British Telecom, more like India Telecom

Many of you with BT Complaints have customer service complaints ranging from getting orders canceled to this particular complaint who is sick to death of phoning India when he wants to deal with someone who speaks English…

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to inform you of your appalling BT customer service programme you have. I find it difficult that you call yourself British Telecom, may I suggest you change your name to INDIA telecom, least as a customer I could choose not to use your service.

I am a BT share holder and am disgusted that a company I respected as being a beacon of good British values, respect for customers has gone to the “DOGS”. On 6th July and again on 16th july I had a problem with my BT internet service I was connected to a INDIAN call centre where I was treated with little empathy, lack of understanding about my culture, which I find discriminating.

What follows, was someone who followed a script without diverting away to my ACTUAL needs as a customer. I had little understanding of what they were asking, this making communication awful. I pay a premium to be with BRITISH Telecom and my family and friends are with you thanks to my praise of your service over the years. What has happened? You are now ranked in the bottom three companies for customer service in the UK. My internet was up and running for a total of one week before the same happend again. Would it be possible for BT to employ British people whom maybe able to help me. After my year contract has ended I will be moving to where they only have British support for British customers.

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  • A very unhappy BT customer. The customer services don't have a clue what thay are doing and can't even speak English – so much for BRITISH Telecom. Everytime I speak to someone they come up with different answers than what the previous person did – very frustrating and will cerainly be leaving BT very soon. It just isn't acceptable anymore.

  • I totally agree. The only number available appears to be to a technical (ha ha) team with limited English and limited authority.
    I had a problem with broadband which has been ongoing for 3 months. I finally resolved it – an upgrade to the exchange meant that the alarm system connected to the telephone line caused the broadband speed to be reduced – BT had not published the upgrade details to the largest alarm company in the UK as far I as I am aware!
    After total frustration with the telephone operatives I wrote to Customer Services at Durham and got a call … from India! But by the end of the call we had reached an amicable solution.
    HOWEVER they did not deliver the full, agreed compensation and when I called back again the (new) operative accused me of lying about the agreement.
    This is ongoing – they tape the conversations, and I have asked them to review the tapes.

  • It is NOT British Telecom, hasn't been for years. It was rebranded to 'BT'. Not with the intention of shortening 'British Telecom' to its initials but to a complete name change.

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