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We setup this BT complaints website because we were an extremely frustrated and angry BT customer who was fed up with the lack of customer service received with regards to a simple phoneline installation and broadband setup…enough was enough!

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  • I have had numerous BT Service problems – ie I can't access my mail remotely or from home. I have written to BT accordingly but all I get is a call from India? by which time BT have sorted the problem. One idiot from 'India' said I had changed my preferences ( what are they….?).

    I have written to the Chairman of BT but never received any written response back – nor any compensation.

    Malcolm Edwards

  • BT just sent a debt recovery bill to recover a bill that has already been paid for a previous address. The final bill was included on the bill to the new address which then had 2 separate itemized bills. Calls have been made to rectify the situation but it seems they are incapable of understanding or ignorant and will not listen.

    As it costs time (time is money which is non-refundable) to make the calls and this has already been tried we await the court date in the hope that we are invited and judgment is not passed in our absence.

    Does anybody know if we can counter-sue for wasting our time already?

  • I have had BT services since February of this year. Problems well today 6th October 2009 I went to make a call and guess what I could not make that call due to BT cutting me off.I called them from my mobile to discover that they have cut me off due to not paying my bill.I explained to the Indian call centre that I pay Direct debit each month and I always have problems with my services,to be honest I have spent more time calling BT than any one else.after 20 mins explaining the situation they told me that there has been a mistake and your services will be connected within 24 hours.Me being on option 3 call any UK or 0845 anytime well thats not the case for me.

  • 9th October 2009

    For the URGENT ATTENTION of Ian Livingston (Chief Executive of British Telecom)

    CANCELLATION CHARGES COMPLAINT – POST 14TH JULY 2009 / BT account number: *********

    There are two main issues that I wish to bring to your urgent attention to be dealt with immediately:

    The first issue is that my one year contract with your company ended on 14th July 2009; and despite the fact your company knew I had “planned to move home after 14th July 2009”, you appear to have tied me into another yearly contract, which was against all my instructions, and without my consent.

    The second issue is that I told your company on several occasions that “I never wanted free evening and weekend calls”, yet you appear to have tied me into a contract, to extract money for this as well.
    I do not owe your company any money, and in fact your company should reimburse me; for charging me for another yearly contract that you knew I did not want. Why on earth would I want another yearly contract when I had already planned to move home? And why on earth would I want evening and weekend calls when I never even used this service throughout a whole year up to 14th July 2009?

    In addition to the above, your company wrongfully took £144.05 from my bank account 18th August 2008 and told me you would “reimburse me all my money back to my bank account straight away”: Your company failed to ever reimburse my money straight away, and your company profited from all the interest you earned by “extracting and then withholding” this overpayment without my consent.

    Your company also emailed me 30th July 2009 stating my “new broadband was now up and running”; when in fact this was yet another mistake on your company’s behalf, as I already had broadband! Your company telephoned me to explain that my telephone number had been used by mistake to “set up broadband for a totally different customer”, and promised me that this would be rectified.

    Your staff member Richard left voicemails on my machine, his telephone number was 01324457704. He assured me all issues above would be rectified; but his number is since now constantly engaged.

    Finally, when I telephoned your company at the end of August 2009 to explain all of the above, your automated system asked me to enter my phone number using the buttons on my phone, and the automated message then stated “there is no BT account linked to this actual telephone number”! When I questioned a member of your staff about this, I was told that it was “a glitch on our system”.

    I am perturbed by the fact that your company is threatening to blacklist my name with bad credit, and threatening me with bailiffs and possible court action, when you have failed to rectify any of my previous endless complaints (as above) which I have had to state to your company numerous times.

    Please stop threatening me: I will NOT be BULLIED into paying any money that has arisen as a direct result of your company “Neglectfully tying me into a brand new yearly contract after 14th July 2009”; when you were FULLY AWARE I had “Planned to move; and wanted my service to cease thereafter”.

    Thank you for your time and attention of the above: I await your apology and your refund in full. Please respond within the next 14 days, and do not continue to harass me with unjustified threats.

    Yours Sincerely


  • BT is just greedy about money and never looks after its customers, about 4 months ago for some stupid reason i went to town and eneded up chating with BT agents in arndale centre. beleiving in what the agents said to me, i signed up for a BT broadband and landline offer which was supposed to be £17 pcm for both landline and broadband for the first 6 months and £27pcm after. after a week of signing up one day my line was activated and the BT hub which was supposed to be free with the service was posted to me. so i started using the serivace for one day and it cutted off the next day i used my mobile and called BT helpline and after waiting for a while i finally got hold of a so-called advisor. after an hour of changing different settings on my computer and settings from his side on BT service,my service was connected. after an hour of using the service it got disconnected again. i rang back and again they connected it for that night and got disconnected the next day. i had to call BT about 3/4 times everyday from my mobile to get my service going. anyways after a week of hustle and fight with connecting the services i received a bill of £140.00. i realised tht i had been charged £31.00pcm which was double the amount of the offer of £17.00pcm that i was told. on top of that i was charged £44.00 for the BT hub which was supposed to be free. i rang BT customer service and they were all making different excuses.finally they agreed with me that their agent had lied to me about the offer but she was right about the free home hub so they will deduct that 44.00 frm my next bill.. today after 2 months of using bt service i have received another bill of £109.00. they did not deduct that 44.00 for bt home hub instead they added that to this bill too which means that i hav to pay another £44;00 which means that i pay £90.00 just for the home hub,,which doesnt even work and which was supposed to be free. and they have charged me £17.50 because they themselves disconnected my line and connected back. so basically what BT wants from me is to pay them around £130.00 every 3 months but dont use the service because everytime i ring up to connect my service again i will be charged £17.50 each time.i soo much regret singing up for BT my advice to those people who have not signed up for BT yet is to think about it carefully.

  • I tried to cancel my arrangement, and was quoted a price to come out early, of £64.00, then they charged me £90.00 plus another months rental. When I complained they said there was nothing they could do.

  • My broadband started off Ok but now has continual low signal strength or complete loss of signal and my email (btinternet.com)routinely fails to deliver mail to my MacBook. Would not recommend their service and will remove my custom once my 18 month contract is up.

  • i was a BT customer for a duration of about 5 yrs,and BT have well and truely done a total error with no explination to myself,this is my story on how BT disconnected me with someone else account information,as it goes;a person was on my account:which may i add should not have been on it,as i don't and have ever known them.so every time i phoned,BT asked me for additional detail to do with this secondary person.i first have no idea what was going on ,untill 6 months ago,i had to disconnect my service for a duration of 3 wks for BT to resolve this issue;at which time i was guarenteed was done,until the 15th of Dec 2009.i had a letter of comfirmation for disconnection of services.i phoned BT which sent my call all the way around the world to be dealt with, but nothing was done;even though i was guaranteed again my service would not be disconnected,but on the 29th Dec 2009,my connection was discontinued.i phoned sales to find out what was going on,
    Tel No:0800 800 150,
    go to option 2,then option 2 again.
    they couldn't tell me what had happened and any explination in this matter.so i was forwarded to a department in which i could get my migration code to maybe get another service provider,the gentleman on the phone just said to me;i quote,"one my god,your connection is active,but with no migration code".
    that was the last strew,and not i've gone to Sky.com,as they are doing the best deal at the moment.
    so me advise to anyone reading this is to discontinue they're connection to the back bone of britain;BT and to go with either http://Sky.com ,or
    and get a better deal that what BT can ever offer.
    so in conclusion:BT SUCK,and are a joke in being the backbone on our nation.there should be a ofcom to conplain to.
    many thanks for reading my post.
    and act now if you are in a contract with BT,either get out of it or don't re-new as they are completely useless as a service provider.
    Pease be assured that BT take go responablity for this total cock up.
    ME ADVISE TOWARDS THIS COMPANY IS BEWARE.they don't furfill they're commitment to there customers,and just SCREW YOU OVER.
    also i'll be making a yearly saving of about £300.00 a yr,which is GREAT.

  • BT Charges me 80 pounds a moths for braodband and internet
    BT's Internet is very slow. I cant watch any videos, it keeps on buffering
    what kind of service is this

  • Dear Sir's,

    I wish to make a formal complaint and would be grateful if you could forward this to the CEO of BT.COM.
    I placed an order online for a phone line and Broadband Package on Thursday 28th January 2010 while speaking via CHAT Line and placed the order and the person on the chat line acknowledge that the order was being processed but when I tried to track the order I could not find it and so I phoned BT to find and then the trouble started . Am I allowed to name all the people I wish to complain about ??



    if you have a complaint towards BT,then you can forward every prerson's name regarding the complaint.
    unforuinately,BT have an intenal complaints committing,so you may have joy or now.
    please forward your complaint in a professional manner;as for it to be taken seriously.
    you must remember that the complaint isn't usually to the person on the phone.
    be patient and someone will return a call to yourself's and also e-mail you.
    all the best with the so called backbone infrastructure of our communications network.


  • In all honesty dealing with BT to resolve a problem is nothing short of a nightmare!

    For over three months now i've had a problem with a phone line that rings between once or twice and hour every hour 24 hours a day. I've lost track of how many times i've phoned BT, but it's been hours of my time wasted. And to add insult to injury they still bill me for the calls!

    The customer service advisor you speak to is a complete waste of time, they either don't listen or don't care.I've asked to speak a supervisor and they either say NO your speak to me and no one else, or they try and tell me they are the supervisor and carry on with the silly scrip you've been through more times than you can remember.
    I've tried to leave BT before and they caused me so many problems at the exchange giving me a crossed line with other partys that i feel trapped in this nightmare as i need my phone for business.
    so angry!!!!!!!!!

  • Late last year I left BT after no end of problems with their service. On August 09th, I got disconnected. No notification by post, email or phone. I telephoned in and was told this was either an error or maybe a letter was posted out to me on the 08th. Now the 08th is a Saturday, no post on a Sunday (the 09th) so no time would have been given to react or respond. Now in March 2010 that letter has never arrived.

    Anyway, the line supervisor at the time said it was an error, there was no problem and she would reconnect the line – in 5 days. So they can cut you off almost immediately but 5 days to switch back on. Back to the matter. I was informed that there would be no charge for the reconnection and everything was fine.

    So I get a final bill after deciding to leave to find a charge on there for leaving BT. After numerous calls today that took forever – would have been faster to walk to Delhi or wherever – it turns out that either a) when I got reconnected I entered into, without my knowledge, into a new account with BT OR I am having to pay to leave and go with someone else. WTF! Neither of these are washing with me.. It is daylight robbery – legal mugging.

    I have the number now for Oteleo and will be contacting them tomorrow. This cannot be legal. I got told that if you have been with BT for 1 or 50 years it makes no difference, you will get charged nearly £70 for leaving. I called my new provider. They dont charge to leave. I was also informed that this is not made public and you are expected to phone in.

    Needless to say that this matter will be taken as far as it can go. I had customer service agents who were rude, constantly interuped and actually hung up on me

    BT is a disgraceful company and they should be ashamed. I will never EVER go back to them. Everything is lousy and I just hope I can make some headway into getting this policy looked into

  • For many months I have been trying to establish the true costs of the 1471 service that BT supply.

    The service is free as long as you don't press "3" to automatically call the number back. However we have numerous 1471 fees on our bills which are charged at .122p each. Neither my husband nor myself (and no children in the house) use the "3" service but still have these charges. The only explanation from BT is that we must have accidentally pressed the 3 when putting the phone down each time.

    I have categorically told BT that we do not make a mistake when putting the handset down and they are categorically saying that their system cannot be at fault.

    As we are at an impasse we have had the 1471 removed from our phone service.

  • We left BT a few years ago due to a vevry poor phone service, and an almost non-existant broadband service.

    Ever since we joined Virgin, we have been plagued with calls and mail shots from BT asking us if we would like to come back to them.

    We have rang and sent countless letters to BT asking to be taking off their databases permanently as we have no intention of ever going back to their sub-standard service, yet every time they say we will be, u can guarentee within two or three days we will get a phone call or a mail shot. What dont these people understand about "WE WILL NEVER USE BT AGAIN"?

    I dont to know or recieve anything from BT at all. no calls, no mail shots, nothing. BT in my eyes is nothing. a non-entity.

    As a comparison our BT used to consist of a phone line and a (very unstable) 2meg broadband. With Virgin, we have a perfect phone line(even though we prefere our mobiles), and a constantly fast 20meg broadband connection, which hasnt failed in the last 3 years. BT's used to be down every day with an "a" in it.

  • We had a 2nd line installed last September 09 after 4weeks and the 4th engineer sent could finally do the line but it had to be connected with a Dax box so both lines were conected to this, the engineer said if we did get a fault we would lose both lines, but until we had the new underground cable installed it would happen a lot by 4th October we lost both lines due to a fault.
    To cut a long story short as it is a long story we finally had our 1 line reinstalled after 3 weeks but had to lose the 2nd line, I then started receiving the bills for the 2nd line we had only had for a week I rang every time I got a bill and even cancelled my direct debit but they still managed to re install the D/D and take it again.
    How come they can say they will take £7.50 for late payment when I do not keep to my terms of agreement with them, but they can take money from my account when they do NOT keep to their contract – we are the customer yet we are treated like we are pests when we complain.
    The last straw was on 02.01.2010 I had another bill rang them and said I have not got the phone line to be told it was fixed on 30.12.2009. impossible as the enginner would have to had come into the house to re connect the line but I had had no contact from them as all. I was then informed I would have to report it as a new fault as as far as they were aware it was fixed and I sould pay.
    04.01.2010 antoher engineer arrives re connects the Dax box I said it would go into fault again he said it would not.
    The line's worked until the 07.01.2010 and then went into fault again.
    Had to wait until the 11th for an engineer again 1 line fixed other line still faulty. 15th jan 2 engineers arrive and contect the 2nd line told will not have a problem now.
    It has now worked ok, but received more bills.
    Now had the line disconnected on 4th March after a conversation with them on the 1st March saying we don't owe anything. had to have a new number and they would give me back my old one by today the 9th march rang today no record of it !! GUESS WHAT have got to wait 3 days again
    I am really fed up nothing happens with BT. The only thing the do is take your money.

    Have got OTHELO dealing with it but BT come back with smug answers and when the can not answer it just say BT and I quote BT HAS NOT COMMENTED ON THIS. or I CONSIDER THIS TO BE A SHORTFALL IN CUSTOMER SERVICE WHICH WILL BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION.This was on my review from BT from OTHELO which I have to now reply to.
    How can this be resolved no one will help.

  • Today I learnt that an elderly friend of my parents had been treated appallingly by BT. The lady who is in her eighties with mobility problems has a emergency call for help alarm which works in conjunction to her BT Landline. Users are advised to test the alarm on a weekly basis. The lady tested the alarm but did not get the usual response. She then picked up her phone to call the company but found she couldnt get through. The automated response informed her that her call was being transfered to BT of course no one from BT responded to her.
    Now faced with no other alternative she had to struggle to a neigbours house and ask to use the phone to call BT.
    After the usual BT saga of being passed around the houses she was eventually put through to an indian call centre. What the customer advisor told her is quite alarming! Your phone has been cut off because you have not paid your bill. The lady responded by informing her that she had not only paid her bill, but that she required her phone to summon help as lived alone and had disabilites. The advisor then informed her that as she had only sent £59.00 and should have sent £89.00 so her phone would not be reconnected until this £30.00 was settled. Despite her telling BT that this was not the case BT was adament that her line would not be reconnected until a payment was recieved.
    The quesstions are. Firstly, Did BT ever write and inform her that her account was in Debit NO they did not. Had she ever owed BT money in the past: NO she and her late husband have been loyal BT customer for the best part of 60 years ALWAYS paying what they owed on time! Finally, should BT as a company be able to disconect a vunerable, elderly lady with poor mobility from a device that gives her secruity and her only contact with the outside world? What about the disability dicrimination act are they in breech?
    Shame on BT a heartless money grabbing insitution that cares for no one except themselves. This needs to put on the front page of all news papers or along side all BT adverts.
    I except the next saga in this story will be a reconnection fee of £120.

