Are BT customers being overcharged for BT services?

Dear BT Complaints

I wrote to BT CEO Mr Livingston to inform him that I may be one of many BT customers being overcharged for BT services.

I have a BT line but use the services of AOL for my broadband and calls. This has been my situation since May 2005. When I moved to AOL it would seem I had an “unlimited evening and weekend plan” in place. I also had “Friends and family overseas” in place. These services were listed and shown as FREE.

This has remained the situation until (to the best of my knowledge) April 1st 2009 when it would seem BT began to charge for these services. It is obvious that as I do not make BT call and have not done so since 2005, I cannot make use of these BT services. I have therefore been overcharged for my line rental between April 1st 2009 and today the 13th Mar 2010.

I pay BT by direct debit and have (I believed) no real reason to check my bill each month and this situation could have continued indefinitely had I not for once decided to check it. I spent a great deal of time discussing this situation with you customer service centre. The staff agreed to change my account to a “Line Only” Contract but would not agree to reimbursement of my overpayments to BT since last April. This on the grounds that I did not ask for a “Line only contract”.

I feel certain that BT did not intend to charge persons in my situation that are paying for services that they cannot use. It would seem, that such accounts as mine, that were not automatically reverted to “Line Only” when moved to another service provider have been overlooked when your billing policies were changed in April.

I am certain that many other accounts are in the same situation as mine but as yet this anomaly has not been discovered. I look forward to your response and the reimbursement of monies paid for “NO services rendered”.

Kind regards

John Fesel

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  • Same here. I've only just noticed – March 2011 – that they've been charging me for this duplicated service that I never ordered since Feb 2009.

    They say that, as I've paid the bills, I am deemed to have "accepted" these charges.

    I have asked them to produce evidence of my agreement to this contract.

    Thinking back, this was snuck on at a time when I was receiving loads of nuisance-calls from BT call centres, attempting to solicit my agreement to a rolling-contract. Looks like one commission-hungry operative didn't take no for an answer and just tried their luck.

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