with a teenage girl), the other idea they have is to place the hub in the centre of the room?!?!? And where might I ask am I gonna feed the wires for the hub? I bought 2, yes 2 wifi extenders at £60 each and still nothing happens. When I watch Netflix on my iPad it’s like watching minecraft with all the pixels. I wonder if I only allow 10% of the agreed £26 to be paid to them if they’ll cut me off or take it further.

When I took out the contract with them, line rental, broadband and TV I was offered BT Sports for free, I declined as I don’t watch sports and it’s pointless but the guy said as it’s ‘free’ anyways that he’ll just stick it on, “you never know he said” there may be some thing I want to watch at some point.

Anyways I keep getting charged £6.50 for Sport per month, when I call them up they say they’ll reimburse me next month and take Sports off my bill, but they never do. Still got 7months left of them FFS! Some kind of law should be brought in so we can cancel the contract early free of charge after a certain amount of unsolved problems or claims. It’s absolutely amazing that a multi billion pound and professional long term company like BT can be so ***** useless.

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