Billing errors and contacting BT

Submitted by Derek in November 2016

Trying to renew broadband when contract was due to expire in September.

I have been over charged sept oct and nov on cost of what was agreed, I also have line rental saver until 7 dec and they now add it to current bills, then adjust it, its just gobbledegook we are low users of BB (seniors)…

I must have spent at least 10 hours on the chat line over the past 3 months being pushed from pillar to post, speaking to Glasgow, Ireland far east maybe pakistan, I just got a 31pound rebate off them, however there is more amiss, they just take what they want with DD….abusing the system ……one day my wifes blood pressure was 230/130 due to frustration with BT and their call centres.

Im currently abroad until january so wont be using the services of BT.

As the internet was disconncected for a week in error, they agreed a new figure for 12 months, yet they took 18.27 in september and 20.00 in october… Im tearing my hair out… Im due to re new line rental saver on 7 december I dont think I can face any more stress from them.

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