  • On 21st March i received my bill which was rather high i phoned bt and spoke to Amed explained the situation and he agreed to give me time to pay(30 days).On Friday 26th my phone was cut off. Iphoned and spoke to Ulam who appologised and said yes i did have time to pay and assured me i would be reconected within 24hrs. Saturday no phone called and spoke to castian who again appologised and said ther had been tech difficulties and that it would be back on in 1 to 2hrs i waited and left it till Sunday to give them benefit of the doupt. Still nothing called again spoke to Sumid who could not understand why it was not on went off to speak to his manager who came on the phone and assured me that it would be on by 11am Monday they could not do it now as Openreach did not work on Sundays i excepted this. Monday13.00hrs still nothing called and spoke to Pasca Who also could not give a reason why went to speak to supervisor he returned said hello and cut me off.Called again and spoke this time to Vaibhav who again appologised and said he would sort it out right away he also said because of the problem being b.ts he would stop reconection cost also line rental charge for time was off. He again also assured me the line would be back on within 4hrs nothing.Tuesdaycalled and spoke to a lady in this country Angela told her the whole saga she relyed that they had no right to make those promises as bt does not operate a extension scheme.I must pay whole bill before reconection.Does B.T not give any training to our freinds in India or do they just tell you what you want to hear to get you off the line.B.T TAKE TAKE TAKE NO HELP WHATSOEVER JUST ANOTHER NUMBER. moving shortly no use for B.T phone or broadband.BYE BYE BLOODY TROUBLE.

  • everytime you call bt you are still transferred through to indian call centres you are paying them in sterling and getting short changed by going through to indian call centres who have not got the foggiest when will this company learn ..all other companys have taken note and bringing back their call centres to the uk

  • I discovered by a friend trying call that my landline was down from around 11.00AM on Friday 7th May 2010. They had reported the fault and were told it was at the exchange and repair was in hand. On Sat. 8th, still without a line, I called from a neighbours phone (I have no mobile coverage where I live, hence the importance of a landline) I was told again it was in hand. On Monday 10th – no line again – so called cust. services to be told that nothing would have happened from Friday AM as the engineers do not currently work at weekends! Also told that there was a 3 day target period to complete the repair so don't expect anything until then although it will probably be completed by Tuesday PM!!! BT service has declined miserably over the last few years but who else provides anything better? It seems all the other providers use the same wires & the customer then gets stuck between two unwilling providers – I know – I've been there too! RBP

  • If you ever have the misfortune to deal with BT you have my sincere best wishes. I complained about the pathetic service which a certain individual took as a personal attack and proceeded to further antagonise the situation. With no apology and an extremely superior tone the situation has been further exacerbated and my experience has been made even worse.

  • I have been waiting two months for a new order / line to be installed!

    BT even put an incorrect phone number for themselves on a letter they sent out!

    Utterley usless


  • After having had my services restricted because of a bill that was allowed to accumilate over a period of 12 months. (even after i have made payments over the phone and repeatadly asked if there was any outstanding balance only to be told that no my account was fully uptodate) i have been led a merry dance over the reconnection of my BT Broadband and BT Vision. After a second phone call on the 5th of may i was told by BT that i did not have and had never had BT Broadband, to which i replyed that i had in fact had this service for over 18 months along with BT vision. The member of staff that i spoke to said that she would look into this and phone me back at some point in the day… surprise surprise no call back but BT Broadband was restored. However BT Vision was still not working so i waited untill the following day for the full 24 hours to elapse, still no BT Vision. Once again i phoned the service phone number only to be told that a patch was needed after aproximatly an hour and a half on the phone, and that this could take untill monday as it had to passed to a different department. Come Monday 10th May Still no BT Broad Band, so i phone again, only to be told that they have now sorted the problem and to give it 24 hours, Tuesday 11th May still no BT Vision, so once again i phone and again i am told that problem has now been sorted and yes you got it to wait upto 24 hours… Ok so now its Wed 12th of may and still no BT Vision, only now i am being told, that as i dont have broad band and it is not due to be activated untill May 13th i cant expect to get BT Vision untill Mondy 17th May… So please what is going on, i have BT Broadband and have been using for the past week, i have even recieved e mails from BT in the past week. Ater speaking to a manager she informed me that each department is not aware of what is happening within the other… this i find very very hard to belilve in this day and age of technology, so is it a training issue or a departmental information sharing issue, both of which should be very very easy to solve.
    I would appreciate a response to this complaint within the next 5 working days, along with an amendment to my bill for the amount of time i have been unable to use my services and some compensation for the stress that this has caused and the amount of time taken for what should have been a simple reconnection to take place after a restriction that should not have taken place.

    a very very angry and confused BT customer
    Tracy Clarke

  • Dont go with BT!!!!! I signed up to BT Vision about 4 weeks ago and have had nothing but problems. I phoned to report the fault and was told it was the speed line and would improve within 48 hours, 4 days later nothing had changed. many phone calls later, mostly with people who barely speak english and I am still paying for something i am not getting. I am being told that my problem is being worked on and despite being promised phonecalls from technicians at set times which havent occurred nothing has changed. I feel really frustrated because I cannot end my contract until the problem is resolved but am totally fed up of dealing with incompetence with no willing to take responsibility!!! Poor service!!! I should have stayed with SKY!!!!!

  • I rely on broadband for work (medical research) but made the mistake of moving house recently. I have been trying for over a month now to get myself connected at my new house but I am repeatedly told that a new order takes 5 days and the problem is that my previous order was cancelled. I have no idea why previous orders were cancelled. One group was helpful and tried to 'fast track' a new order but this appears to have failed and whenever I speak to a new person they have no idea what this means. I have been unable to do any meaningful work for over a month now. Had I any idea of the length of time it would actually take there is no chance I would have stayed with BT.

  • Been with BT business for many years with numerous problems. Finally decided to leave when calls were billed to one of our VOIP lines that were not made from our premises. In trying to discuss my issues with BT I have had to call them more than 20 times, subjected to call waits of more than 30 minutes during the day, and had 3 calls disconnected mid-conversation with overseas agents before I finally managed to reach somebody who would address my issues. I was then told that BT would maintain the charges. I decided to finally leave BT for another company. When the new company tried to transfer the line they were unable to as the feature line service with BT was preventing the transfer. I then called BT to cancel the feature line and was told that there would be a fee of £30 for this and I would also have to take up a new 12 month contract which I would then have to buy out of. An unscrupulous and contemptuous practice by anyone’s definition. It has been made clear to me that BT has lost its reputation as a good service provider and can no longer provide good customer support.

  • Shocking for such a large company , staff make promises they just cant keep , Plain to see overcharging , renewal of contracts without consent , direct debit changing without prior concent , poor service
    unusable services , u really could go on

    When did you forget that it is the customers that grow your business

  • I have written a letter to the CEO for a bill received in march since i have paid BT all that i owe them and not been a customer since 2008, i was more than surprised to get a debt recovery letter.

    Dear Mr Livingston,

    I apologise for contacting you directly, but after contacting customer services I feel that nobody will listen to me.

    The problem is that I have received a letter from BT Debt recovery Unit, letter dated 14th March 2010. The letter stated that I owed £132.24.
    I was very surprised to receive the letter as I have not been a BT customer since November 2008.
    I contacted BT Customer services and was told it was out of their hands and I should telephone 0870 270 0021 to resolve the problem. I promptly did this and found the number just to be an employee mail box.
    I phoned again and was given the number again and I still had the same result.
    I phoned for a final time and finally spoke to somebody willing to listen, they said the bill was a final bill, I explained that I had already had a final bill from BT and paid in full back in 2008.

    I asked why it had taken over a year to send a debt recovery letter and was given no explanation.
    I have not received any previous correspondence in relation to this.

    I have since received a letter from Collect Direct UK a debt recovery agency saying that I now owe £165.40 this letter was dated 22nd March 2010. I have contacted them and they said they would contact BT on my behalf. They telephoned me back today and said that I still owed the money but would be willing to accept 50% of the outstanding amount, but I said as I didn’t owe them anything I wouldn’t pay them. I was also told that BT had sent me a bill on 23rd March 2010 which I have not yet received.

    I have also had a telephone call from BT stating that I owed over £600 when I said I already had a ongoing dispute the apologised and said they had the wrong person.

    I would like this matter resolved promptly, as I have paid my BT bill in full back in 2008.
    I thank you for taking time to read this letter and hope to hear from you soon.

  • Well we're not even with BT but they've caused us problems!

    My daughter's away at Uni and like us is with Talktalk (gave up on BT ages ago). She was on her computer doing coursework when it crashed. She noticed a BT engineer up a pole right outside her house so went and asked (cables go from the pole to the neighbours and hers). He replied yea sorry for that, am doing some work for a neighbour and it will be back on again within the hour. It wasn't.

    She phoned BT who said she's not a customer and it's not their problem and contact her own internet/phone provider. She has to use her mobile (no phone remember) to contact Mumbai? and spent many calls talking to Talktalk, and doesn't really understand the accent. She calls me.

    I phone BT and the lady was very unhelpful and said it's not their problem. I said a BT ENGINEER was up the pole and my daughters phone/internet connection was disconnected. Not their problem. I phone Talktalk who were immediately on the case (really nice people) and they'd phone back tomorrow.

    Today Talktalk phone my daughter and she has to disconnect all sockets in the house. She does and they report there's still something connected. It's not.

    Mmm – BT, can you just shimmy back up that pole and reverse whatever it was that you did? It is YOUR problem, you caused it and now expect Talktalk to put it right. We've spent hours on the phone costing money, and time is important to us all. Will you compensate my daughters mobile phone bill? Probably not.

    And why is there nobody to speak to/email on the BT website if you're not a customer? Who do we call – Ghostbusters?

    Oh….. and she's still without a connection…..

  • I have spent to days speaking to Customer Services regarding loss of service on my phone and have to say have been shocked by the way staff talk to customers.
    I have tried to follow BTs published complaint procedure and escalate via team leader,manager etc but each agent I speak to refuses to let you speak to a manager. This morning I have finally spoken to a team supervisor who was rude and agressive, as he was unwilling to even look into the complaint I asked for the complaint to be escalated to the complaints review team only to be told they didnt exist and he was the most senior manager in BT. I didnt know the MD took calls in a call centre?

    I have now logged a third complaint online but if like the previous two will just get sent an automated response thanking me for my time.

  • i have been a BT customer since 1977 naver had 1 complaint
    however i have transferred to virgin purley on grounds of cost

  • I was disconected by a 3rd party no falt of mine have been on to bt for reconection should have been conected on the 19th 5th 2010 was put back on but not told of new number change i then phoned them to ask wye i was not on my old number were my alarm for my school goes to also my internet they told me it will take another 3 days to do should have been done on the 22nd still not got a phone call or a phone i need to have this resolved bye friday the 28th or i am going to get offcom involved im not going to pay for this new number regards mr

  • BT cut off ,ie closed as they later called it, my Home Hub Broadband Service on Friday 21st May this year. They did this in error as they have freely acknowledged both to me and my husband on the phone on numerous occasions since. This is apparently on record in our notes with BT. They did it for no good reason despite having done exactly the same thing three weeks before ,when after being 3 hours on the 'phone to BT getting nowhere trying to persuade them to restoree the servive and stop telling me my 9 month old laptop had suddenly broken down, I finally lost patience and threatened to go to Money Mail, they switched it on again from the exchange within a minute of the words coming out of my mouth.

    This time however they say we have to wait till 7th June to have the bb go active again, something to do with Outreach not being able to do it any quicker.

    My husband was so incensed by this as he needs the internet professionally, and we have three professional lodgers living in the house, all also dependent on bb, that he asked for it to be put back at once or there would be serious repercussions. He was told someone from Outreach would telephone him back on Monday morning 24th May to confirm acceleration of the reconnection. This never happened, and on telephoning BT again on Monday morning in an attempt to recapture the thread, we got precisely no where. Now we have gone abroad away from our house and telephone line leaving the lodgers high and dry.

    Phone No, A/c No and names of various BT assistants, floor Managers and Department Supervisors we spoke to can all be supplied. PH

  • When BT hold the monopoly it is these times that make things very difficult. Unforunately WE HAVE to be provided by them yet often they fail to provide a service. Surely in this day and age it is a fundemental breach of human rights when people are denied access to such a simple and universal device, the telephone.The country depends on telecoms yet they continue to fleece people out of money and if they don't pay they get cut off. I would ask the coalition government to open up channels of fairer trading and allow others to install lines.

  • Totally agree that fair trading needs to be implemented. Whilst BT have monopoly they can do as they please. Someone should have their policies and procedures investigated from the customers point of view and not BT's

  • Trying to get a pole moved so that we can gain access to our land.BT Openreach more concerned about problems they have encountered rather than resolve them and let customers have their rights to the land.Paid in Feb.2010 nothing happened for 8 weeks and ENORMOUS problems since. Logical solution involves talking to other depts. within organisation. If only we understood the rules we could play their game. Anxiety and huge personal costs are causing too many sleepless nights.

  • Speed issues part 1

    Until about 8 weeks ago I was enjoying a 4.5meg connection. Overnight this dropped to half a meg. I left it for a week thinking it would rectify itself considering the BT cab at the end of the street had been vandalised. After a week there was no improvement and so complained to BT. They sent and engineer around a week later (as they didn’t want to send one over the Easter holiday). He found a fault on the line…. 5 engineers later the fault has been found and fixed only my speed has not improved.

    The problem that remains is that the line says I am connected at 4.5 meg, however, when I perform a speed test I get under 1 meg and about 423kbs upload. There was some discussion as to BT throttling my connection as they claim I am “a heavy user”. My partner threatened to sue them and since then they have assured us we have not been capped or throttled in any way. This problem has been dragging on forever with no real end in sight as they are unable to solve the speed issue. I am usually fobbed off with some reason as to why the problem is either: MY FAULT as I have viruses or my computer is set up wrong (we have 3 machines and 1 was formatted and fresh install of vista to prove this theory incorrect), I don’t know how to down load a file, I use peer to peer (torrent) downloading (no one in this household uses peer to peer/torrents) I won’t give the technical support team access to my computer (we have sensitive work files, so no one is gaining access to any computer) my cookies are full (don’t be stupid) my equipment is broken (we have access to more than one router, filter, computer etc etc they all must be broken in that case) I have not given enough time for the connection to speed up (each kb is arriving via a snail which has taken a detour in that case). This list is endless as each phone call a new reason why it is not working is given. They claim they are “still working on the issue” but there has been no moving forward aver the past 3 weeks.

    I have had to call the technical support every day and the process remains the same: they ask me the same stupid questions like “have you changed the filters, what colour are the lights on the hub, let me show you how to download a file”. I am insulted by the last question as I am 35 yrs old and have been using computers since I was 16!

    I have been told to wait 14 days for “stabilisation period” even though after 10 I called to say the problem had not improved they would not do anything until the 14 days were up. They call me every day to perform speed tests which show no improvement but tell me I have a good connection.

    The technical support team do not understand the problem and tell me I can only get 1.5 meg download. So why am I paying for option 3 the most expensive of all BT services when the best I can hope for is equivalent to option 1? This will be interesting when the bill arrives.

    BT customer service sucks and the complaints procedure is worse. Despite writing a complaint online I have only received an automated response. There is no telephone number, technical support staff in India have extremely poor English and at the best of times there are communication issues because of this.

    Next step is BT’s reconciliation service then ofcom will be hearing from me.

  • I let BT know that I was moving and would like to cancel my contrat with BT at the end of the quarterly bill which was four weeks away 2 days later they cut me off when I desperately needed a phone. After four phonecall nothing has been sorted and now instead of reinstating my phone to the end of the four weeks they now say I have asked for a new contract which I have not. God knows whats going to happen when I finally move in two weeks.
    J Clark

  • Hi All whatever you do dont subscribe to BT, Nothing but problems since the so called installation three weeks ago, we pulled away from virgin as they were crap to go to BT, Whatever you do stay with the crap as BT are nothing but robbing sharks and complete assholes on the phone.
    3 weeks on the phone complaining and still ongoing saga with no return calls.
    Bob Levey, Bristol

  • Dear bt complaint.com
    I had BT installed in my new house in January 2010. I ordered it online after doing a speed check on my line and found out that my line could get 3.2Mbps. so i took out the BT Total Broadband Option 3 with promise of upto 20Mbps and free evening and weekend calls. what i actually received was about 2.5Mbps so i thought ok i can deal with that because I had to allow for upload speeds. that was for the first 14 days after that i started to get fluctuating speeds that ranged from 4Mbps to 0.2Mbps I rang BT and was told the line needed to settle, they also told me it might be due to the exchange getting upgraded so as a result I should get faster speeds within the next 10-14 days. I thought wow I might even get over the 5Mbps barrier.
    that wasnt the case my actual speed after 10-14 working days 0.8Mbps
    never anymore often alot less.
    over the next few weeks i started to get calls from my previous isp provider who's calls i kept missing and when i rang back i got an automated message saying dont worry we will call again. when i finally got the call they told me that BT hadn't took my phone line with them and would i still want them to provide it, I said that BT should provide it as i get free evening and weekend calls. i rang BT and was greeted by somebody who i couldn't understand and they couldn't understand me after being on the phone for 30minutes and not getting anywhere i asked to speak with somebody else. he said yes i'll put you through. I WAS CUT OFF.
    so i called again and was told that my £25.00 a month package did not include a phone line the calls are over broadband calls. which means i have to pay another £13.99 for the phone line i told them i cant afford that and the guy i spoke to said he would check my useage and see if i could go on a lower tarrif and not go over the max usage for that tarrif. he said he would call me back within 48 hours. I'm still waiting. After waiting for a week without internet i still hadnt heard anything so i called again, this time i was told that i couldnt change my tarrif because i was still in contract. My options were to pay £38.99 a month for 0.8Mbps or pay £25.00 a month for no sevice at all i decided to pay the £38.99 which wasnt really affordable for me. She told me that i would be connected within 48 hours. Ater a few minutes of silence she came back and said it would be 21 days before i would be reconnected because i waas with a different provider before. So i would be without internet for a total of 30 days. I would still have to pay the bill though. After a few days someone suggested to see how much it was for virgin as they had recently turn on the fibre optical system in leicester. So i decided theat itf i was going to pay £38.99 for bt at 0.8Mbps i may as well pay virgin £20.00 for 10Mbps actual speed is 9.2Mbps. i thought this was thew best option so i cancelled the phone line and decided to keep paying BT for broadband that i couldnt use. Making my bill £45.00 still cant afford it but at least i can stream videos and download music without leaving my computer on all night.
    Then i realised after a couple of weeks that bt had two direct debits setup in my account so i cancelled them both hoping BT would tell me i need to setup a new direct debit they didnt do this they just sent me a bill for £149 then two days later they sent me a bill for £201.81 this icludes the cost for the equipment that i can’t use.

