Another BT Broadband Complaint

A complaint sent in today regarding bad customer service and poor broadband services.

Dear Sir

I experienced broadband dropout for 90-120 minutes on Friday evening from 18:00hrs, it was restored, worked briefly on Saturday and then vanished altogether. I have not had any service since then. Despite being on the phone to Mumbai call centre everyday – sometimes more than once a day – they are needless to say unable to fix the fault remotely and despite promises that I will receive a callback from the UK Broadband team…I haven’t!

Co-incidentally, it was discovered that I had a noisy telephone line. The one call I did receive from telephony in the UK established that much. I had to wait in, with loss to earnings, on Tuesday for an engineer (I was unable to take time out on Monday). He fixed the noise problem telephone line and made many thorough checks to equipment and replaced dilapidated wiring where it was found – but was unable to fix the broadband – citing a problem between the exchange and junction box which would have to be corrected by the exchange themselves.

This is however only the most recent of too many lapses in service. Going back to your previous question, the problem actually started when I moved into my current property and decided to stick with BT despite the fact that you are unable to provide me with the service I am paying (vast and uncompetitive rates) for. I have been holding out because I really don’t want to change my email address and some obviously misguided loyalty to BT. But enough is enough – this is now the 5th occasion in 15 months I have had cause to contact you about a failure in my Broadband service.

It isn’t only me – I discover my next door neighbour also had endless problems with her Broadband service – and customer service and was eventually moved to change her supplier.

The simple fact is that this property is situated too far from the exchange and the street where I live still receives telephony via overhead wires on poles. Additionally, the exchange seem to be less than competent.

On the previous occasion I had the engineer called out on 29th August was because the exchange were supposedly performing an upgrade on Fri 28th which would supposedly have interrupted my broadband service for 10 mins. In reality – it knocked both my broadband and telephone service out for over 24hours because of some error in switching the service back on.

Additionally, it really is spirit crushing dealing with the Mumbai call centre. Quite aside from the fact that I dislike it in principle that these jobs aren’t given to people in the UK, they are unable to effect the service required either diagnostically or from a customer service point of view. The fact that they are polite to a fault is a symptom of a rigid and robotic system and training as much as it is a national characteristic and this merely adds to the frustration experienced by the customer. I boil with fury every time the call centre representative suggests it’s my wireless router simply because it isn’t supported by BT. On no occasion has the fault been with my equipment.

On EVERY occasion it has been with external equipment or actions/inactions by the exchange and yet the representative will not accept this claim. Additionally, it is as if no records are kept of the complaints so that day after day one is forced into the same twenty-questions routine which once again ends up in them accusing my router as being the source of the problem.

I rely on broadband for my income. I cannot perform much of my work remotely without access to email and internet. Quite apart from lost productivity through lack of broadband, which is hugely expensive to me – the amount of time I have had to spend holding on for the call centre to respond -only to yet again endure the spirit-crushing or rather, temper igniting routine is beyond value. Even if BT were to refund me the entire 15months billing it couldn’t represent sufficient compensation. As it is, I shall be expecting not to pay anything as of 25/09/09 and am seeking, as a minimum, 3 months fee refund.

It is my firm belief that anyone adopting the overseas call centre as anything but overspill is not taking customer service seriously. I am aware that this includes major banks and even – and I’m incredulous – National Rail Enquiries. However, BT has become the circumlocution office, whereby, even if you are lucky enough to ever actually talk to a human about a problem after an endless round of recorded options and hanging on, the problem is simply re-deposited in the vortex.

BT actually don’t deserve any custom.

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