BCM50b Complaint

Dear Sir

I apologize for escalating my complaint directly to you, but unfortunately my experience with BT’s service teams has left me feeling like this was my only course to sort our dilemma. I have tried and tried again to get any sense from your billing department as well as a break down to the workings of the System sold to us, to no avail on more than a few occasions.

Please be aware I have been a loyal customer of BT for a very large number of years let alone the monies we have spent with you even though other companies are a lot cheaper, but now seem to have regrets as your customer care team does care about problems only bills and new connections as they divert your call again and again.

I also feel this system (Nortel BCM50b) has been truly sold under false pretences as its feature’s we were promised have not lived up to it. A major issue now is we were told originally it will hold 12 lines as we are to move a further 6 lines in March, but now been made aware that, that is impossible as the 12 lines are virtual and that it can only hold 4 analogue or digital which should have been explained as we are now in a major dilemma.

A break down to make it easier to understand:

All we simply asked for was a system that would allow Reading area codes and numbers to remain the same but be connected to our Head office in Henley-on-Thames and then sold BCM50b as the only alternative. We already had a Bt Meridian

  • We had the order of connection for October but it was not connected till November.
  • We had to have all lines diverted to1 LINE for nearly 4 weeks as there were installation problems.
  • The line divert would have lost us revenue how much is hard to tell.
  • The system has had a number of problems.
  • We occasionally loss calls on answering them.
  • The Call cap was not set up till a few days ago.
  • Free calls per line were promised but were not received.
  • We were supposed to have been sent 3 Falcon phones but received 2
  • Some one should have connected the Falcon phones, as we were not aware that they were the free lines according to one of your department colleagues had explained recently.
  • So far a System that has been provided, does not provide the service that we requested, as it was promised to do so. 
  • We were told that there will be no divert call charges as it is ISDN that does not seem to be the case. 
  • The system also has a service that says “The caller knows your waiting” which comes across as a home line rather than a Business line
  • I have asked via calls and e-mail to have someone come out and sort our urgency, regards to the system and billing, but I still wait. There are a number of other complaints but not enough space on 1 A4.

Without any prejudice I will have no option soon but to seek Legal Advise as everything from Call plan to System has been sold under false pretences I would be grateful if someone from BT could sort this matter out ASAP as it is a major dilemma right now not to mention the time factor on moving our lines, and the cost of losses will be in the thousands for us.

Your Sincerely

Mr. R.Trehan

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