    I have now had a letter saying that they will refer the bill to a debt collecting agent . ive tried calling to tell them i havent receiced a service and i’m not going to pay and i was cut off after arguing for 20 minutes. I am now going to go through the complaints procedure to get the account cancelled
    Fingers crossed

  • We also had problems when my 80 year old mother moved house at the end of March. BT created a problem resulting in a connection charge appearing on the next bill, which they subsequently agreed was not required, and we were told a revised bill would be sent. Three phone calls later and still no revised bill. In the meantime my disabled, visually impaired has had automated phone calls telling her she hasn't paid the bill. Finally, we were told to just pay the call charges element of the bill, which we did, and included a letter quoting the reference number we were given to authorise this action, and three days later my mother was unable to make outgoing calls!!! Another automated message gave her the opportunity to speak to someone at BT to whom she explained the situatuon and the only redeeming factor for BT is that the line was restored in a couple of hours.


  • If you are going to lodge complaints to bt, especially if they relate to alleged debts, do this

    1 write, don't phone.
    2 keep copies of ALL
    3 it is a good idea to keep all bills even long after you have paid them
    4 provided your evidence is good and clearly contradicts the assertions made by BT put them on notice that if, after a reasonable period, the issue at hand is not satisfactorily resolved YOU will be issuing proceedings against them.

    The complaints procedure has been designed to prevent or at least discourage you from issuing proceedings againts then because they do not want their practices scrutinized by a competent legal authority.

    one word of caution though, they have a very expensive legal team who will use every obstructive device to wear you down.so, make sure your evidence is SOLID. if you have to talk to representatives by phone get their name and log the date and time of each call.( calls are monitored and most likely recorded). keep all emails relating to your complaint, and put your documentation in date order, that will impress a court judge if you have to take the matter to court.

  • I can not tell you have crap BT Are!! – I am trying to run a business but I understand that it is not company policy to return customers calls!! – what a crock!!
    I also belive that they employ every village idoit in not only this Country but also in India!!

  • I live in a small town away from the bigger towns, i know that the broadband connection speeds in the smaller places are alot slower that the bigger towns, but when are BT going to actually do something about it. I was with Tiscali and had a much quicker connection speed. I should be getting about 8mb download speeds and if i get 2mb download speeds im lucky. WHAT ARE WE PAYING FOR????

  • Small business starting new shop. Minimum time to get a phone line 14 days!! Pathetically slow. Now Day 17 and BT Openreach have failed to install still. There is no choice of provider. BT monopoly lives on and is strangling new businesses. Nobody is interested enough to sort out the shambles that is BT Openreach.

  • BT never had any problems internet all good. BUT the recent TV advert is rather annoying mother and father seperated why? this should not be accepted as normal.what happended to love we should not accept this so easily responsable people do not have children and then split up, claiming everthing for free. Get a job buy a house and stop stealing my ****ing money.

  • After being with BT for 9 months, and after paying my latest bill (£14.52), I found my line had been disconnected. Then that week BT sent me a cheque for £125, then a late payment notice(for the £125) followed by a termination notice, all arriving in the space of a few days! I have called BT 4 times now, and despite their apologies, I am still awaiting a line (apparently they cannot give me my old number back as it has been reassigned!). I have no idea what is going on with BT!

  • Why cant I find a proper complain postal address to send a letter in so you have to reply with an answer?
    All you do here is post comments and dont even read them yourselfs.
    This is not a complaint proceedure I have ever come across before in my life!

  • it seems it is IMPOSSIBLE to cancel an order – even if I didn't make one – and was MIS-SOLD by sales team after BT made yet another MISTAKE and cancelled my account as they had LOST my direct debit. AND WHY IS IT IMPOSSIBLE TO SPEAK TO A HUMAN BEING – I WILL NOT BE PUT ON HOLD FOR 2 HOURS AT MY EXPENSE – I figure that cancelling direct debit is the only way to get these people to CALL ME BACK.

  • BT are a joke. 3 months with broadband that for 95% of that period has not worked, but which they will not compensate for until resolved, but which despite 3 engineers unable to sort out. Call centre in India that continually goes through the same process at each call. Lack of consideration for their customers – do they not realise their customers work and therefore to ask them to stay at home between 8 and 1 or 1 and 6 means taking holidays unless they come on a Saturday, or in my case this week, although they should have done so, ignored the instruction I gave which was I would not be in until after 2.00pm and they had phoned at 12.30!

    I have been a BT customer for 30 years, but no more I am taking my broadband and landlines to a company who hopefully cares.

  • I have discovered today that due to a slighly late payment my Call Divert (from my 0800 No) has been suspended (Line restricted) and may of been for several days?. The cost to my mobile services business each day is staggering as when I am out of the Office I am not receiving calls. The Bill payer is away for a week so I am stuck. Spoke to BT today, they are not interested. I currently spend a fortune with BT advertising my business each year and always pay my bills. Estimate this could of set me back £1000 or more, so far in lost business. I can't wait to find an alternative phone supplier BT are corparate idiots ..

  • I want to send a letter to BT and receive a written reply. It is difficult to find an address to write to. I have two letters from BT but neither letter quotes an address!

  • "I want to send a letter to BT and receive a written reply. It is difficult to find an address to write to. I have two letters from BT but neither letter quotes an address!"

    That was exactly my problem this morning. My complaint was first made in writing in February 2010 and so far I have received the odd call from people giving only their first name (should I ask for EIN numbers?), none of whom had actually read my letter. The last call, a couple of days ago, was from someone in the 'Broadband Digital Care team'. After almost 6 months of complaining I decided I wanted their response in writing, but there is no way of contacting them. I rang BT Broadband, ended up in India; was given two phone numbers. The first is no longer in use. The second is no longer a BT call centre. Complaints procedure? They don't have one… try and find details on the internet.

  • BT have to be the biggest disgrace of a company i have ever encountered in all my days in business. I ordered phone, fax & broadband for a new business on May 26th, the phone was done on the 8th June and i have been waiting for the rest ever since and they have cancelled the job once again yesterday giving me no explanation as to why only to tell me for the 3rd time in a month that it will be rescheduled on July 2nd. I cannot operate a business like this when i rely on fax & emailed orders from customers. If businesses in Ireland were to operate in this fashion i would be out of business long ago. What a disgrace! I am getting the run around every single day i call, and wait for a call back until 5pm and never get it. For the love of god join talk talk or any other provider. Biggest mistake ive ever made in business!!

  • I built a new house next to the house I lived in with my ex husband 2 years after we had moved out, during this time I rented 2 different properties and each time the tried to set the account up in my ex husbands name. When I arranged a totally new line in a totally new house his name appeared yet again. I thought I had sorted it as since then my name has been on the bill. Now my latest bill is in his name. He hs recently moved back to the area and when he tried to set up an acount they put it in my name. i have just spent 2 hours on the phone to people in India~who have been polite mostly but turns out I have nothing to do with this account even though I created it and pay for it, I can not even cancel it. My only option is to set up new account in my name but that is what i did in the first place, I can not even complain because the account is not in my name~~~~they will not give me a contact in this country ~~~I expect someone is earning a lot of money to cause such stress

  • I find,when online, that any further link I try (from any website)results in my computer freezing and I have to use the task manager to get out of this frozen position. This then takes me offline. Very frustrating and time-cosuming. I am seriously thinking of opting out of btinternet.com Incidently, how do you get through to anyone at btinternet.com to complain. None of their sites offer this facility

  • Deciding to move away from BT seems to present as many problems as staying with them. I decided to stop using their overpriced line rental and broadband due to frequent service disruptions. This involved a contract 'break' fee of £100. Considering the reason for this was dissatisfaction with the service, it's not exactly what you would expect in terms of compensation.

    I then used a separate provider's broadband on a BT line. Now I'm moving, I have decided not to use BT in any form at my new address. However in moving my separate broadband account to my new address, BT have again made this difficult and delayed the transfer for no good reason other than 'lead time'. I work from home and this means that I will now be without broadband for up to 2 weeks at my new home.

    When I rang to speak to BT Customer Services I was met with absolutely no consideration or empathy for my situation and told there was no-one I could discuss this with. I wonder how many other people who work from home will have had their working life and businesses affected in this way.

  • After trying to find someone useful to talk to at BT customer services I have actually concluded that I'm more likely to see pigs fly than have a problem resolved.

  • I have to say I am bitterly disappointed with BT. The saga goes something like this, I order a TV, Broadband and phone package to be delivered and enabled on 22 June 2010. I get no paperwork to confirm and so have someone take a day off work to await delivery and set up everything ready for broadband enablement. 16:00 still no sign of BT, so decide to call. It appears that BT have cancelled my order as they went to wrong address, they went to number 79 not 97. The fact they had my mobile number went over their heads, they did not call me and just cancelled the order. So, no alternative but to set up a new order with confirmation that the address is correct by SMS. Date set for 29th June.

    On 30th June still no broadband, so at 17:30 call customer service and advised order has been completed, but appears to be a problem at the wholesale end. Naturally anoid as this means they sold me a package that they could not support. As I do day trading in my spare time I emphasised the importance of the connection and was advised to cancel the order and get connectivity to the old exchange as the new one won't be ready until 20th July. You can imagine my disappointment with the rep who told me this. They cancel my order but can not place a new order as this has to be done from the UK during the normal working hours. They take my details and advise I will get a call from sales.

    Afternoon on the 1st and still no call. I decide to call them. I explain the problem and make it very clear I do not want connection to the new exchange, I want connection to the old exchange and will upgrade in the future. They take my order and advise the 8th July. I question why it will take so long if I have the equipment and it is just a connectivity issue. Apparently the system defaults the timeframe and they can't change it. Being such a large company they probably have never heard of resource management.

    6th July get a call from BT saying that due to technical difficulties they can't connect me until the 12th. I again question what the real issue is and they advise the new exchange is not complete. I go balistic as I had been given every indication that I was not going onto the new exchange. Total silence from the rep at the other end of the line and advised that BT do not go out of their way to give bad service.

    13th July, you can guess, no broadband. I phone customer service and am advised that there is a technical problem and I will have to speak to a different management team. They give me the number and I call them. They may as well have said tough luck son. I will get a call within 48hrs reagrding my problem. This for a failed service delivery. Absolutely amazing.

    14th July, you know what I am going to say now. Mr Warren Buckley kindly sends me a 'no-reply' email confirming the cancellation of my order as discussed in a telephone call. I think the people on the 12th floor heard me and I am on the ground floor. The telephone call never happended. I call customer service who advise me the engineers have had a look at the order and decided to close my order and generate a new order, wait for it, …. for the 21st July.

    Absolutely gob smacked. I moved to these jerks as the cable service from Virgin was dreadful.

    So we are at the point where I may, or may not, get service to the new exchange on the 21st, a point I and BT knew about at the end of June, yet they still deceived me.

    If I could get a guaranteed connection of phone, tv and broadband before 21st, I would cancel BT order.

  • I joined BT: not long ago and my first impersiion of them was possibly the worst!

    I had the most annoying month of my life with their awful service.
    They said one thing and did another thing. they did not do anything with my consent and I had to find out for my self by calling them. It was very maddening, I wasted a lot of my time! I had to call them everyday: LIIIIIITERALLLLLY, even when I had no phone line and I had to pay loads from my mobile just to ask what was up with it.
    I feel lyk suing them and beiing a BT customer is pretty wasteful of time, money, breath and effort!
    I lookz lyk we all hav nearly the same problem!!!!!!!!!

  • Where do I start!!!!! It started with overcharge problem, been charged twice as I phoned India to get my money back I've heard :"No Maam we can't do anyhing about it". After being hung up twice, eventually I was told that I will have refund within three working days and as an inconvinience 2 months free line rental. Stupid me I was happy, instead I was charged twice for line rental this month. It is ridiculous that BT doesn't have UK based customer service instead you have to battle through arrogant lack of customer service.

  • Please don't trust some of Bt staff becouse they are carrying 'master keys'. I was terrified of losing all my staff.

  • BT have given nothing but appalling service and condescending attitude. I decided in the end to take my business to a provider who was keen to give me a good quality service… so I went to Continental Telecom. London based, everytime I call customer service I get through to a British person. My bills have never been high compared to BT's ninja extras. I'd recommend to anyone looking for an alternative.

  • I have been very upset and my family have been on numerous occasions disturbed by BT work men parking there vans outside my house, they have installed a big green box right outside my front door, and i feel we have lost all our privacy, we recently had a hold up and with four guys rushing into our house and they hid behind this box…. also 2 days ago after midnight i have lights flashing right through my house fromBt guys doing some work, do you people every think about others… there is lots of other space outside and it was unthoughtful of how they planned to stick that box there,and nearly everyday something is going on…

  • I called BT a few weeks ago to set up a direct debit to pay my line rental. I made it clear that I just wanted to set up a direct debit and nothing else. Last week however I received a letter from Tesco my call provider to say they were sorry I had left them. I assumed BT must be behind it and I called them to ask why they had terminated my contract with tesco without my authorisation. During this call I discovered that my telephone number had been changed. I am so angry!! My internet has now stopped working because of the number change and I use this for work – meaning I now cannot work at home. This service from BT has cost me so much money and I have spent hours with Tesco and my ISP trying to undo all the hassle BT have caused. The only correspondence BT have sent me is a letter confirming the direct debit – nothing about a telephone number change or about them taking over my call charges. To top this off the staff on the phone can barely speak English and they make you wait ages in an automatic queuing system.

  • Very frustrated with BT Vision. Cuts out intermittently (eg. during world cup !). After waiting 25 minutes to talk to a useless call centre god knows where, finally spoke to a tech guy who sent through some new "plugs". Everything seemedm to work well, but now in the middle of a video on demand it has cut out again. Trying the old faithful switch off the on again seems to have completely killed it…

  • Just updating from my above post. I've finally managed to get my original number back from BT but last night I had an SMS from BT saying as of Jul 28 "my request to change my number" would be activated and apparently I'm moving to yet another number!!! This is just so farcical. My internet could take up to 10 days to get back on as it is.

  • i was told by bt sales that option one was what i needed for the usage in my household. i told them 4 people live in the house and 3 computers in heavy use as 3 teenagers like to watch tv online surf etc. i was told opt one was plenty i would never use it all. i signed up for option one. 4 days into my monthly usage i got an email saying i had used 7 GB of my 10 GB allowance and would need to go for unlimited option. i have complained constantly and tried to get bt to end the contract. i called to cancel within the 10 day cooling off period. i was told the 10 day cooling off period did not apply to my contract only to the free hub that had been sent out. i could send it back but still had to keep and pay for my contract.
    i never wanted to pay for option 3 with bt as it was more expensive then the isp i was already with. i said this to the sales person when i was shopping for a deal for isp. i am sure they told me option one was enough knowing it was not but also knowing once i had option one i could not get out of it. i am now in a position where i can keep option one and pay £1 for each GB i go over or move up to opt 3. also op 1 is free for 3 months op 3 is not. bt have told me i can now cancel the contract but i will have to pay for the usage over 10GB but they are not able to say how much over 10 GB i have gone. i have been lied to by bt to get me into a contract i can not get out of. had they said i could leave bt when i first asked within the 10 day period i would have been very little over my usage. now i think it will cost a fortune to pay for it. also now my phone line will have a fee to disconnect from. my previous isp had agreed to pay my disconnection fee of £80 but not now as i left them. they were to pay £80 if i stayed so that is costing as well. i think i have to stay with bt until my contract ends as i cant afford to leave. bt is a liar. the sales people are laughing at customers once they are signed up. if bt are reading this contact me i an looking for ofcom to complain to and i will publish this as much as possible to warn others. bt is a disgrace. getting people to sign up then laughing at them when their product is useless and the customers have to pay a lot more for the correct service.
    what was amusing bt staff so much when i complained? the member of staff gave his best information it is not an exact science guessing how much GB my family would use. my telling him there were 4 people and 3 computers added up to him believing 10 GB would be more then we could use. they found that hysterical but correct not his fault but his best informed guess. so that is bt training.

    i want to be contacted about this issue but i cant put my contact details out in public any ideas? copy sent to bt via their contact us form on their website which they never reply to.

