Barry Island Broadband Complaint

This is a BT complaint regarding fluctuating speeds of a customers total broadband connection.

Dear Sir

I have been a BT client for over thirty years with a break of about 2 years. I live at Barry Island CF62 5TR. I wish to complain about the fluctuating speed of my total broadband connection which recently I have found utterly appalling and totally unacceptable, given the amount of money I pay for this service. Up until about four weeks ago the connection was ok, now I am experiencing untold frustration at the speed at which it is operating.

During the morning periods there is no problem at all but as you approach 7pm and beyond it seems to slow up dramatically and stops working completely by mid night. I do most of my work on the net at night and without the lifeline of a reliable broadband connection my work suffers dramatically along with my income.

If I ring for technical help I end up talking to a person in a far distant land and are usually trying to be helpful but the language barrier ensures that my problem is NOT resolved. I would appreciate some immediate action to cure my complaint. Due to the nature of my business cashflow is most important and would respectfully point out that I need a reply on this subject forthwith or I will be sadly forced to seek out an alternative internet service provider.

Kind Regards

Barrie Evans

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  • i to am a BT customer in south wales ( i am having all sorts of problems with my speed of connection, which is less than 0.7 meg the average in the area is 3 meg or so they say. i also get connectivity problems in which i can not connect full stop. have tried to ring them for which pleasure i get to speak to an indian gent who speaks very bad english who i just can not understand. they ring me back and tell me my speed is now over one meg and when i test it guess what. just as it was with none or very little change. (pissed off is not the word)

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