Submitted by Patrick in October 2016

I was originally quoted £1675.24 to bring in a new phone line to a new build. Instead I used a local groundworks company who do Bt work as well as water, electricity.

It made financial sense for one company to all the work because road closures costs £1300 and I didn’t want to do it twice. Bt were made aware and I have emails to prove it but over this weekend they deducted the above amount from my account.

By doing this Bt has made me over drawn!The complexity and stupidity byBt ensued. 5 different telephone numbers over a period of 3 hours and eventually told I can make an indemnity claim whilst Bt investigate. I’m hoping Sherlock Holmes is available to help them but I’m fearing the worst.

Why is it so complex? Because BT is an unwieldy monster of a company who has no care, accountability to the customer. I’ve wasted so much time and now worrying about the outcome.

It’s so wrong

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