  • BT line fault reported on 17/7. Lady in Call Centre in India said it would be dealt with on 19/7. Stayed in for engineer. Engineer only arrived on 21/7 and said he needed access. Main socket was available OUTSIDE premises! He wrote 'please make an appointment'. Later found an undated BT card saying 'cable and pole fault. I cannnot climb the pole and fault job is passed to 'asset assurance who will change pole and replace span'. On line appointments made for 8am – 1pm on 26, 27 & 28/7. No engineer ever appeared as we stayed in. The website says – 'unable to gain access to premises' – make new appointment. Unfortunately that is untrue as we were in all of those entire mornings! Latest call to 151 advises that fault is not near premises but in the BT network so no one needs to call or have access to premises. No pole or span yet renewed. There is actually a new pole already erected some years ago nearer which could be used! As a BT customer of 36 years and reading this website and my experiences of the Indian call centre are making me consider ceasing to be a BT customer – but I also read of the problems that can arise on changing. It appears the problems with the fault would be the same whoever was out telecoms provider. I post this as I await a call back from india within an hour with any explanation or undertakiong as regards a repair of the line fault.

  • Following a referral by my local job centre plus team, I contacted your BT Websites to enquire about setting up a website and domain. The initial telephone discussion resulted in me agreeing to talk to an expert to see if the BT Website would meet my needs. The next day I emailed BT Websites with a concern of how much capacity the website would hold (I had no reply).

    The next day BT webites called me and we had a short 2 minute call where I questioned if the site would meet my needs, we agreed I would send a powerpoint of my needs to see if it would be covered I the £149 offered, it did not.

    The next day I received a bill for £149!!

    I have spent in excess of 3 hrs trying to resolve this without any success. I am unemployed and being taken advantage of, I have bought NOTHING, received NOTHING and had NO service.

    I will also discuss the behavior of your company with the Job Centre Plus team to insure others are not abused as I have.

    I have since called them, written to them and approched Otelo (no reply). I find BT to have no integrity what so ever and will now be a life long BT protester…. perhaps a club can be organised?


    I am a new customer to BT had there Service installed April 2010.

    I went for the Broad Package: BT Talk and Surf Unlimited @ a cost of £27.99 per month
    I also went for the BT Vision Bronze Pack: @ a cost of £14.99 per month

    I was asked for an Installation date for there engineer to visit my property & install the line, he came and everything went smoothly, he explained give it a couple of hours and I would be surfing wireless from any room in the house, I thought fantastic!

    I was then asked for a day and a date for them to courier my BT Vision Bronze Package, I told them not to send this between certain dates as I would be on holiday for 2 weeks. As it happens on the Monday I went on holiday my BT Vision Bronze Package arrived at my door, I was on holiday so postman took it back to Post Office, they tried to deliver a second time but I was still on holiday 20/04/10 again it went back to post office because I never came to collect within the 14 days the Post Office keep undelivered items the package was returned to BT.

    When I came back from holiday I found the two 'Sorry, you were out cards' in my hallway from the Post Office, I was livid, I remembered telling BT not to deliver between these dates as I was on 2 weeks holiday and no one would be at home, I thought a simple phone call to BT would solve the matter and they would re-send my BT Vision Bronze Package, I got through to a Indian BT call centre, the chap was very helpful and understanding and I spent 30 mins explaining the above to him, he said he needed to speak to his Line Manager and would I mind if he put me on hold, I said no problem, 25 mins of being put on hold a girl came back to me who I assumed was the Line Manager but no it was another Customers Services Advisor, who said how may I help you sir, it seems because I was so long on hold I my call went back into the telephone system, anyway once again I found myself explaining the whole thing over again, she also said she would like to speak to her Supervisor and asked me for my telephone number should we get cut off, I was put on hold once again for a further 20 mins but this time she came back to me and said she was transferring my call to the UK as there was nothing she could do from her end. I was put back on hold, 10 mins went by and a woman answered who was English and who explained she was based in the UK and could help me with my issue. Once again I went through why I was calling in the first place, got that out of the way and she said, no problem Mr Armstrong I will send your BT Vision Bronze Pack out to you today by the Post Office, confirmed a time and day I could be there to receive my package from the Post Office. I thanked her for her help and that was that. That day came and went and nothing was received no package no nothing I went to the Post Office Depot just in case I missed the package but no nothing had been sent out. I have been paying for this Package since April and it's now July and I am still paying £14.99 direct debit but still I haven't received the package, I have made numerous calls to everyone in the BT Indian Call Centre but no one can seem to take onboard what it is I am looking for, I threatened to cancel my Direct Debit with BT but only to be told I am in a Contract with BT for the BT Vision Bronze Pack and this would be a breech of that contract that I have with BT, apparently I was told failure to pay for this sevice could result in BT taking court action against me but I have never received the BT Vision Bronze Pack it was returned back to BT because the Post Office couldn't deliver it to my address because I was on holiday for 2 weeks which I made BT aware of at the time I placed my Order with them and I asked them not to deliver the package between these dates as I would be on holiday and no one would be at my house. I guess I got no rights I must keeping paying for my BT Vision Bronze Pack I have never received and I have been waiting since April for delivery from BT.

  • Let me tell you my nightmare…

    £124.00 paid for 3 months of next to nothing on broadband… I've witheld my payment this quarter because I don't understand why I am paying for a service that is unusable.

    First of all there was the speed issues that a converged engineer fixed, By telling BT wholesale to stop playing with my IP profile. Speed and connection was great until about 5 weeks ago…Then it rained…Broadband dropped out…. I phoned them they sent out another converged engineer who couldn't find the fault because…..The weather had dried up, so he re-terminated a load of cables and left the fault open. I phone them today because once again my broadband failed they say the wont send an engineer out till Monday because there are no slots available. They also tell me that EMERGENCY SERVICES would have to wait till Monday!!!…. (Don't have a car crash or a heart attack on a weekend folks….cos if the broadband ain't working at your local hospital….You be screwed)

    I have been accused of shouting simply because I am glaswiegian

    The phone has been put down on me at least 8 times

    I've been called sir because I have a deep gravely voice caused by a thyroid problem.

    They told me 35 {yes I said 35) times that the fault was in the house… Im 140.3 metres from the exchange and they cant tell the difference because their testing equipment is way out of date.

    Opal telecoms know more about what is going on BT's network than BT do, They pinpointed the fault to the main line into the exchange, so far BT haven't even managed that far.

    So round four begins first thing monday morning.

  • When my contract was up for renewal I was quoted by phone a price of £12.99 for Broadband plus £9.54 for line rental including free evening and weekend calls. I was also given the overall total price of £22.53 as well as the breakdown above. I wrote down both figures, confirmed them twice with the advisor and agreed to both 12 month contracts. I was advised I would receive confirmation in writing.

    When this never arrived I called to query the contracts that were in place and was told I was paying £12.99 broadband plus £11.54 line rental (£12.79 minus a discount of £1.25), bringing the total to £24.53.

    When I argued this was not what I had agreed to I was told I had been quoted a net figure for line rental. So they would quote someone a net figure for line rental and a gross figure for broadband as part of the same lump sum? Hardly likely, and misleading to say the least. Furthermore, £9.54 plus VAT does not add up to £11.54.

    The first 'gesture of goodwill' they offered me was to reduce my monthly DD payment for a couple of months. Just the DD payment, not the charges. I pointed out this did not benefit me in any way.

    Then they offered a reduction of £2 per month for the last 2 months, but not for the remainder of the contract.

    I said I wanted the contract I had agreed to (which I would never have agreed to if I had known its true cost as I was considering switching to Virgin). I was advised they were sorry for the mistake but could not reduce the payments.

    I asked them to pull the recording of the call and listen to it. Again I was told that even if the price was wrong, they couldn't change it now!

    When I asked about the complaints procedure I was advised that if I sent an email the response would be the same, so I asked for a supervisor and was put on hold for some time, only for them to say the supervisor was busy and would call me back. No-one called me back so I will be speaking to them again tomorrow and if necessary referring this to OFCOM and Trading Standards.

  • I am furious with BT.

    I have a BT Vision package and apparently, according to the customer services in India, this guarantees minimum broadband speeds per area. As it happens, my area's speed is supposed never to drop below 1.3 MB/sec – my broadband (as confirmed by BT themselves) is currently running at 250 KB/sec. This has been going on since I moved in over a year ago. Initially I had no idea about the contractual guarantees by BT (i.e. that my broadband should never be below 1.3 MB given my postcode). However, in April this year BT finally sent round an engineer to check all my sockets etc and confirmed that the issue was not inside the house but rather an external fault on their lines. We called BT together who told me that my 250 KB/sec was impossible given the minimum guarantees for my area. Since their engineer was with me at the tim, he spoke to them directly and they realised that indeed I was running well below my contractual minimum. Consequently, they assured me that they would have the Exchange (I think this is what they called it) check the lines in my area and report back. They also assured me that they would get back in touch to let me know once it had all been sorted. I never heard back. I chased again and again and was assured that someone would be sent out to check the lines outside the house. At the end of June I was even given a date (9th July) for the line to be fixed. They also said they'd let me know once it had been fixed. Obviously, since it is BT, they didn't call and so, on the 11th I chased to find out what had happened. Again no news. Finally last week (30th July) I spoke to a charming but useless gentleman (in India of course) who explained that they are completely powerless as they have to follow procedures and that it seems that for some unfathomable reason my case kept being closed so that each time I called it was being logged as a 'new' incident EVEN though they had clear records (as this gentleman assured me since he could see logs dating back to April!) to show otherwise. Given that the procedure had to be started all over again, this meant sending out yet another engineer to our home, which unfortunately he could not book in as their system was down. Their system is STILL down apparently 4 days later and the lady I have just spoken to said their system has been down for an entire week so that they can't book any appointments. I asked to be put through to their Customer Options Team as I was so furious about the terrible service that I want a refund for all my line rental charges since April. I was put through, this time to a woman in the UK who was rude and literally hung up mid call. Quite astounding really.

    We have been SO appalled at BT's customer service as well as their provision of broadband in our area that we will definitely be leaving BT as soon as I have sorted out an alternative.

    Not sure whether or not this is of any help to you but if you can get Ofcom to investigate them I wish you all the best. It is theft to charge for a service that is not provided and for which no attempts are made to try to provide it. BT is absolutely rubbish.

  • I am so glad I came across this site because I was toying with the idea of returning to BT having transferred my calls to Onetel some years ago. I did this as part of promotion on behalf of Onetel – swap your calls to them and get a set of digital cordless phones free. All was great for a while and then the call prices started rising. As I still have my landline with BT I thought why not swap back again.

    Having read some of the complaints and after wasting my time phoning customer service this morning to complain about a BT phone the Verve 450 twin that I purchased it appears that the BT customer service is just as bad as it always was, unhelpful and uninterested unless you want to buy something and then they are all over you like a rash.

    Not for me thanks….I'll shop around.

    Seriously lacking in the care department.

  • bt opened a new account for me that i didnt ask for but they kept my old account opened with £136 and refuse to transfer it to the new account. They have disconnected me twice saying that i owe then £58.02 when in actual fact they owe me money. I have phoned them at least 20 times, e-mailed them with complaints and written letters and the problem still isnt resolved.

  • bt vison service and call center staff just a joke i went back to sky learned my les also cancelled vison other services not far behind

  • Over the years I have had many problems with the service provided from BT, too many to mention. I dread phoning them to ask for a simple job to be done, as it always ends in frustration, stress and higher mobile phone bills trying to sort the problem out with BT.
    My latest nightmare was trying to reduce the number of lines that I had. I run my business from home, and no longer needed all the lines. A fairly simple task you would think. Just cancel the lines that I no longer need, and keep my main number. I had put off doing this for sometime, as I couldn't face the problems that it would inevitably cause.
    I wasn't let down!
    BT disconnect all lines, even my main number. I was told that it would be reconnected in 5 days. After, understandably, throwing my toys out of the pram, I was told it could be connected in 24 hours with a charge of £84. Tactfully I suggested that it was a little unfair to have to pay for my line to be reconnected when BT had disconnected it it error.
    I was then told it would be reconnected within the hour. . . 3 hours later I called to find out what was happening. I was then told the line would be back up and running within one to one and a half hours.
    16 hours later I called once again to be told that the fault was outside of the property, and would be visited by an engineer by the end of the next day.
    I currently have no phone line, have made countless calls on my mobile to BT – all to no avail.
    I have sent an email to the Chief Executive of BT, describing the event, and suprisingly received a reply stating that a senior member of the team would look into the problem. To date I have heard nothing from them. Too be honest, I do not really expect to.
    I expect my line will be reconnected within the next 5 days, and I will then receive a bill for all three lines that I no longer have, along with a connection charge to connect the line that BT disconnected in error. At which point I will have to phone BT to try to arrange a credit etc etc, and the whole thing will start again . . .
    I could tell you how I really feel about BT as a company and how they treat their customers, but do not want to offend any readers with bad language. But I guess you know how I feel!


    I kept a record of the amount of times my BT broadband failed, it was a complete joke.

    I was told upon installation, that the telephony cabling on my street was a little old and 2mb would really be my maximum. It worked satisfactory for a couple of days then around 7pm the router started flashing 'Amber' and the connection was lost.

    The connection would resume around 2am. I assume this was because the evenings were peak usage and i was being 'bumped' off the system.

    Their engineer came out and declared it was 'The ionosphere' that was causing it to fail LOL !

    That airbourne signals and radio waves were tripping it out and the remedy would be "Downgrade it 1mb".

    I said how's about you connect in a new pair from the BT multicore that terminates from the street box, to the junction box at the top of the telephone column outside my house ?

    "Errr i dont have access equipment." and i said are you joking ?

    I informed him i was an electrical engineer by trade and his diagnosis was bullpoo. He said "he would return later, but wouldnt knock" to "fix the street box".

    It was a pack of lies. The problem persisted for another week until it was cured. When i ran a speed test, they had simply dropped me down to 1mb and the engineer didnt do a damn thing in reality.

    Cue numerous other faults and intermittent service – resulting in many long mind numbing conversations to f****** stupid Indian call centres with their "Unplug de router sir" response to every problem.

    In the end I got through to a British department, and they refunded my previous six months of debits as she agreed it had been ridiculous and she wouldnt have put up with it.

    I literally had about 5 post-it notes, full of fault codes from the call centre.

    After about 9 months of the same bull poo, I switched to Virgin and their fibre optic service.

    I get 20mb per month and only had one problem. It packed up at 5pm and was back on at 8.30pm and the service centre told me an engineer was due there about 8pm when i called them up at about half hour after it failed.

    Virgin are daft at times, but good grief – i honestly DO NOT KNOW why anyone would stand for the absolutely appalling BT services not to mention how expensive they are !!

    They are fine for telephones, but not got a clue for domestic broadband.

  • My Broadband stopped working, ie unable to access any web page or emails. Contacted BT, and yes it was India. Took me through a flowchart, then told me it was my PC that was faulty. I am now fed up with them saying"sorry to keep you waiting".
    Rang again later, this time I got through to 151 fault reporting, a girl in the UK. She didn't know either, then she tells me it is a network fault in my area and will be cleared in 4 hours. It basically was a lie to get rid of me. She even suggested I needed a new Hub at my expense.
    Tried again later( India), she tried again to go through those ridiculous flowcharts, but I stopped her. She agreed the previous person in India got it wrong, and that it was a fault with BT.
    Next day it was working, but no-one has told me what the fault was.
    I used to be a BT exchange engineer, and I know how it used to be done. BT now treat maintenance as a dirty word and along with faults it costs them money, so do it as cheaply as possible. There are very few experienced exchange engineers left. Have retired/taken redundancy, and BT are not replacing them.

