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Submitted by Frankie in November 2016

i ordered my phone and infinity on the 23/10/16 and it was due to be activated on the 7/11/16, on the 8/11/16 when it wasnt active i phoned to find out why and was told it was cancelled due to there being no line available and that it has been reordered and would be activated on 15/11/16 which is bad enough but this morning i received an email and txt to say that it was now put back again to the 22/11/16 which is just not acceptable. when i went into my account to track my order i found that my original order on the 23/10/16 had been cancelled on the same day?? After complaining on line today my phone line was activated but now they are telling me that will have to wait till at least monday/tuesday for infinity.

I have moved over from sky fibre unlimited (which was stopped on 7/11/16) and i figured that as sky use BT’s hardware that it would be a case of pushing some buttons on a computer to activate my fibre and if an engineer was needed it would only be to switch the connection at the juntion box?

should i be waiting this long after what looks like BT’s mistake in cancelling my original order?

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  1. Sounds similar to my experience. I can comfortably say BT are the worst company I have ever dealt with. I moved from my previous provider due to continual issues with connection. However, their customer service and speed of response makes BT look like such amateurs.

    They spend so much money advertising with Hollywood stars to gain new customers. That money would be better invested in customer service.

    A joke!

  2. I share a similar experience with yous and like the OP I was with SKY and like you say SKY rent/lease the equipment from BT. I was supposed to be active on the 28th but it appears there was an issue with the order and now I won’t have broadband until 10th Jan 2017 !!

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