Be Warned! Sales calls about switching from Virgin back to BT

We all hate annoying sales call but this particular BT complaint looks very fishy and perhaps not from BT sales call at all trying to get customers to switch from Virgin back to BT.


I received a call from one of your agents on 20 January 2011 at approximately 6 p.m. In fact your agents had been calling me practically every other night for a week or more to try to get me to switch from Virgin back to BT.

Eventually I was available to take a call and was told that Noel, the supposed name of the person I was talking to, used to work for Virgin and he said that they were not very good and that he could not only offer a better service but save me a lot more money!!!! Plus BT did not have call centers in India and would always be connected to the UK if there were queries I might need to speak to BT about once the service was up and running.

I had been thinking about switching for a while and the call came at an appropriate time so I listened to what was on offer. This took quite some time and the young man spoke so fast that I had to keep asking him to slow down so that I could make a note of what was on offer, it was quite exhausting having to listen to him, although being in sales I could understand that he just wanted to get confirmation of the order and move on to the next customer so I persevered.

I was told that for the first 3 months I would only pay £13.60 for free calls, 0845 and 0870 numbers – would receive a free BT home hub which had a fast connection and worth £90. Would have a 2nd virtual line, free 141 and 151. Would be ex-directory, 11 e.mail addresses, internet security and broadband, keep our existing number . Movies would be extra – BT vision? He asked what my monthly bill was and I said that it averaged out to about £58 per month which included Movies, Freeview, Sports 1 and 2, Racing Channel and Music channels to which he said that after totaling up the different packages all in all this would come to £49.10 inc VAT but then a little while later he said it would actually be £50.60. Not a great saving but a saving no less.

I had my phone on speaker phone so that my partner could hear the conversation and maybe ask questions if need be. After some thought we decided to go with this. I was told that no bank details would be required but he asked me to confirm my address etc.

NO Ref number was given – he also said that as we had been an existing customer there would be no real disturbance when changing over as your engineers could maybe do this from outside? Also that BT would contact Virgin directly as I said that I may have to give notice but was told this was not necessary.

Today, I had tried to contact this person called Noel to check on what was happening with getting this set up but firstly, trying to get through was extremely frustrating, I asked him for a contact number and he gave be an 0800 800 150 number but this did not help me find him and when I did eventually get an advisor, this person was located in INDIA and no one seems to know who Noel is!! He said that he worked near Liverpool Street Station in London and that his hours were 1-9 p.m. On another attempt I did manage to speak to someone in the UK but got cut off – although beforehand she did tell me that she could not find any order and particularly the rates quoted did not exist.

I am about to contact Virgin to inform them that if anyone contacts them from BT on my behalf that they are not to do anything with regards to cancelling my account with them. This all seems very suspect and am not quite sure what to think.

Can someone at least try to track where this call came from – I really was keen to switch back but maybe it is a case of ‘better the devil you know’.

I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.


Susan Innes

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  1. listen to the customer


  2. Hi Susan

    it was more likely that it was someone from BT that you spoke too, as they are very poor at logging calls, whatever they tell you
    i was with BT for some years with both telephone, broadband and TV but after care service was of a very poor standard and over the years it just got worse
    when i had to contact BT i had to log time nature and name each time there was a problem (and there were many)and they still made the customer out to be a liar
    hence why i switched to virgin (a little better with customer care, but room for improvement)
    if it is any consulation to you statistics show that out of top 10 uk companies with poor customer service, BT is well up there (then again virgin is too but not as high as BT)
    one day customer service will be more of a priority to BT and not sales, as experience shows that you can nearly always get through to the sales team

    hope you resolve your problem and importantly these big media and telephony companies PUT CUSTOMER SERVICE FIRST BEFORE SALES AND PROFIT

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