Submitted by Nigel in October 2016

Back in September I was cut off due to a bill back in July not being paid and was told I had to pay £82 to be reconnected which i did.

I then checked my bank records and found out that I did pay in July and had proof so I contacted BT who after an age agreed yes I had paid but I had been paying £5 short each month so was told that there was a £67 credit on my account 5 days later I received another bill from BT saying I still owed £82 I rang and was told there was no outstanding monies so ignore the bill as it must have already been in the pipe line and when I asked about the £67 was told it would be put right on my next bill dated October 19.

I have now received my October bill and you have put a charge to reconnect me if £12 when that was your fault not mine and no sign of the £67 credit you want me to pay £55 odds. Please can this be sorted because if I had £67 credit I should not have to pay any money on this bill.

Nigel Phelps

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