British Telecom is up to its usual tricks

British Telecom’s lengthy sabbatical from these pages must have perplexed many of you, but the company has been busy consolidating its profits in its usual inimitable way …

All Monica Prys-Davies required was a final telephone bill before she moved house. Instead, she claims, BT wrested the phone line in her new home from her chosen supplier and gave her a new, unwanted phone number for it. It also made off with the number that Janet Lee has had for 30 years and gave it to her neighbours who had requested a new line.

She was told she would have to borrow the new number originally destined for said neighbours until the two could be swapped, but she wasn’t allowed to know what that temporary number was because her neighbours had asked to be ex-directory.

Adam Kimmel rang BT to ask that his parents’ account be transferred to his mother’s name because his father had died. Instead, it cut off her telephone and broadband service and suggested when she complained that she too had died. Susan Coates wanted the 1571 answer service removed from her line but BT cancelled the entire phone line and told her she would have to accept a new phone number if she wanted it back.

All of the above had battled vainly to prise some sense out of BT’s customer service operators who declared themselves impotent in the face of The System.

Happily, BT’s press office has magical powers: it declares that Prys-Davies’s case is too complicated to apportion blame, but has released her and given her £25. Lee was given a year’s free line rental, but was accidentally deprived of her broadband. Kimmel’s mother, after being sent an illiterate internal memo instead of an apology, has been given compensation and condolences. Coates regained her old number and related expenses and, most precious of all, a direct line to someone who can help in future.

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  • BT unlawafully disconnected a telephone number I had for the past 15/20 years on the basis that another customer requested my number. they gave me 11 working days notice ( a period
    I was away) and unable to respond, to whether I was in agreement or not.On my return home and no sooner was I ablle to respond, spent days and hours trying to contact BT at call centres on the sub continent to make my protest and when they get to a difficult position they disconnect lines and one can never get back to the same operator to complete the complaint. BT have not only disconnected my line in breach of contract but have also sent me a refund and asked me to apply for another line which they would have connected, after which they would endevour to have my old line reconnected?? I have asked them to reconnect my old line with as much speed as the disconnection took place without any response. What should I do – HELP

  • All I want is a copy of my itemised bills for the first four months of last year which I need for a dispute with HMRC. I have been trying for eight weeks and all I keep getting is an Indian call centre who don't seem to understand what I am asking for. First they said I couldn't have them. Then they said I could but they would charge me £10. Each time I contact them (four times so far) they promise to send them but they never arrive! I am at my wits end – there is a lot of my money at stake here. How can I get to speak to someone in the UK who will actually do as I've asked?
    Can anyone help me please?

  • I have in the last 3years set several business,s live, and have had the misfortune of having to deal with BT.There constant contradictions by the people they employ have drove me to start smoking again out of pure frustration.Why is there not a body of people that you can speak to, if there is a problem, which there obviously is, called the COMPLAINTS DEPARTMENT.Please Ofcom, do something about this farce of a company before I die from some horrible lung disease.My last confrontation was as recent as the 26th October 2010 of which I phoned them at 9.oo am and finally put the phone down at 2.0 pm having spoke to seven different people,all giving a different reason why I have had to wait 3 weeks for broadband to be installed.I have to go now as I feel my temper rising again.Hey the funny part is ,I am called a CUSTOMER //////

  • Have now had to phone BT four times in last week or so. Having negotiated new contract last week, confirmation is wrong. They are trying to charge me 30% more than quoted, because apparently they can't offer what I was quoted – so why offer it? So you're quoted £2.99 for talk anytime. You are then offered line rental saving – but they fail to tell you that if you save your £3 per month with this, then you aren't allowed it on the internet phone: so effectively they just get your money upfront and you save nothing! How diplicitous. Probably illegal too. And then there's some other item, which no one cared to mention. Such an appalling company, whose 'customer service' is unworthy of the name. I doubt I can get out of the contract this time, but never again!

  • On the 9th I arranged for a phone line to be put into an our coach-house, which had never had one. This was to happen on the 30th of the month, I did not ask for my existing line, broadband, call minder to be disconected; but they were, on the 10th! (20 days before the new line was due)
    I was the best part of an hour on my neigbours phone trying to find out what was Happening, I got the phone line back in 2 days the broadband just over a week, the callminder took the best part of 2 weeks. Apparently they could only place an order for one item at a time, but didn't tell me that.
    I have no mobile, run a business from home and the call minder is vital to me, I have had to keep phoning they keep saying how sorry they are and that none of these things should have happened, appologise for not keeping me intouch with what was going on only there was no answering service to leave a message on. They say they will ring me to discuss compensation. what sort of compensation can I expect?

  • Has anyone else noticed that if the waiting time for an advisor is longer than ten minutes, they terminate the call after four?

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