Appaulingly Bad BT Customer Service


I was supposed to take over a business premises in our town on 1st November and prior to the move date all our plans were in place to transfer the Voice and Broadband services we rely on for our business. Late in the day the deal went sour and we had to withdraw (we luckily found other premises) and the BT Business sales advisor reorganised everything for us very efficiently and with no great concerns to us. However, since then various things have dragged on such as being billed for the unused services, the line being cut off (the premises owner being rightly furious). I was assured that the matter was cleared up in December and yet again this morning (March 17th) I received a bill for a line I don’t have or have never used.

In trying to deal with this (to my mind simple) matter I have today alone waste two hours being transferred here and there, put on hold, ring-backs that never materialise, been cut off, etc. In the course of the last five months I must have lost at least a day’s trading having to sort out the mess, it’s certainly not the kind of service standard that is conveyed in BT’s promotional literature and is appallingly poor in this case.

The last advisor I spoke to has raised the cancellation but as it’s not her department she could not guarantee that it would be actioned.

Yours in frustration

Tez Watson

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  1. Dear
    Have just received my BT account for a new install of which the Boardband was not working, engineer come to site to find there was already a built-in filter in the Face plate which i was not aware of and now have been charged for the call-out , is this fair

  2. We recently moved offices and decided to port our patchwork of telecom providers to BT.

    We ordered a new Versatility system from the BT Business Office in Crawley, West Sussex along with some new Broadband lines and an install. I did say at the time of ordering that some bad experiences of dealing with BT in the past. However I was assured, well sort of, that yes BT was not great but "not as bad as the rest". Little comfort I thought but probably half-true.

    The service and support from BT has been diabolical, almost farcical. Not one person wanting to take ownership or responsibility for anything. Promised call backs that never happen. Repeatedly being cut off. The list goes on.

    All our main lines were down last Friday afternoon, after spending hours chasing the local team. Our sales staff had to go home.

    Our Internet lines have also been on and off and then on and then off, and eventually on – and s o o o o s l o w that I am sure it would be quicker by Dial Up.

    Then today all our ISDN lines went dead again – and are still down at the point of writing.

    We are publishers with many, many sites and thousands of subscribers who call our offices here in the UK and the US.

    The cost in lost business to us is many, many thousands.

    I am a patient man. Things do go wrong. Equipment does fail People are human. But what BT have is an entire business model that, to quote a phrase, is "not fit for purpose". The business has been sold off and partitiioned left, right and centre and nobody has a clue what is going on – or for that matter really cares.

    I would advise anyone wishing to put a new install or, changing supplier, to go anywhere but BT.

    They have seriously lost the plot.

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