  • I havbe just discoverd that I have a recurrent contract with BT. I am a pensionser and have been with BT for 29 years. I have looked at the terms and see that they are supposed to have written to me in mrach to tell me this (thee year was up in March). I have not received a letter andd theyy want a fee for cancelling the contract. They can go to hell, I will cancel the standing order, send a letter to their head office and only pay for charges up to that point. I suspect they will then refer the matter to a debt collection agency and cut off the connection. They will then get at me twice. their attitude is dishonest and morally repugnant. Look how clever BT. They deserve to go out of business.

  • BT cut off landline/broadband access a day after they recieved late payment of bill. No warning given. New order put on for 'new' line but would take 5 working days. After repeated pleas to get line re instated, as it is a church office line used by the community, we were given a new number. Useless, as no one knows the number to ring it, and the broadband doesn't work on it. Promises of call backs to update us on the current situation, did not happen. Reply to email (4 days later) were useless Indian chatter, as they were totally unaware of the current situation that had moved the situation on since email sent. Person in Blackburn complaint office gave number to call if needed…this is an ORANGE ansaphone and currently it is 'full'!!!!! 01254 694351
    As with all other people on here, we agree, BT is useless and we will be moving.

  • Can someone please inform BT that I dont have BT vision!! I have been trying since feb to explain this and every month I keep getting billed for vision and films ive never watched. I have now drawn a line in the sand and I am refusing to pay the latest bill, I have been cut off every single time that ive tried explaining their error resulting in financial loss to myself. Where do we go for compensation? They are simply unfit for purpose. Talk Talk have just gained another account

  • Hi

    This is the email I have sent to BT to which I have had no reply. I am not going to chase them when I have contacted them on several occasions. My request to leave them still hasn't been sorted but I've made it clear to BT I am leaving and the date on which I want to cancel.


    I originally called on the 14th August to cancel my broadband and line rental. I requested my broadband to be cut off on the 7th September which was the contract end date as well as my line rental.

    However, on the 16th August I was then cut off early by BT which prompted me to make another phone call to BT to get re-activated and to complain about the guy who didnt listen to my request. After placing a new order (which I wasn't happy about) I was then put through to this guys manager and I was on hold for at least 10 mins before being cut off.

    I then called Saturday 21st August, only to get through to a customer adviser and once saying 'I wish to cancel' I was cut off. I then tried calling back and was put on hold for 35 mins when I finally gave up.

    So i attempted a call again on the 22nd August only to get through to someone and be told that my request can not be done on a non-working day and also be advised that there was £49.99 cancellation fee on my line rental.

    I then attempted another call today to be told this fee was infact £74 and as I was disputing this I was put through to customer services to once again be cut off.

    I think its disgusting how BT are making it so difficult for me to leave when it should be a simple process. This has indeed rest assured me that I will never go with BT again.

    Therefore from the 27th August 2010 I would like my broaband and line rental cut off.

    I am being told that my line rental is what the £74 charge is for which I am disputing and I am not willing to pay. Since having my BT line put in, I have not been able to call out but I have been able to receive calls. I have made several complaints about this but not once did BT solve this. Therefore I am not paying this charge when BT did not provide the original service I was on!!!

    If this does not get resolved I will be report this to trading standards as this is completely unacceptable in the time it is taken to get sorted.

    Yours Sincerely

    Charlene Busby

  • On Friday 20 August a company working for BT dug a hole in the our road (Brincliffe Close, Chesterfield) and cut through the cable. Why they were digging a hole on a Friday afternoon is beyond me.

    Some of the houses on the road were reconnected on the following Monday, and the hole was filled in. Since then most people have had intermittent service, some hardly any service at all. Even those who have a service are losing incoming calls or have no broadband.

    The last few times that we rang BT they said that someone would be dealing with it on 8 September.

    Today BT turned up, dug out the hole again, reconnected one house and filled it in again. The man doing the work knew nothing about the problems on the rest of the road and didn't seem to care either.

    Someone else turned up and checked the INTERNAL wiring of one house, again he knew nothing of any other problems.

  • I have tried several of times to solve a slow and no connection with BT. They keep you on the phone for hours and then solve the problem TEMPORARILY. A few hours later the problem is still there. I have been promised a new HUb but nothing has arrived. The service from BT is worse than I have ever experienced from anywhere else. If you are considering joining BT then I HIGHLY recommend that you don't. You can get a better service for free from other providers instead of paying lots for really bad service.

  • This may not sound like a big deal but…my father died in May 2010 and we informed all the utilities and so like you do.
    Since then, BT have sent countless mailshots addressed to my father and also phoned up on a number of occasions asking to talk to him. My mum lives on her own and, naturally, is a grieving widow and every time she gets one of these mailings or calls, she gets very upset and deeply frustrated that despite phoning them and e-mailing them all we get is a series of nice sounding ladies telling us how deeply sorry they are but then a few days later, here's another mailing plopping onto the doormat. I have tried writing too – waste of time! Where's Esther Rantzen when you need her!

  • my phone started with a fault on 11th sept rang bt same day i requested call back 3hrs later no call i rang back again yet to be put on hold for 25mins,when someone finally answered he didnt speak good english.he just said give me your email and we will send you a tracking of the fault,i tried to ask some questions and the ignorant person put the phone down on me. i was so appauld by the service. i went into my emails and found that the fault was at the bt exchange,and it wont be fixed until 16th sept.i have a mother thats just come out of hospital and need a phone line. i then discovered that i could have my line transferd to my mobile free of charge, but the point is that the customer service is so poor that im thinking of going to switch to another provider,but then i suppose i will be charged for that.

  • I have just been cut off mid-call by the supervisor I was speaking to at BT faults.(Sunday Sep 12th, 6.40 pm ish). I felt I must report this to you as this is not the first time it has happened to me and I have heard from other people that they have also been cut off when trying to complain about the service. I was not at all abusive and I did not raise my voice, but I was persistent in asking for a solution, having been told that my "equipment must be at fault, not the BT service".(Strange,then that it still persists after two changes of phone…..) It is disgraceful that anyone in Customer Services would cut off a customer to get rid of them when clearly that customer does not feel the problem has been resolved or the conversation concluded. This is abuse of the knowledge that the customer will not be able to redial and get through to the same person, or even the same department …or the same country for that matter. I have also had the maddening experience of wading through a whole menu of options and waiting a very long time to get through to a department, only to be immediately cut off when the call is finally answered. Shameful – particularly for a company specialising in communications!

  • In my current broadband package (with BT), I have a monthly limit of 10 GB usage allowance. When a threshold of 7 GB is reached, BT sends an automatic e-mail but no further warning afterwards (until the limit is reached if that happens). When ringing BT, one is told that they "CANNOT" provide any information about individual usage. Given that the customer is then charged if going over the limit, should BT not be obliged to provide such information about usage? BT’s response is that it is possible to download usage monitoring software from the Internet. This is not always practical (e.g. multiple computers) or even possible (occasional use of company computer on which installing software is not allowed).

  • I have had a BT telephone service for 2 years. In that time I have paid about £300 in bills due to their abysmal and appaling service, for which they, rightfully, keep giving me credits to my bill.

    They have disconnected my line on 4 occasions for NO REASON … on one occassion they set me up with a brand new number on a temporary basis, then billed me for 3 months advance line rental. I called them and explained and was assured everything would be sorted out. Utter pish. They referred my account to a debt collector and then closed down my account altogether. By luck I had a managers number in their Aberdeen office and continued calling him (hello Dave) and to be fair the guy was pulling his hair out in despair at what was happening to my account. Its not been disconnected for a while now but I keep receiving unwanted, unsolicted sales calls from both BT and other companies. I asked BT to set me up on the telephone prefernece service, which they still insist to this day that they have done. Only today I had to phone the TPS and was informed that i wasn't on the service at all. LIES LIES LIES.

    Then there's the Indian call centre. What a disgrace this service is. If they cannot be bothered to listen to your frustrations they just disconnect your call without warning.

    Blah blah blah … it's still going on. All because I refuse to switch my call package from Sky Talk to BT. I will now be switching my line rental to Sky.

    BT can bite my banger. Shower of bastards!

  • I have just transfered my phone and broadband services to sky. During the 10 days waiting for my broadband service to be transferred over my broadband connection speed drooped to nigh on non-existant. I can only assume that this was because they (BT) were unhappy that I was leaving their over priced service. Since the transfer date of 16th September 2010, our broadband speeds have improved, however, we now have a reduced telephone service. We can make outgoing calls fine, but wondered why nobody was returning our calls until 2 evenings ago my brother-in-law called and then hung up very quickly – the phone had rung less than once. However, we picked the phone up and to our amazement he was connected. He mentioned that the phone had stopped ringing almost immediately – it had made one very short ring. We thought nothing more of it, but today I tried calling our landline with my mobile just to check the phone. Sometimes it connected with one very short ring, and other times it didn't ring at all. I took the phone to a neighbours house to check that it was working correctly, and of course it was. No big surprise there. So what am I to think? Are BT holding us hostage? More disappointing is the fact that I am a BT shareholder and that they can stoop to such low levels to disrupt their own service. We are now waiting for BT to send an engineer tomorrow afternoon and they will of course be charging our new supplier for this service. It seems to me that BT can't be competitive on price so they find other interesting ways to create profits. Most unethical.

  • BT customer service, operations, systems are really awful. I have a business that signed up with them for Broadband and Phone package. After receiving the bill we noticed there were several items being billed that we had not requested. Rang customer services (CS), they said it was part of the ordering and put me through to Sales, who then said the order was complete and put me back through to CS, rinse and repeat. I did manage to get through to accounts who credited out the services but said that until the order was ammended i would have to call back every month to get a credit! So now i'm grumpy and called BT Complaints, who never bothers to call back or email back. One complaints member even closed the file as the issue was "resolved". No it wasn't, nothing had been done, so i talked to Complaints more, who then said that the Complaints department cannot investigate a Complaint until the issue was resolved!

    This service was signed up for in November 2009. It is now September 2010 and i'm here writing about this 10 months on with the billing still incorrect. It has now been transferred to a "One Bill" account which should correct everything. We have still not received this bill….

    And then, i took over another seperate and completely different business and ordered "Broadband & Phone" to take over from the previous owners. And again the troubles have already started. Phones being billed to us on our new account, broadband being billed to the previous owner, account names and logins for us the new owners actually log into the old owners account.

    I can honestly say that i have never experienced such utterly bad customer service. You couldn't design a system so it could be so bad. I always thought that Virgin Media customer service was bad, but BT is probably 10 times worse. It actually causes you distress and pain.

    I am now going to give up trying to correct my bills and just pay the incorrect ones.

  • someone reversed into pole and pulled my wires down rang bt still waiting for them to come and take down there hanging into road its been three days now not waisting my cred again if someone falls over them its there fault how long does it take them ?

  • I moved to BT on the 16th August, for what I have been promised to be 'a much faster service' (I have always received over 3Mbps with my previous provider, but unhappy with their contract and after sales service (Eclipse). However, like the comments above receive only a maximum of 720 kbps, and with numerous complaints and calls to the BT technical department in India, and so many excuses – just repeating the above complaints – I am no further, the speed dropping rather than increasing.
    Do I refuse to pay? or will BT cut the telephone connection off as well.
    Absolute theft, fraud and Blackmail in my view. I would like compensation for the hours of time spent on the telephone, plus compensation for the stress caused.
    Please – Watchdog, Ofcam – investigate this monopoly and terrible 'con'

  • I ordered a home move on the 8 aug 2010 for the following week
    Today after spending more than 9 hours over the last month getting the process expedited ( a bt term ) Left with no connection at all on the new property for nearly 3 weeks
    I now have a new broadband account not the one I had but a new customer account with different logins e-mails etc.
    A new customer account I think. Not the original one
    I have 6 phone numbers appearing on my account when I only have one
    I still dont know what on earth is happening, You call customer services they dont call back they dont tell you what they are doing.
    cant explain why its all gone wrong.
    But I do now have a phone and broadband, but still not caller identification service or I guess any of the other services I had at the previous address.
    bt sent me a promised credit note that is in fact a bill.
    I cant e-mail then because you need an account number and my bt account number on their bill is not recognised.
    If you call them you just get nowhere so what do you do I am so tired of calling them and getting promises

    bt. What is your definition of a promise?
    How are you going to compensate me for lost service? (I work from home)
    How are you going to compensate me for 9 hours on the phone 7 of which were from my mobile at the end of the garden because I have a weak mobile signal here?

  • best
    i ordered a phone line in july 2010, given a date for 20/8/2010. so far line not installed, it rings but no cables to the property. This is then logged as a fault, engineer tests line, it rings,fault cleared. I cannot get anybody to understand that their is no cables to property. I have written to the ceo of bt. no response from him. Perhaps he needs a kick up the backside, he obviously is not doing his job and sorting out all bts problems, but why should he when he is still getting his bonus and extra shares.

    The relationship between BT and Openreach(BT) is non existent. I am told by Customer services that they cannot talk to the Openreach depot/office dealing with the installation of this line.
    what a way to run a business. If this is the basis of a client and contractor relationship what can you expect.
    I am now being told that the line cannot be installed because they need traffic lights to control movement on the roadway but that the roadway is to narrow for them to be installed, albeit that articulated lories, coaches and tractor trailers use this road.

  • I am so frustrated with BT as they are the most incompetant company I have ever come across. I always pay my bill on the 28th of each month. I used to have a direct debit set up with them but I had to cancel this as they seemed to think that they could take money early or take money twice in one month. I have now been paying my bill via telephone every month and always up to date with my payments. I go to use my home hub phone and I have been cut off. I then receive a call from an employee of BT saying that I have not paid my bill for august which I know I paid for on the 6th september 2010 which I also notified them that I was going to be paying a little later than usual and they had no problems with that. Obviously I'm not supposed to pay my bill till the 28th september 2010 however I was cut off yesterday the 23rd september!?! I had to argue with the employee at first as she did not seem to understand or grasp what I was trying to tell her. I explained to her that I had paid my august bill and that I would pay for september in full on the usual date the 28th. She said that my line would be switched back on and that I would receive my bill in the post. What happens when I go to use my phone this morning…still cut off! I then try to ring BT to talk to an advisor. The automated service basically tells me that none of their advisors can rectify this problem unless I pay my bill! So not only am I not getting my moneys worth I can't even complain to a member of staff by phone which is so frustrating! I feel angry also that I pay for a service with a home hub that when I do try and make a call it runs out of battery within a couple of minutes even though it's been on charge the whole time! I will have no qualms in leaving BT after this incident as they treat their customers disgracefully without a grain of respect. I really hope they go bankrupt.

  • Have been battling with BT all week to get dad's number back on after they disconnected the line last Tues. This was a mistake as we had requested 25th Oct…

    So, after many hours on the phone, with lots of begging and pleading I managed to get the line reconnected Wed, but they could only give him a temporary number, 513542 (area code 01793). Since Tues they have been promising that they would get the original number back on. First I was told it would be Wed (24 hours). Then the next day when I found out the original people had done nothing and he was still without any line I managed to speak to a man from Newcastle who after much pleading and begging to got advise from his manager who said there was an emergency service to reconnect the line, only with temporary number though. His original nuber I was told it would take 3 days ecause they had to order it. Yesterday I was told (I'd given up to be honest by then cos that was about the fifth call and by then I'd been on to BT in India for over 3 hours. Today anyway the man in India PROMISED catagorically that by 6.30pm dad would have his old number back quoting ref number I-L7L954J39491500845 the same number that a Kumar Hiremath said had been guarenteed to work the previous day. But hey guess what I was just sat here when a woman from BT in the UK (with scottish accent) rang to say she had replied to my email (of 2 days ago as I had also tried that route) and had ordered that dad get his old number back, and it would be 6th Oct!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? It was 5.30pm and she had to finish work so there was nothing she could do, and the manager was gone so nothing could be done til after the weekend… I am totally and utterly amazed. To have been lied quite blatantly to by several service operators who each time have said oh we're so sorry to hear that, we will fix the problem and then have done absolutely nothing. Apparently according to the lady I spoke to today (Selena) the order number given by Kumar and the other man earlier today was for the other number the temporary one. I was also told my dad could receive £10 credit for the inconvenience, their definately having a laugh at our expense. I wonder if they have tried to move home after living one place for over 40 years and face having their lifeline cut?

  • We joined B.T in september and I wish we had not. The customer service is appalling. We have had the phone put down on us on many occasions and been promised an engineer call out twice. After waiting for them all day(taking the day off work)we rang them only to be told they had no record of the call out. We were promised internet reception 100METRES
    from the hub. We can only get 3METRES reception from the hub quiet a differance.We have been told by Consumer Direct that they are in breach of contract by not providing the service that they promised.But B.T told us we are in a 18month contract and we can not get out without paying them. I wish we had read the many forums complaining about bt before we joined them and we never would have joined them. On speaking to people since we joined they all say OH NO NOT BT ,WE HAD SO MANY PROBLEMS WITH THEM.

