BCM50 telephone system complaint

Another angry BT customer sent is this complaint about problems with BCM50 telephone system.

Dear BTcomplaint.com

As mentioned on our call earlier I would like to make a formal complaint about the way we have been treated as a BT Business Customer. I make this complaint on the grounds that the Customer service we have received has just been shocking in fact I don’t think words can express how bad the service is.

However from this email I would like to think that feedback would be left and even further training given to your Customer Service agents as if I’m getting bad service who else is.

The poor service really started from when we placed the order as from when we placed the order we informed Mike Priestley as to what we want and also informed him we need it done before a certain time as we wanted to open are etc office to help with the full work load. However this did not go to plan as when the Engineer came to install the unit we were left we less extensions then we had on are old unit.

This left us as a customer very let down not to mention the hassles it caused us then to top it off the elements digital handset we were told to buy didn’t seem to work until we had some help from Tech Support. At the time of the install I tried to contact local support to get some more key codes as this would then allow us to have all are extensions up and running however this just seemed to be the hardest thing to do.

As for two days everyone was referring me back to Mike Priestley who was currently off then I was referred back to Scott to who also couldn’t help as he couldn’t find how to order these codes and from here on in I just kept being passed around from Plymouth – Office, Cardiff – Office, Nottingham-Office, India-Office to around again promised are be called back but never was told they would be here in a few days that turned in over 10days Right down to being hung up by Sales Agent Heather.

I feel for us as customer we have been messed around not to mention I think the sale of our new system was a bit misleading and miss sold. As I see on your website it clearly states the BCM50 can be Tailored to the customer’s needs however this was not how it was sold. Can I also add that the old system that should of been collected a long time ago back in mid March is still sitting here taking up a lot of Space.

Are look forward to your reply, and by all means if you would like me to supply you the long phone calls list as to prove how long we have been on the phone the numbers we have called and the huge amount of time we have been on the phone trying to sort this issue then just let me know.

Kind Regards,
Pete Doble

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