Another BT Broadband Complaint

A recent broadband complaint by an unhappy BT customer with accompanying email from BT customer service complaints manager.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your prompt response however the following points have not been answered;

  1. My total monthly costs are as follows,
    £22.99 broadband,
    £3.35 Choose to refuse,
    £12.79 line rental total
    £39.13, on average we spend aprox £30 per quarter on phone calls so £10 for that total cost is £49.13.
    The total bill was for £321.60
    £207 was paid in December leaving a balance of £114.60 which is actually UNDER your 3 months in advance which as I stated at the time of payment and prior I AM NOT PAYING.
    I only had to give BT 1 months notice so was not going to pay for 2 months I may not use.
    I agreed a payment plan of £70 PCM which is £20.87 over my monthly costs including possible phone usage costs and this was agreed by BT in December
    1 payment was taken and then BT decided to increase this by £27.50 (as you can see almost my total monthly costs) to £97.50 almost double my monthly costs including phone calls, why agree it at all?
  2. I received my bill AFTER my services had been cut off not restricted as neither incoming nor outgoing calls could be received this was following the use of my MAC code and my phone conversation to attempt to remain a BT customer, is it normal practice for BT to restrict service meaning that customers cannot leave if it is perceived by BT that they are owed money as your aware this is frowned on by OFCOM
  3. I have already received a bill oddly enough including the cost of £25 to transfer service I received it this morning I will not be paying it. I would like a bill taking me up to the 16/02 for the telephone and 17/02 for the broadband as it was BT that didn’t fulfil the contract not myself.
  4. Why I couldn’t get the information necessary from BT to set my broadband up with my own modem as I wouldn’t pay £100 for one of yours.

Clearly we are not going to get resolution so following my conversation with our local MP we will be forwarding all of this onto OFCOM and passing the details back to them to look at. I know you would prefer to deal with us over the telephone however as previously stated I prefer to have an audit trail particularily when I have lost faith in a company as much as I have BT.

I have included a link to websites you may find helpful as they are filled with disgruntled customers.

I could of added pages more but feel that these will give you a flavour of the mood of some of your customers.

Kind Regards



Dear Mrs Elliker

Thank you very much for your email.

I appreciate from the evidence you have sent that you should not have to pay the £25.00 broadband disconnection fee and so I have removed this from your final bill. The remainder of the final balance is £157.89 which is adjusted with a rental credit to reflect that you have left BT within a billing cycle that you had already been billed for.

I should advise you that it looks like all of the issues experienced with BT have been due to the outstanding balances on the account since July 2009. Even though you paid £207 towards this in December and £70 via direct debit, there was still an outstanding balance of £44.60 on the January bill.

It would seem to me that the payments you were making were insufficient to cover the costs of your account. I would appreciate it if you would call me to discuss this matter because at the moment I have no option other than to maintain the final balance.

Kind Regards

HLC/ELC Complaints Manager
BT Retail – Chairman’s Office


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