  • I decided to change my provider in December 2009 and go back to Virgin for their TV, phone and internet package as it worked out cheaper than getting TV and internet from them and my phone from BT. I duly contacted BT, I check my Direct Debits online 10/10/10 only to find that they are still taking the monthly line rental from my account. Feeling slightly annoyed I phoned them (they now claim to have no record of the contact in December 2009) and once again cancelled my account. Considering they have "no record" of my earlier contact I must admit to being rather surprised at receinving a letter from them months ago asking me to come back.

    When I asked about when the money they had taken would be refunded I was met with the comment "as far as we are concerned there is no refund due you've had an active line" Why on earth would I want 2 land lines to a single phone and rather unsurprisingly there is no direct contact for complaints. The usual big company attitude and the person I spoke to had the cheek to ask if they could contact me with special offers.

    Never again will I use any BT service.

  • BT accepted me as a new customer for broadband in January. They had left someone else's private details on the account on-line for me to view. Assured would be rectified. Ordered a dongle last week. Got posted to this other person whose details I had been assured had been removed. The Technical services dept says to contact BT. Who was I speaking to then? I am two whiskers away fron writing to this other person and telling them that BT has kindly provided me with their personal details.

  • BT use a tech service(call centre)in India – nice people but really awful to try and understand them when they try to talk you through a process. Yesterday i spent 3 hours trying to fix a broadband problem(BT problem)and it took 3 differnt techs in India without any change, eventually i demanded to speak to someone in the uk and after much persuading i spoke to a tech man called Andy i think in Scotland. The problem was solved in 2 min. The whole experience made me so frustrated i could have cried.

  • My telephone line is very bad due to constant crackling. When I reported the fault the call went to India and the line was perfectly clear and I was told there was no problem. I want to speak to an engineer in this country so that they can hear the noise on the line. I have fund the BT staff incredibly rude and unhelpful.

  • I ordered phone line and broadband on 5/10/10. I was informed that previous owners of house had not cancelled their bt contact and their line was still active. i was told bt would contact them to inform them i would be taking over the line and my activation date for broadband and phone line would be 13/10/10. everything appeared normal. letter sent dated 6/10/10 confirmed activation date and order details. checked that direct debit was set up- no problem. equipment arrived day before activation- no problem. i was able to access my account online and also tracked order which indicated no problem. Received text on day of activation confirming broadband would be active that day so i set everything up and all seemed fine. however then discovered phone number was not same as stated in letter. checked online and order still saying 'in progress'. i phoned bt to check all was ok and discovered, after speaking to no less that 5 different advisors that there had been a 'fault' of unknown reason with the order and the phone line had not been transferred in my name. THEREFORE i was using the previous owners landline. i was then informed that i would have to put the reorder the whole package again- which was no longer available! i have ordered again and am now supposed to wait until 26/10/10 to have it activated with no reassurance that the same thing wont happen again. No one could tell me why this happened, no one seemed able to sort it out. No contact was made to me by bt to inform me there was a problem- I phoned them otherwise could have been using someone elses account for goodness knows how long!. there was absolutly no indication online, by email or text of any problem. what kind of service is this?

  • I've had problem after problem with this company. The latest is being hounded by a debt collection agency for a bill I paid 6 weeks ago. They are making me ill with stress – can't wait to leave them.

  • I called BT yesterday to advise them that I no longer had a landline phone and yet I was still paying for certain packages i.e friends and family, unlimited weekend calls, the young lady was very helpful but did her very best tostring out the call and put me on hold at least six times, this call which I made from my mobile took 30 minutes…….at my expense!!!

  • I have just started a new business, and we requested 2 lines to be installed. Ever since then it has been a mess. They sent out one person to install one line only! When I asked him about the 2nd line he said that was not on his job number and he could therefore install only one line!!! The next day someone else turns up to install the 2nd line, but it is the wrong number! Then another person turns up a few days later to install a 3rd line, which we never requested! He was told not to install another line, but then we find on one of our bills (we have received 5 in a matter of 2 weeks!) there is a 3rd phone number, and an engineer confirmed that a 3rd phone line is active, possibly left over from a previous business on the site.

    In that time I have tried to make complaints, via telephone on several occasions (on one occasion I was put on hold for over an hour before I gave up and put the phone down). Also I have complained via the BT website, where you can chat live with one of their assistants, and also I have emailed a complaint. None of these routes have got me anywhere. I still do not know if we have 2 or 3 lines active, and I cannot get to the bottom of why we have been sent so many bills in such a short time.

    Needless to say, the BT customer service is by far the worst I have ever encountered, but we are stuck with an incompetent organisation!!!

  • I am moving and want my phone , sky and broadband installed the following day at my new house.
    Apparentlu outreach can't do it till you move in and then it takes 14 days! How pathetic is that. I spent about an hour onto Sky spoke to a manager who would not give me his manager or the number of Outreach so I could call them to complain. Apparently when the position is explained people accept this woeful situation. I don't………I'm going to see how soon Virgin can set up a system at my new address it is 2 weeks before I move so if they come up with good within a month I am off mate.
    No wonder England is now a third world country people are not doing the jobs properly and stupid peoply are letting it happen. Totally pathetic and indicative off all things British. A letter was sent to me from Northumberland on saturday morning 1st class 2 bits of paper in an A4 envelope. Today (Thursday) I had to pay £1.10p to receive this letter! 10p charge £1 handling. Sack them all and get new staff. Totally pathetic and another reason this country is crap at everything because we do not care.

  • For the past 29 days I have, almost daily, been in contact with BT's Indian call centre and lost most of what little hair I had left.

    I would have liked to list the hours spent on the phone but BT apparently does not record the 0800800150 calls so looking at my call log was a further waste of my time. So far there has been 4 appointments for a BT broadband engineer to visit. For the first 3 there was a “no show” and on the fourth a telephone engineer turned up who knew nothing about the broadband. For the first 3, apparently, the engineer was working on the exchange where there were problems. I did state quite clearly to the call centre on Friday last, repeated on Sunday, that I would not book a 4th visit until they could confirm that the work on the exchange had been completed. However, an [unscheduled] engineer apparently turned up while I was out on Monday. Tuesday was the 4th scheduled visit.

    I moved to BT on 31st Aug after a firm commitment from BT that I could obtain broadband speeds of between 1 – 1.5Mb. As at 28 Sep morning and a number of days previously the speed has been 131Kbs. During the period since switching to BT the line speed did achieve just over 700K for a couple of days but went rapidly downhill from there.

    I have asked BT's Indian call centre [who seem to have real difficulty in grasping the issues] to get someone more senior and with more authority to call me but the usual answer is that I am speaking with the complaints manager [seems everyone there is a manger]. I finally got through to them that I wanted someone above their rank and I was promised that a “senior person” would call be back after 2pm. At 4:30pm I phoned the call centre to ask where this senior person was and why no call had been made. It seems that the call has been scheduled for between 5 – 6pm. So, another half day sat around for a BT action that never happened.

    Why is BT [I thought the B stood for British] using Indian call centres where they have few [if any] that can really understand the issues? Why is there no clear escalation procedures? Why after 4 abortive engineer visits do I have settle for a fifth “between 8 and 1 or 1 to 6pm” slot rather than a specific time.

    I am a contract accountant with a £25 per hour rate. Have you any idea how many £Ks worth of time I have wasted because of BT?.

    Needless to say – the "more senior person" did not call.

  • Have just submitted the following email to BT this evening. Wonder if I'll ever get a written response as requested?


    Here we go again. – Wednesday, 19.15, 01st September 2010 and my broadband has disconnected.

    As you will see from a previous communication below this is not the first time I have been affected by this problem. It had been happening on a weekly basis since mid – March 2010 & whilst I have not been afforded the courtesy of a response, despite numerous requests both by phone and email, the problem has not occurred since my last communication with you in June – until tonight.

    I once again refuse to spend valuable time speaking to someone in India who clearly has no concept of the issue at hand, nor do I intend spending the rest of the evening re-arranging my home to disconnect/re-connect all cabling when this IS NOT a problem with any of my computers, cabling, or any other hardware in my domain.

    Having mentioned my frustrations to a colleague back in June, I was delighted to find he had previously been employed by BT and was able to offer a diagnosis based on my explanation of the fault which apparently is a regular occurance.

    He advised I request a “whoosh test on the dslam” at the exchange which will identify the issue and apparently I will be one of 50 customers affected by this fault at this time.

    Should this be the correct course of action to take I am left speechless as to why this problem has inconvenienced me over a period of 6 months now without any of your current employees being able to offer an explanation or solution.

    I trust this will be investigated fully and a satisfactory resolution found, which I once again request to be informed of in writing, along with your assurances it has been fixed once and for all.

    I also require notification as to how you intend to recompense me for the inconvenience of having no connection on numerous Wednesday evenings this year, time wasted on the phone to your “helpline” who offered no constructive help whatsoever and reimbursement of fees paid for a 24-7 connection which you have not, and once again this evening are not delivering having been given every opportunity to do so.

    P.S. I have selected "any time" in relation to "best time to call," as on previous occasions any request for a more specific time of day has been ignored. I therefore cannot guarantee it will be convenient for me when and if you do need to speak to me by phone.

    The following was emailed to you in June 2010:-

    Ref 100602-010863

    It’s Wednesday, it’s 19:15 & once again we have lost our broadband connection.

    This has already been reported once online (100407-011041) & to your helpdesk (at great length & cost) & here we are again no further forward.

    My patience is now wearing extremely thin at the lack of any sort of satisfactory explanation as to why this is happening with such regular monotony. I was also not happy with your phoneline’s “scripted” support which had me crawling around under furniture unplugging & plugging back in phone lines, rebooting PC’s, rebooting the hub & finally restoring back to factory settings (which in turn means all the network connections for 4 PC’s have to be set up again) all to no avail.

    This issue in my opinion is clearly something to do with your broadband broadcast & is not a hardware problem, unless of course we have managed to set triggers in all PC’s, sockets etc which activate simultaneously at 19:15 every Wednesday. The connection returns by Thursday morning, miraculously without any manual intervention on our part.

    I therefore find your standard of service and support so far unacceptable and request a full written explanation as to the nature of the problem and how you intend to remedy the situation. Should this not be forthcoming you will leave me with no alternative but to pursue this matter with the ombudsman.

  • I have had no BT vision for two weeks, computer broadband speed very slow, phone has to have Manchester area code imputted when in the same area and the hub phone number clashes with landline number.

    I have had to phone on many occasions hoping BT will rectify problems, the engineer has been out three times, the problems have not yet been rectified.

    I have been a BT customer for many years. however,I am considering other telecommunications offers as BT has not lived up to it's advertisment promises.

    Will you please, please sort this out as a mtter of urgency?

  • As a company we have being with bt for several years
    In early 2010 we had a salesman come and ask if we wanted a isdn line fitted at a good cost , we said yes and to go ahead with the plan at the end of August. By mistake they cancelled our line on the wrong date,losing our line , our internet.The company lost about £10,000 in sales. It took a month before we got our internet back
    we told them to put the new line on hold until we decided what to do.
    On the 9th October our lines got turned of again, put back on
    again on the 11th October Today 27th October its gone off again.
    What do we have to do to get good service
    Steven Major
    ME Autoparts

  • Placed an order for a BT phone line and broadband package on the 25th September (2010). Later got a confirmation email telling me my order was placed.

    I was told that my broadband was due to be activated on the 4th of October. Seemed reasonable enough.

    My phone line was activated in reasonable time, no complaints there. My bt homehub came on time. But when I tried to use my home hub, it wouldn't detect broadband. Left it for the day and came back, still no joy. So I phoned up BT and was transferred to someone who after putting me on hold for two minutes told me there was a capacity issue, and that I'd have to wait til October 31st. Despite how enfuriating this was on it's own, I decided to remain patient and got a dongle mobile broadband for the time being.

    So it is now the 26th October, was getting all excited about finally having my internet connection. Being a student, I'm really needing it. Then I recieve a voicemail message telling me that they will recieve an update on the 19th November, and that my service will be activated on the 20th.

    So basically, not only is my service not being activated on time, but I have to wait nearly two months after placing the order before they will activate my service.

    I find this to be utterly rediculous as they're one of the biggest broadband providers in the country and they can't provide a connection in reasonable space of time (I find 8 weeks to be beyond a rediculous amount of time for something like this). And I can't keep using the dongle cos the usage allowance is used up too fast.

    Can you please help me out? I was happy with BT's internet before I tried to get this connection and would rather not change to anyone else.

  • Renewed a BT Business Broadband contract in Feb and was advised the speed would be upgraded. This did happen after some days and for approx six months the service has been reasonable – nothing like the 20mb promised but certainly a huge improvement.

    Since approx late August the speed has reverted back to a miserable and unacceptable level. An e-mail to BT about the problem took 13 days to get a totally useless response.

    I feel let down by BT and am unlikely to renew the contract again and it seem impossible to speak to anyone in BT with any sense and frequently any understanding of English.

    A completely useless organisation that is quick to sell but fails to deliver

  • My name is Semiu Shodunke and tel. number is 01616333661 or 07939798259 .My complain is about how the BT make me fraustrated ,because of the mistake of their member of staff.I called the BT on 24 of october 2010 to upgrade my broadband service and the agent cancel my service , when I woke up the next day I discover that all my services are not working again both telephone and broadband .Then I called them to ask what was going on, and another agent told me that the service should not have been cancelled.Now the problem is that the BT is not even concern about the way I feel for not having the telephone and the broadband, because when I called then they said that I cannot cancel the service and they are not giving me the service that I want and they made me paid for a telephone service which is not up to one month.And they keep delaying the service to start.I want someone to help me because I feel very disappointed.

  • My 86 year old mother has had a nightmare with BT.
    She moved house recently and firstly was told she would have to wait 3-4 weeks before her line could be installed after she moved in.
    Surely she should be a priority at that age living alone.
    She was issued with a new number which was subsequently changed just before she was connected so she had to resend out her change of number letters for the second time.
    She then wanted to move her calls to an alternative provider whom she had used previously.They kept telling her she could not move to them as her new number was registered to a "dormant" customer who used to be with them for calls but had never cancelled their contract.Under the Data Protection Act they could not do this even though my mother had the number now.
    A call to BT would surely sort this out-how naive.
    They said the new number they issued was an active number on their system and there was nothing further they could do.They suggested contacting the alternative provider and telling them that they could telephone the "dormant" customer-my mother would answer!!
    Alternatively they could write to them and if there was no reply after a set time they could clear the system-this is what BT would do.
    Back to the alternative provider-it is not allowed within their Policy to do this.They suggested speaking to BT again as they issued the new number.
    BT's final solution is another new number-this may also suffer from the same problem!
    My mother has had enough and is not prepared to be given a THIRD number.
    So she is now forever forced to stay with BT for line rental and calls-I call this blackmail by BT.
    Can you help please?

  • My parents have been with BT for years just for using the phone and never had any complaints. Soon as we moved onto Broadband through BT thats when the problems started. Have been with them now for nearly 3 years and even had a technician stand in my house at £90 a time to tell me where I live has the best Broadband/wireless signal in the UK. Rubbish! As soon as I go into any website that has a picture/video the connection goes.
    I have now been without internet access for 4 days and after spending 2 hours (no joke) on the phone to somebody at BT somewhere in the world its still not fixed. All I needed them to tell me after checking the line was do I have a problem with the actual access or do they think its more an issue with my PC. 2 hours of them telling me to unsrew the wall socket and rearrange wires etc. I shall be submitting to BT a £90 invoice for me doing their work as I doubt I will get a refund for not having access these past few days!I shall start looking into going with another Company for internet provider.

