Submitted by Stephen in October 2016

A little while back, my BT Hub was affected by lightning and I had to purchase another one. An Engineer was called to ascertain the problem and after checking internal wiring, he confirmed that the Hub was at fault. Everything was fine after that.

We went on Holiday to Mallorca and on our return we discovered that our phone was “whistling”. A few of us in the village had the same problem and this was sorted out after about 3 weeks. since the “whistling” stopped, my Broadband has been dropping-out. I rang your freephone number and spoke to a lady who did a line check and confirmed that there was a fault at our local exchange and it would be dealt with the weekend before last. She said she would ring back to check all was well. (that call never came)

As the fault was still not rectified, I rang the number again and this time a gentleman answered and told me that no record could be found of my complaint and no record of a “ring-back” was logged. He also told me that there was no way that lady could have checked my line to confirm that the local exchange was at fault. He then booked an engineer to call this coming Thursday between 8AM and 1 PM.

Since that call, my Broadband stays on for varying lengths of time. Sometimes for an hour or so and then sometimes only for a minute or two. The speed is great and has not varied at all but, it does keep dropping out.

Could you please comment on the two differing calls I made and the confusion that it has caused.

I pay over £50 a month for my service and feel that of late, the service has been awful. I run a local nature reserve and communicate with the visitors via my Broadband and am falling behind with reports and sightings.

Thanks very much

Steve Ransome

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