Abysmal Broadband Support

This is a BT broadband support complaint.

Dear Sir

I cannot even get a stable ADSL broadband as it’s without someone in BT corrupting it and then causing me several days of almost non-existent availability. Never mind incompetent staff (based in India I suspect), who:

  1. Contacted me to ask if I have a problem after I requested assistance online because it appeared that ALL of BT was out (according to the recorded message, and after almost an hour he could not resolve (as I suspected would require local /exchange action), raised to level 2.

  2. And “level 2” well this becomes even more worrying: 2 days later! My line drops (from approx 5mb > 0.2Mb) and as I am looking into this I get a call from “level 2 – no name”, advising he has been testing my line and has everything been resolved? When I advised whatever testing he had just completed caused a significant drop in Upload speed he said “Oh this cannot be, I have never heard of such problem”. 

    I advised that I take screenshots whenever I do speed tests and could prove that until he did his unannounced testing/diagnostics I was receiving approx 5.Mb, and after 0.2Mb. His reply “Oh this cannot be, I have never heard of this happening. My tests/diagnostics cannot do this”.  [ UTTER RUBBISH AS ANY SANE PERSON KNOWS]. This unnamed person then asked what type of wall socket I had, how many ports, and how many extensions.

    I explained all this, and he said he would like to do more tests and call back. After about 30 minutes he did call back and said he would reset the “line” at the exchange as the noise level was too low, and I should leave the Hub powered on for 10 days to allow “normalisation” (whatever that meant), and seemed happy that he was leaving me with a service of 0.2Mb Down & 0.3 Up. I did ask to raise to “tier 3” but he said unless their was a physical fault he could not – RUBBISH!

  3. The following day I noticed I was back up to approx 5Mb Down/0.4Up

  4. Now today I am back to 0.2 Down and 0.4 Up  – what’s going on ???

Yet I am expected to pay for this abysmal service, both broadband and support!!! 

And also receive insulting email advising I can have a better performance if I pay more with BT Infinity broadband!

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  1. I changed to BT infinity December 2013 the biggest mistake of my life it should be called BT inferior, I was promised at least 75 mbps they have reduced the speed to 41mbps and the signal keeps dropping out now I have been told by some Indian engineer the speed I am getting is all I can expect! what the hell am I paying all the money for?

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