  • i joined bt for the broad band service, i was told i needed a phone line , so bt sold me a package . i month later my broadband started to work ,however while i was waiting they sent me a dongle , with help i got this working, great no phone line needed. i paid up to date approx 150 pounds and canceled the service . bt still want 200 pounds of me ,i was sold the wrong service by a greedy sales person . my usage of the phone for 5 months is 13 pence , yes 13 pence ….. bt you are quick to abuse your customers, i have spoken several times to service personal , there reply sorry but tough luck . not so good bt

  • I wish to complain about the near to very dangerous driving of one of your Engineers, driving between Edinburgh Mybury and the telephone exchange in South Queensferry aprox 1145 – 1200 on the 10/11. I think the REG was FD57 C7S, the van arrived at the south queensferry excahnge aprx 1200. Twice the driver tried to undertake me on both the Maybury road nr to the junction with at the Barnton and again in a 40mph limit directly outside the crammond Brig Hotel, luckily if a police car heading the same diretion as both the van and my myself had not appeared Im not sure what the driver would have tried to get past me, I was clearly observing the speed limits where as he was clearly in a major hurry to get to south queensferry at any cost……….he may have been late for an appointment, but may have cuased another with A+E. Jimmiller@btopenworld.com

  • hope someone with common sense can help me.roughly two months ago my mum spoke with someone at bt and decided to change from virgin to bt and the guy at bt said he would deal with the termination of virgins services,this was fine,however my mum later received a paperless bill from vigin for cost's incurring from after the date she should have been terminated so i contacted vigin this was on the 12th oct, i explained to them that they must have made a mistake and their reply was that they had not made a mistake and that it was probably bt that were at fault as they had not terminated anything with them,i then went on to phone bt who told me that it was not their fault and that virgin were to blame for the problem,i then called virgin back armed with new information from bt that it was not bt's fault and it was indeed virgins fault,virgin were adamant that they had done nothing wrong and we were still currently connected with them and that nobody had ever terminated anything with them, i then phoned bt back and after explaining my situation for what felt like the one hundreth time bt finally admitted that it was indeed their fault as someone had done something wrong and my mums services were put down as a new account as proposed to the way it should have been done and therefore no one had ever terminated the old virgin services.after some futher conversations with virgin and bt, bt offered to pay £55 compensation and to cover the cost of the bill for virgin up to the 12th nov as we would need to give them 30 days termination notice.that was good news as i had spent half a day waiting in phone ques and explaining my situation to several people it was great to get some closure.bt said they would credit my mums bank account with the money but they failed to do so but hey did however credit her bt account with £55,but she just received a bill from bt for her phone usage, she does have the first three months free but still pays for calls outside her allowance one call they are charging £18.72 for, this was a phone call made to a bt operator where i was redirected and suseqeuntly charged for the privilage of trying really hard to resolve a problem that was entirely created by bt. i then today the 9th nov contacted bt regarding the current issue of an £18 call to an operator,after getting nowhere i asked to speak to a manager and was told to expect a call within 2 hours, this is 6 hours later and still no call,it turns out my mum had noticed this strange call on her bill and called regarding it she was told by someone called deepak on the 28th oct at 20:15 that he could not see it on his screen and told her not to worry about it.please can someone shed some light on any solution to my problem.my mum lives off a pension and worries about everything and doesnt have any debt.forgot to say bt said today that they would credit the remainder of credit on her bt account to her bank account.and that we would need to pay the cost of calling the operator as we were not complaining about the calls that bt had gave us for free i said that it was unacceptable to charge for the £18 phone call. im still here waiting on a call. best regards to anyone willing to HELP……………

  • I, along with millions of others am appalled at the latest stealth tax imposed by BT in the name of excessive profits and managers bonus schemes. Why have they changed the broadband overcharge scheme from £1 per extra Gig to £5 for each block of 5 Gig over the limit? Undoubtedly some bean counter has looked at the overcharge stats and seen that the majority of people who over step their limit do so by only a Gig or two. BT obviously saw a means of getting extra revenue for free here, didn't they? Disgusted – don't they make enough profit?

  • I posted a comment here in June, and our complaint is still ongoing (November). So many posts here speak of rudeness from BT staff, or being cut off while making a complaint. Surely this is because such attitudes towards customers have filtered down from the higher reaches of BT. Complaints are not taken seriously at any level in this organisation, which still has a virtual monopoly. BT once had a dedicated customer complaints team, but this no longer exists. Instead, we are all sent round in circles, ringing the same number, and even if we get a response it's from an anonymous first name. If we write, it's to the same sorting centre in Durham, and letters are then sent back to the people we're complaining about (usually the last person we spoke to on the phone). No-one in BT has any responsibility for customer satisfaction. For this reason, all of their staff know they will never be held to account for their incompetence and rudeness.

  • Don't go with O2. This is my story of O2. O2 broadband is part of the umbrella of BT. Everytime we ring O2, they tell us it's a problem with BT broadband. This is what happened. My household ordered O2 broadband at the end of September. Our first problem came when, on the day we were supposed to have our landline installed -no one turned up. This was not only frustrating because one of us had to stay in all day waiting for someone to arrive but also inconvenient because we are all University students that rely heavily on the internet as a tool for working, contacting tutors and sourcing information. Little did we know this mistake was going to be the least of our problems with O2 over the next two months. On the same day, we rang O2 and ordered another installation, which wouldn’t come for another week. This time the installation of the phone line went smoothly and we were told the absolute maximum amount of time until we had internet would be two weeks but that it was expected to happen in the next few days. Our wireless internet box came a week later (again, we were told we would be logged in two days after the box came). We spent the week, after ringing O2, under the assurance that we would have the internet by the end of the week. After not being logged in by the following Friday (the box came on a Monday) we rang o2 again. They said that some trouble had occurred with BT and that we would have the internet by the following Tuesday – which, again wasn’t true. Ever since we have had to ring O2 almost every day with the advisers constantly telling us they were ‘investigating the problem’ and would ‘ring us back tomorrow’. They NEVER rang us and we still don’t have the internet. We still ring O2 everyday and always get the same response. The contract we are on is for 12 months, three of which are supposed to be free – two of those three months have passed.

  • I am a customer of Santander, formerly Alliance and Leicester. The bank informed BT (and others) of a change of sort code.

    All my direct debits except for BT have changed with no problem. The bank seem to be aware of the problem and say that they are working with BT to resolve the issues.

    BT on the other hand seem totally oblivious to the problem and have redirected all my outgoing calls to customer services. I have now sent in three email complaints stating each time that I prefer to be contacted by email because I work full time.

    Although I have missed calls from them during the day I have not had a single email and have now had no outgoing calls for a week. My husband did answer one call from them when they apparently said my calls would be switched back on within 48 hours – it is now more than 96 hours and still no outgoing calls.

    BT have all the necessary details to be able to collect the payment owing but seem to prefer to harass the customer instead.

  • BT Compulsive Liars. Get told £25 a month, get billed £75 per month for slow unreliable internet with people that do not speak English trying to help but making it worse.

  • I moved into my house in March of this year and began having problems soon after with the line (intermittent static and loss of internet service). I had BT engineers come to my house no fewer than 6 times to fix the problem. The engineers could not solve the problem but noted on several visits that they had detected an error on the external line. The problem still persists. Indeed, my internet provider has themselves noted my line is faulty. I told BT after the last visit that the problem was still there but that I had abandoned hope of getting it fixed. Now, 4 months later, BT charges me for one of the visits saying my "equipment was faulty". Of course, my phone is perfectly fine and I did try out different phones. Also, if it were my phone, my internet would work properly. I called BT and someone said it would be escalated and they would call me back. Of course, they didn't call back. When I called back, I was told unceremoniously that the charges stand.
    BT is in my opinion an utterly incompetent organisation. Further, I think there behaviour borders on criminal (in an ethical sense if not legal) as they arbitrarily bill customers and make the complaints procedure cumbersome in the hope people won't complain further.

  • i want to know why i have to pay for a substandard phone line.I have to pay as much as some one who can get 20mb download but i get 3mb, surely i should get 3 quaters off my bill.
    i know i would expect to pay less for a quater of yorkshire mix(boiled sweets),if the bloke in front of me bought a lb.So how do i go about getting a discount on my line rental.

  • BT have sent me a bill, for £127.00 for an engineer to repair phone line,the actual job took 10 mins,NOT A BAD HOURLY RATE CHARGE BY BT, I asked them why, they state we always charge for an hour ! this is a disgrace I live in Cornwall, wages are low,if I was on London wages it would be easier to pay. DONT USE BT RING AN ELECTRICIAN.

  • I am taking BT to court by issuing a county court judgement. Basically the chap I spoke to when I placed the order did not give me the "correct" infor and now I have to pay more than I thought. BT is a nightmere. Even before joining BT they messed up my installion date. Then Day 1 of joing BT, both my phone and broadband complety out off service for 8 days. Than my broadband never worked for another 3 weeks, so another visit by a engineer. When I requested to transfer to BT Basic as discussed with the slaes advisor I was told this is not possible unless I pay £130. BT Get stuffed, see you in court, it is a matter of principle and honesty, sod your rules I am going off what I was told.

    Bunch of incompetent "professionals" who dont care and has no sense

  • BT Terrible neverending nightmare. A few months ago I was receiving continual phone calls from BT sales people trying to convince me to switch to them for my calls. I was assured I would be paying less and I would be silly to pass up such a good deal because of all the money I would potentially save a year. It took quite a few calls to wear me down, but it was relentless and eventually under the pressure I gave in and subscribed to what i was told would be a better deal for me.
    Shortly after signing up I noticed that I was being charged more than had been promised so I gave them a call to find out what was going on? I was given a myriad of excuses about charges for this and charges for that,…always a different reason by different call operators and contatntly handed over to other departments and then the phone goes dead.
    I am now paying 3 times the monthly payment I was promised! and have been tied into a 12 month contract which was never mentioned when I agreed to switch. Now problems with my direct debit..and this has given them the opportunity to inflict more charges even though its their fault! I am so frustrated because i cant even try to sort any of this out as BT customer service dont care, dont answer, dont fulfill their promises, dont do what they say they will do, speak to you like your an idiot, get unpleasant if you complain, pass your problem over to someone else who is just as uninterested, cut the phone line dead.

    If I could leave now I would, but Im terrified of the new charges this will incur, as soon as my contract is up, Im gone….never, ever to return to the nightmare that is BT.

  • I’m fuming with BT and they couldn’t care less. Last month I rang them to get a line connected in my partners flat, he’s disabled and struggling without the telephone, he had moved flat and had BT as his provider in his other place for years. We checked he didn’t owe them any money and I thought that getting the line and broadband in would be straight forward. How wrong was I ?
    The operator informed me we’d need to pay a £75.00 deposit, I was confused as I knew he didn’t owe them any money,
    So I arranged to pay by debit card the next day and thought nothing more of it,
    I rang the very next morning and they gave me a landline number for him and an email address, the operator asked if I was ready to pay the deposit and I answered yes, so she started processing the payment and said “ that’s £125 please” I was gob smacked. I told her that the previous day we had been told all he’d have to pay was £75.00. I started to cry because i was so frustrated and our eldest daughter took the phone from me and had a conversation with the operator, she told our daughter that was the amount on the screen and she couldn’t change it, So my daughter got out her bank card and paid the whole £125.00 because she knew her dad needed the phone line in .

    Her dad was over joyed she’d paid it but was very angry with BT for changing the deposit amount, he decided to cancel the order and asked for the deposit to be paid back to our daughter. BT agreed and told us a cheque would be sent out straight away, the cheque didn’t arrive.

    Then we rang them 3 more times and asked why the amount was changed and why the cheque hadn’t arrived, as ive said before my partner is disabled and relies on the phone.
    BT eventually did the right thing and agreed to put the phone line in and not take a deposit, but after a month the cheque to my daughter still hadn’t arrived but the money had been taken from her bank.

    I rang BT again and was told by the operator, a cheque had been sent out on the 17th November2010, the next day when i rang them to check on my partners order i was told no cheque had been sent out but it would be sent that day, 4 days later and still no cheque i rang BT and they told me no cheque had been sent but they would put the money straight back into my daughters bank account then and there.

    So were all happy and out of the blue her dad rings to say a cheque has turned up at his address and its not in our daughters name but his name, He hasn’t got a bank account ! What is he suppose to do with a cheque he cannot cash?

    I was told the cheque would be in my daughters name as she had paid the deposit, but worse still they had informed me the money was paid into her account which was a blatant lie !.

    Next i ring BT and im told if you want the money paid into your daughters account that’s fine, but send the cheque back first !

    How dare BT treat their disabled customers like this, its an outrage, I’ve contacted offcom and they say a lot of things BT did were at their discretion,
    I’m sick to death of fighting with this company, I’m at the end of my tether, they treated and are still treated us despicably,

    Can someone please advise us of our rights and if this is customer care, im appaulled.

  • I am so fed up of constantly having my BT connection disrupted. Whenever I am trying to do something the connection goes away and I have to start all over again. Well that is if there is any connection at all. On top of this we are constantly harassed by BT callers trying to sell us things one day they called 6 times. Once they called and started detailing the connection problems we have been having and I thought grate finally they were going to do something about it even though they were months late. But it turns out that apparently we had to yet again spend more money to buy some kind of security system that they are selling to get the broadband connection we are already paying for. WTF! We already had a security system which was protecting the computer just fine I’ve had it checked the only problem with it was a lousy Internet provider. Every time I complained they keep trying to sell me more stuff. As soon as my 18 month contract is finished i am never using BT again!!!!

  • Business Correspondence Centre
    DH98 1BT


    Dear Sirs

    I wrote to you on the 17th December (copy enclosed) and have received no reply.

    The reason for that letter was the repeated failure of the Broadband supply to our property.
    In that letter I berated the standard of equipment at our local exchange and asked whether you will upgrade it or whether we should pay less?

    To that question I would like to add two more.

    Why is it that your faults department seem to have no ability to control what the engineers do nor can they get from the engineers a commitment to which they will adhere.

    When I first reported the fault we were told it would be 10 days before it was fixed. I suggested that as a Business Oneplan customer that was not acceptable. Twice the faults department person agreed and promised someone would call back. They never did.

    We then ended up having daily conversations with your faults department – in particular a charming man called Alex. He expressed all sorts of concern and understanding about our problem. He contacted the engineers, two of whom phoned us. All promised an engineer the following day. All promised the engineer would call as he approached the property so we could ensure he had access (in case his vehicle could not get up the hill with the snow lying).

    On 7 consecutive days no engineer appeared or phoned.

    Finally a faults member of staff identified an engineer called to a nearby fault and diverted them. He turned up unannounced and identified what I had told your people before, that as last time, the fault was not in the property but somewhere in the copper between the exchange and the property. And in his opinion this was mainly due to the age and state of the landline.

    To have a faults reporting system it must, surely, be able to give the customer a commitment as to when it will be fixed and then adhere to that commitment. If a business is dependent on their broadband then as a business customer a 48 hour repair commitment would be acceptable – just. But I would suggest that to have no broadband for 20 days out of 6 weeks (the previous failure was in October) would not be considered acceptable by any commercial organisation.

    The final insult to all this is that I have no choice over supplier. No other telephone or broadband supplier will touch me because of the age of my local exchange.

    So I am stuck, paying the same as a business oneplan customer living in a city, who gets faster download times than I do, has a more modern local exchange and fibre optic cabling which, I hope, fails them less often or atleast is reasonably resistant to water or snow.

    If I could change broadband supplier I would. At the moment I have invoices to pay on the Broadband account and both landlines. They will remain unpaid until I receive a satisfactory answer to this complaint.

  • On the 30th December I randg home from me mobile only to find that my phone line had been disconected, when I arrived home I found that I still had a dial tone so I rang my mobile and found that a different number was on the screen.
    The person next door aplied for a phone to be conected, BT have given me that number and disconected mine. My account was not with BT, as I moved to SKY because the problems that I had with BT in the past.
    I rang BT and got put through to INDIA! They told me as i dont have a account with them that I needed to speak to my service prvider. (They were quite rude and not helpful at all).
    When I spoke to sky they told me that BT had contacted them to say that they were contacted by BT and that they were my new service provider, SOMETHING THAT I DID NOT KNOW OR AUTHORISE and at that point sky could not hep me any more.
    I finaly got through to a UK custermer services 31st December at 17.50, to be fair the lady was very helpful but at 18.00 the phone went dead half way through a conversation as custumer services closed for new year, not to open till Tuesday the 4th of January, I then got transfered back to India.
    I then spoke to the suppervisor of the call centre A lady calld Geetha I was speaking to her from 18.20 to 18.45, as far as she was conserned the problem was not hers, but was at my end as she could not find any account imformation about myself, (BT had already terminated my account with sky and in the prosses terminated my number). I was told that the call was being recorded but she could not give me a log number for this call, as I may need to come back to it in the future in my complaint about BT.
    I also explained that my building company were on call, for any problems that may occour in a number of shopping centres that we maintain, a contract that we have been forfilling for the past 7 years, and that my phone number that had been disconected was the prime number for contact, i could not use my mobile for this contact as there is no dependable service in my area, I explained that if my custermers could not contact my company that I may loose the contract for next year.I was told to ring back tomorrow and talk to custumer services (A service that I had already been told that would not be open till Tuesday) they then hung up the phone.
    I cannot believe that BT in such a demanding market, promissing to be our flag ship of service providers, Have not worked out that the public do get problems that need to be sorted with custumer services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
    Any help on this matter would be greatley reiceved.
    Shaun Thomas

  • spoke to there billing dept who said they would ring back as line was bad but only wanted to hang up as finishing early in india. i rang back and was told should be open till 9pm but its a bank holiday so closed early
    oh by the by BT dont read these posts only they customers do!!

