ADSL Line Complaint

This is an unhappy BT customer who has complained to BT about their ADSL line but BT customer services have not responded back. 

Dear BT Complaints

I want to share this complaint with your readers and include it in your report for investigation. I have already complained about the below situation on 10/06/11 and had no response whatsoever from BT. Do they think people will forget and give up the complaints they have?

If I get no satisfactory response to this email I intend to contact the appropriate regulatory body.

I have had to pay £100 to have a new domestic line installed for Sky services. Even the engineer said the original domestic line should not have been used as a business line. You need to reimburse me and charge Leeds City council for a business line.

The issue is that their engineer, on loan from another area, used the existing domestic telephone line to divert to a business line for Leeds City Council. At that time i was with virgin and was not using my domestic line. I decided to switch to Sky for TV, Telephone and Broadband. It was then discovered that my original BT domestic line had been diverted to a business line for my employer Leeds City Council.

I had to pay £100 to Sky who had to get BT to install a further domestic line so i could have broadband and telephone facilities with Sky.

So far i have had no response, below is an email from the person that deals with the homeworking facilities, as you can read, all situations have necesitated a new business line.

Are you able to help me get reimbursed for my £100?


Barry Jones

Original Correspondence

Hi Barry

As discussed briefly this afternoon, I believe it was the direct fault of BT that this issue arose.

Leeds City Council instructed BT to set up a ADSL line for your business use. We did not advise them to utilise your own personal line to achieve this. We have to date have/had 60 HWs across Revs & Bens and I am certain that a number of these officers will have been BT customers and we are totally unaware of this issue having occurred previously. For BT to pass on this cost to you to put things right does not seem right & proper but similarly, I don’t think Leeds City Council is obliged to pay the costs you incurred.

My proposal is that you make a formal complaint to BT and enclose a para from me as follows:

(You having detailed the nature of your complaint)

In support of my complaint an Executive Officer of Leeds City Councils Revenues & Benefits Service is willing to give testimony in support of my complaint that over the last 5 years BT have installed some 170 ADSL lines (approx). A number were for Councillors of the Council who use the same set up as I do, the remainder being specifically for the officers within my own service area. Of the 60 or so set up in my service areas, there will have been some that are BT customers. He is unaware of such an instance having occurred previously where BT has, under no instruction, elected to convert a BT customers personal line to their business line. Whilst I have asked Leeds City Council to consider the charge, the have refused on the grounds that the area clearly arose due to a BT error. He has said however that if BT consider their to be any blame on the Councils side that he can be contacted directly to review alongside you.

I wish for my complaint to reviewed formally under BTs official complaints process. I wish to receive an acknowledgement to this complaint and a copy of your complaints procedure. I am keen for the matter to be resolved speedily which can be if BT waiver the charge you have levied. Failing a favourable outcome, I make clear my intentions to pursue the matter through your regulatory body.

Hope what I have suggested is okay. Feel free to top and tail and also to contact me to discuss further should you wish to do so.

Here’s to a favourable outcome.

Andy Cameron
Executive Officer
Support Services
Leeds Revenues & Benefits Service

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