Appalling BT Customer Service!!!

This BT complaint highlights the appalling customer service BT is providing its paying customers and something must be done for improvements to be made. This complaint will be put into a report including all complaints received and sent for investigation along with all comments. Feel free to add your comments at the bottom of this post or email your complaint to camwinston(@ gmail dot com).

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope someone will read this letter and act against it – on Friday 3rd July I got home to use my internet and when I tried to get on it said broadband down. So I rang BT and got through to a lady who advised that my account had been seized! I couldn’t understand why this had been done due to the simple fact I pay by direct debit every month £22.50 and haven’t missed one payment.

She said that I had missed two payments of £49. I said at the time of taking this out I asked BT to set me up a Direct Debit for the amount I owed every month, which I presumed was all done and didn’t think I needed to pay anything else. She said as my account had been seized, I had more charges adding up to £149 on to my account. I couldn’t believe it – I said that I wanted to stay with BT and continue. with my contract – So she said for me to pay the £49 and she would knock the seized charges of. So I gave her my card number and she took the payment off £49 and gave me a number to reopen my account.

5 Minutes after putting the phone down – she rang me back advising she had taken the wrong amount she had actually taken £149 out she told me to ring my bank and cancel payment ( by this time I was crying ) as had been trying to sort this out for a hour). I rang my bank and they said this was rubbish – if BT took a wrong payment they needed to refund me. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

After this I rang BT back – I got cut off twice and then got through to a gentleman who tried to tell me I hadn’t got an account with BT broadband that I just had a phone line – after about ten minutes he found it – I told him what had happened and asked for a refund and told him what happened and he said he couldn’t do anything ( I was really upset by this point). I asked to speak to his manager and he said that the manager would say the same – he said the only thing he could do was refund me but put it in my BT account so I was in credit! I said this wasn’t any good as I needed that money back in my account as taking that amount made me go over drawn (to which I have been charged £20 for!!)

I then asked for his manager and spoke to Gurpreet who said he was very sorry and he would do a full refund and also drop the charges – this was at 8.45 and I had been on the phone for 2 hours and 45 minutes. Gurpreet said to go through to sales and re open my account- so he transferred me I went through and spoke to a lady who said that someone had there information wrong as my account hadn’t been seized and everything was ok – however there was a technical fault with my broadband so she would transfer me to a technical man – I then was on hold for around 15 minutes and got through to technical after explaining my story for the 7th time he said “I am very sorry madam” there is no technical fault, your account has been seized which is why you cant use the internet. I just cut the guy off as I was shaking with nerves and crying so much – I just couldn’t get over how bad BT customer services was – I had my account seized – money taken out incorrectly – cut of twice – spoke to 7 different people all giving me wrong information.

I left it for the night and rang back Saturday and got set up on another account and was told then I owed £110 i just give up – I really don’t no what to do – I can’t ring you guys any longer as everyone passes the book and the blame no one no’s what they are doing – BT land line and BT broadband just seem like 2 completely different companies as no one no’s about each of the separate account – and why did BT set up a dd for £22.50 and say this was the payment p/m and then cut me of and charge me.

I was very upset to the point where I had a panic attack as I really couldn’t cope with no one helping. I know you have to pay for services but BT customer services is terrible and i still don’t no what to do!! I have got my father to write to watchdog as I believe the have been getting a lot of complaints about bt and very bad customer services.

You go on about how you are loosing business well if you gave better customer service then maybe you would have customers. I need a reply – can someone please help me???


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  • i totally agree about BT customer Service. they are incopetant! i have been transfered from one department to another. i was told i could cancel my broadband and phone for £80. when i went to do it they stated it was £170, then transfered me to another department who told me it was £200! i have been shouted at by advisors on 2 occassions, and been repeatedly disconnected when they are trying to resolve issues. i will never go back to BT and will be informing media

  • this is very true, i wanted a name change for the account because they keep sending bill in wrong name. i called the billing but actualy it was sales line. Sales line told for name change u need to contact billing team, after listening to BT music for few mins someone picked up the phone and disconnected me ah!!!!!. i called billing time again,again waiting for few mins, billing team says sorry broadband team needs to do the name change ah!!!!!!!!!. they transfered me to broadband, broadband team says it will take 28 days for name change than again they say u need to contact billing team to sort out the bills. Don't know what to do, was just moving in a circle.

  • I have spent much of today trying to sort out the mess that BT has made of my on-line billing account. We are all human and mistakes occur in every type of business but the most frustrating thing about BT is that you just cannot get through to discuss your problems with a real person. You just become encapsulated in their eternal automatic option hell which just drives you completely crazy. At the start of every call they warn customers that the conversation may be recorded for training purposes – quite laughable really as you never manage to get to the conversation stage !

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