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Submitted by Carl in October 2016

1 week into my new BT service, Wireless router stopped being wireless. The following is the short version.

Tech support didn’t know that its the land line that needs to settle down and told me it was the wireless and all my home devices must be faulty!!

Customer support informed me that the Smart Hub suffers from wireless issues.

Refused to put me through to cancellations, at first, cancellations put me back to customer support.

I was told I was out of 14 day cool off period, they didnt deliver any services for 15 days.

They eventually submitted and agreed to cancel all services and would allow me to exit the contract no charges but what I had used – seemed fair.

Rang back to check – still all going through even had a cut off day
Received a text telling me I owe them £500 for early exit
Telephoned them and was told they can see I had phoned on all occasions but no one had put any notes in!

Gave me a complaints number – but no where to track it. BT communications couldn’t send me an email confirming the details of our conversation – but someone would contact me in the next 24 hours.

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