Submitted by Meryem in October 2016

Throughout the last few months I have had three incidents with BT where the fault has been on your side with broadband.

I have been left without broadband for days and this is crucial for me as I connect my mobile device to a phone booster which is connected to the internet. If this is down it means I have no service what so ever. Also my job role means I have to work overnight sometimes depending on my shift. This time round I was left with no internet since Thursday evening on the 20th and once the issue was fixed I couldn’t seem to connect because my router is no longer working again. I have had enough of calling out engineers to my house to get this fixed and this also means I have to take time off work.

On the 23rd I had no phone service due to the internet being down so I had to use the land line to make a couple calls which I will not be paying for because why should I suffer for the fault on your side. My shift last week meant I had to work over nights from home and had to miss out on working because I had no internet and nowhere else to go, meaning I lost out on 3 days worth of pay due to this.

Before this incident I had to arrange for an engineer to come to my house myself! when I made the arrangement and took a day off work no one even appeared that day without any notice. When I called BT to tell them they told me it wasn’t something they could not assist with and left me to sort it out myself. This is not good service if BT work with an engineering company you should be the ones to put in complaints and sort this out not me. This resulted in me having to take another day off work which I am losing out on pay.

This is so frustrating for me that I have now cancelled my contract and will be moving to a reliable service with Virgin. I didn’t find the BT staff helpful at all hence why I am putting this in writing. Apologises if this sounds rude but I am frustrated because of the consequences I am having to deal with.

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