  • BT has given me an irritatingly obtuse problem. I live in a rural area which DOES have access to broadband. The problem is that the hardware is antiquated and as such I recieve a sub standard connection which restricts my ability to use it, much to my displeasure. What compounds the problem even further is BT refuses to replace the lines to a more modern system and to add insult to injury, no matter what ISP I now go to, the lines are going to cripple the connection and doom me to a very, very slow fate…

  • I joined BT in Augusat 2010 because Talk Talk didn't seem to understand the concept of moving flat (wihin a 'housing with care' home) and would not send an engineer to move box etc. On subscribing to BT everything was fine at first but after a month or so I could not connect to broadband several times a day and BT Vision gave an error fault VO4. Since contacting the helpline I have been visited on more than 6 occassions by engineers who, after conducting various line tests, cannot finf a fault. The latest said it may be a fault with the Home Hub so BT have sent mw a new hub which I am supposed to install myself. I explained that I cannot do this as I am disabled and in a wheelchair. Their reply was either I find someone to help or pay for an engineer to visit. I realise that intermitent, random faults are difficult to trace and rectify, but BT's attitude is that I should be responsible for fixing it is a denial of their duties as a service provider.

  • I should have come across this website before making the silly decision to switch to BT. In comparison, TalkTalk is a "creme de la creme" company.
    BT managed to cut my neighbour's line off first of all, they messed the delivery of the hub three times, did not update my address when we requested it, did not really listen to our needs or complaints or requests.
    Now that I am finally set up I discover that we have an internet allowance, was never told by BT salespeople about this and I should have enquired about it (stupid me) but never had this issue with talktalk. As we watch lots of videos, we seem to have used it in 3 days.
    Calling BT customer service does not clarify any of the issues, I am almost reduced to tears and want to go back to affordable broadband, with minor drop off but nothing of the issues we are facing with this company. I am telling all the people I know not to use BT.
    Paola, London

  • After being with AOL for £19.99 p.m. for 7 years and having a separate BT Landline, I decided in August 2010 to switch to the very enticing BT package of Total Broadband Option 1, Broadband and Calls for £6.99 for the first 3 months. This was confirmed and transferred on 13 Sep 2010. Total monthly cost £20.77

    On 7 October, I received an email advising that I had exceeded by Monthly useage allowance of 10GB and that in September I had downloaded 28GB.

    To avoid additional costs, I upgraded to Option2 with 40GB download allowance and this became effective on 10 November. I also opted for BT Vision for which I paid £60 for the box. In addition I order Sky Sports1 for £6.99 p.m. (Contract now jumped from 18 to 24 months) Total cost p.m. now £39.26.

    This was still not going to cost me any more than AOL Broadband + BT landline.

    On 6 December 2010, my online BT bill arrived showing that £166 was to be taken from my account a week before Xmas !!! This included £60 for the BT Vision box plus £50 broadband useage.

    I immediately telephone the accounts dept and explained that it was a bit of a hefty bill just before xmas and could I spread it over the next 3 months. Also that the SkySports option was not available in my area until September 2011 so could I cancel that and have the fees refunded.

    It was agreed that would not be a problem and if I cancelled my direct debit for £166 that was due on 17 December, they would activate a payment plan of £54 p.m. for 3 months effective from 28 December 2010.

    This amount, however, was not taken from my account and I went into my bank to check why not. They had no idea.

    I then received a call on 07 January 2011 saying my bill was now over £286 and could they take £88 there and then over the phone and then pay £60 p.m. I could not do this as we are on pensions and benefits and my payment plans were now totally boshed up. I was very upset.

    I just do not understand how all these broadband download useages can be justified. BT's own advert says:

    A whopping 40GB allowance, enought to download 10,240 music files, 40,960 photos, 59 movies, 10 HD movies or 117 hours of iPlayer every month. If you exceed your usage allowance, we won't cut you off. You'll simply be charged a little extra (£5 per 5GB). UNQUOTE

    All I do is surf the web………………. and nobody in my house has downloaded ANY of the above

    So, all in all, it looks like I have made a serious mistake switching provider in order to save money

    Incidentally, all correspondence regarding my bank details have been addressed to an entirely different person's name, not mine! The Data Protection Act springs to mind!

    Further to the above, today's update,

    Have just spent 40 minutes with 4 different depts at BT

    I have been offered Option 3 at £40 p.m. plus £13.60 line rental

    I found 22 emails from BT in my btinternet.com email box yesterday. My profile indicates that I use my aol.com email address. BT have been corresponding with me on my aol.com address since November 2010.

    I have been offered no explanation for overusing my broadband useage.

    I was sold a SkySports1 package which cannot be used in my area until the end of 2011. I have been charged for this.

    I constantly receive bank detail correspondence addressed to someone else!

    BT instructed me to cancel my direct debit on 17 December and they would set up a new one with an increased amount for 28 December 2010. This was never done by them.

    No other options/arrangements available to me.

    I expressed my dissatisfaction and advised that I would like this contract terminated.

    I advised the rep that I record all my calls and was told I was breaking the law and he hung up on me

    What a truly unbelievable state of affairs!!!!!!!

  • Hi Folks! I am a regular listener to the international shortwave broadcast bands. BT Home Hub (and similar devices) causes massive and ILLEGAL interference to what is a public service. Home Hub rides roughshod over British and European law on radio spectrum interference. If anyone in my neighbourhood gets Home Hub (or similar device) I will report them to Ofcom and the Offending device WILL BE REMOVED.

  • Back in December 2009 we were the victim of a BT 3rd party retailer moving our telephone account from a domestic account to two business accounts. We were then flooded with invoices and reminders on an almost daily basis.
    We tried to resolve this through BT customer care. I personally have spent hours listening to Peer Gynt waiting for an Indian BT customer call centre person to try to sort out our problem. An absolutely useless waste of time. Our phone lines were cut off, even after assurances by a BT customer care person this wouldn’t happen. We had to pay reconnection charges on at least three occasions.
    Our broadband service was terminated during one of these disconnections which meant or service couldn’t be reinstated unless we were prepared to accept a lesser service from Talk Talk, the parent company. We had to contract to a new ISP and this whole process took weeks to resolve.
    Only after two, recorded delivery letters to the BT Correspondence Centre, followed by copies together with a personal letter to the Chairman of BT did someone take any notice of our problem. But its still not resolved. In our last letter we set out quite reasonable conditions for a resolution.
    These were:
    1. A clean slate, a fresh start – all outstanding invoices from the Business and Domestic side should be waived. Due to BT errors we consider we aren’t liable for much of them anyway.
    2. Sensible and measured Compensation for all the hours spent trying to get this issue resolved, the hours spent waiting in for a call that doesn’t come, the worry, the threatening letters from debt collectors and the general lack of adequate, efficient customer care from BT.
    3. Compensation for the poor service, loss of service and consequential loss from termination of broadband internet and email access
    4. A nice letter of apology from someone senior in BT.
    After months our lines reinstated to domestic accounts and although we asked for and was promised, a single quarterly bill covering both lines this has never been done. Now we have a very confusing situation where bills are received on different days making it very difficult to check for errors and track payments. The loss of trust means a Direct Debit option is not an option.
    Now this current demand from the BT debt collection agent for £440.13 isn’t itemised & only related to an account reference but not to any previous BT invoice. Therefore it is impossible to check where this charge has come from. We do not admit any liability for any Business line set up charges, late payment charges or line reinstatement charges or differential between a business account and a domestic account call charges.
    This heavy handed approach is very unreasonable and since this is still an unresolved dispute, to call in a debt collection agency just compounds the cynical customer care…less approach of BT.
    Compensation or any goodwill gesture, nor even a written apology has ever been offered or received.
    All along no one in BT has analysed our account to justify or correct any of the disputed charges. As a customer would anyone tolerate bills like this in a restaurant? Error compounded upon error?

    We consider the whole affair is due to BT’s lack of control to prevent ‘slamming’, unauthorised switching of accounts in the first place and the subsequent lack of effective customer care to recognise and resolve the situation earlier.

  • bt have sent me a bill for termination of 197. 14 accounnt number nd 5763 1663 f006 09 over a year later my name is lee ingram some time in 2009 i requested a line transfer to my address and bt canceled the line i was a cab company bt put me out of buisness so i then went to my chartered accountant for loss of earnings after bt admitted liability this led to you requesting my accounts to be sent to you but you would not exept liability if they were lost so i refused to send them saying that the letter from the accountant should be good enough i had no reply the buisness line was connected to a mobile which had gained a fault it was in warranty and an agreement made by bt to send a new mobile unit by friday latest 1800 hours bt failed to send the mobile and as an agreement was made i dumped the contract a bill was sent and it was for 490.30 i spoke with leigh ann miller (customer services) and the bill was scraped refference number 127342359 so to get some money out of me or to make matters worse bt have sent me this bill for 197.14 after all the stress that bt have caused i am not paying any money untill this has been investigated fully this bill is nearly one year old now i due to a very poor service to me as a customer will cut the house service and will never have anything to do with bt if the mobile account was scraped with an appoligy why then do i have to be subject to bt causing more stress and anger because they want money my name is lee ingram and i still refuse any payment to bt my e mail is leeengram07@hotmail.com

  • I purchased a BT website in Nov 2008 for over £600, I was very happy at the time, until last week when it was shut down due to a malware infection. Today they rang me telling me I need to upgrade my website at the cost of £300………to protect it against virus ……I would have never ordered the website in the first place if this was the case. I can not believe I need to pay half as much again for the upkeep of my website, when surely its up to them to keep it running, I pay £22 per month for it !!!! – I feel mislead and ripped off. The chap tried to justify the cost telling me about how brilliant hackers are these days.

    Time to move on me thinks !

  • when i joint bt i thought i was geting a good offer it was ment to be a packaged deal but after 3mths i recieved a bill for a seperate broadband account when i rang them they said there was nothing they could do as i was in a contract with them as soon as the 12mth contract was at an end i rang them to cancel my services with them and asked for a mac code to give to my new service provider they said they couldnt provide a mac code and said to ring them back in a couple of days i rang them every day for 4 weeks and was told the same thing everytime i even had to ask on a number of occations if they could put someone on who could speak english or at least understand english after 4 weeks i didnt need a mac code as my new surplier could conect me after this period of time. i was glad to have left bt and thought that was the end of my problems with them untill i received a bailifs letter for unpaid bill to bt i contacted bt and they say i ended my contract with them early even though i had profe that i didnt but that ment nothing to them and that i would have to pay the bill plus bailifs cost after about an hour on the phone to bt and getting nowere i put the phone down and rang the bailifs who were the complete opposite to bt they spoke english understood english and were very helpfull i still have to pay the bill but have been told that once ive payed it i can claim it back if i can prove i didnt end the contract early since leaving bt ive received a number of calls from them asking if i would consider going back to them after being conned by them twice and there not so helpfull custemer service i would only recoment that people stay well clear of them unless you like being connend and are trying to learn a new language. has anyone else been connend by bt or is it just me who was daft enought to beleive there advertisments. my name is ian and my e mail is wilkins_ian1@sky.com

  • Phoned BT broadband about an email problem.
    After sharing my screen BT agent noted the problem.
    He then contacted another department and discovered that the fault was also affecting other customers.
    He assured me that BT technicians were working on the problem and someone would phone me back.
    A week later no one has.
    Phoned again to ask what was happening.
    An agent again shared my screen and noted the problem (as before).
    But he and supervisor were unable to find out who was working on it or why no one had phoned me back.
    What can one do?

  • My complaints are not about the service i get from BT but this morning i had a phone call from a foreign gent who came across that he was from BT and from next month i would have free this and free that and how did i feel about that having smelt a rat i asked him if he was a BT employee to which he replied no i then hung up telling him where to go but the way he came across saying that next month my BT line would be free made it sound like you were doing the offer i think this should be looked into because they are conning us to go with them i am sorry i didnt get the name of the company but he did not tell me it in anycase this is sharp practice

  • I had called BT broadband to request MAC as my contract finished a week earlier..retentions dept offered me a reduction of £10 per month bringing my broadband option 3 down from £25 to just £15 and pointed out that this was for another 12 months, i accepted and asked for a new HomeHub due to my last one of 18 months giving alot of problems and wireless dropping issues. This i had explained to them and was told i would have a new hub in a few days. After 1 week i still hadn`t received my hub so i took the liberty to email BT. Got a call from them today saying i wont be getting a replacement hub as i am already availing of the discount on my broadband offered by BT for the next 12 months..and there is nothing more they can do for me.
    I have now emailed BT again today stating that i was told i could have a replacement hub and i feel i was misled to entise me to take up BT`s offer and that because i`m now in another 12 contract, then i should still be entitled to a hub and that it says on the letter i got from BT confirming the renewal of broadband, it states a free Home Hub is included (if needed)

    I am awaiting thier reply.

    Kind regards..

  • My 84 yr old mother has become the victim of BT hard sell. She was told that she could reduce her phone bill by 1p per minute if she switched to Broadband. She said to the salesman that she did not know what Broadband was. He explained it to her but my mother could not understand becasue of his heavy accent. She repeated that she did not understand He kept repeating that she could save money if she switch to Broadband and she repeatedly said she did not understand. She should have hung up, but she is polite and eventually just said yes to get the guy off the line. She is not on the internet and she does not have a computer so why would she take Broadband? Needless to say she is stuck with a service she does not want and BT want to charge her £200 to cancel the contract. She is on a state pension, how can she afford to pay this? I have repeatedly told her to put phone down on cold callers. On this occassion she did not and will pay the price. If anyone has similar problem that got resolved to their satisfaction please advise.

  • This is my first complaint but i feel i must say something .My fatherinlaw has just been on the phone he has just delivered 1100 bt phone books in the scottish borders . For all his hard work running to pick the books up and delivering them less petrol money he is left with £25 . SHAME ON YOU

  • Dear Bt,
    Please take this as conformation I am terminating my vision contract with immediate effect!
    This service I have recieved over the last 2 months has been nothing short or disgraceful!
    I ordered a home movers pack for the 16th dec 2010, you couldn't re connect me until the 19th jan 2011, which I thought was a long time but was happy to bide my time!
    The phone line and Internet were connected on the 19th as planned but still now on the 26th Feb 2011 I am without my vision. This is an utter joke and it's only within the last few days after several probably more and numerous hours waiting in queues you are trying to do something about it.
    2 possibly 3 weeks ago I threatened to terminate my contract which I believe was due to end in feb? And I was assured by a member of your team this issue would be resolved by the following weekend! It wasn't so again I phoned last week and said if by Friday it still wasn't resolved that was it! Again I spoke with someone Friday who assured my that it takes 24 hrs to complete the order and for the speeds to sort themselves out and that by sat morning it would definately be working. Well it isn't I spoke to a lady for an hour yesterday trying to sort it out and again last night the lady said someone would call at 8am to speak before I went to work! I have recieved no call no email and more importantly I have no vision! I have a young family and Im a busy person! I don't have time to sit on the phone all evening and weekend. If someone wants to call me regarding this issue please do on…….

    Regards Dan Chillingworth.

    Ps to rub insult into injury you charged me 37.99 for cancelling my contract something I never did I ordered a home move!!!!!! Hence the reason me cancelling my direct debit.
    So I expect that to be deducted from my next bill
    Mr Chillingworth.
    I couldn't agree more with so many of these comments on here. You get passed around so many times to different departments! Does anyone at bt know how to deal with a problem?
    The money this company must make surely they could employ some competent staff!
    I'm heading back to sky too.
    I suppose it's true you get what you pay for!

  • I have been with BT for 2 years and have just been able to cope with a speed of 90kbps as you can expect I cant watch videos on-line and take a very long time to download stuff. So a month or so back I started to investigate why after many phone calls and you tube videos I managed to increase the speed of our internet without any intervention from BT. After a month or so off enjoying speeds of 2.5mb my speeds have been restricted to 100kbps and fluctuates to 1.5mb every so often. I might add I am with option 3 and is the start of the month so may usage has reset. WTF is up with them their customer service is shocking and every time they ring up they tell me exactly the same thing thats it all my fault and should sort it out yourself fuck you BT screw you

  • I'm trying to cancel a business broadband account but on all the numbers I have tried to cancel the phone just rings and rings and no one answers what crap service… Infact the crap service is part of the reason for leaving BT…

    they changed the local exchange to ADSL2+ and our download speed went down from 4.5meg to 1.1meg and after multiple calls to broadband help and line tests etc,etc (and being told it was our fault of course… even though we'd changed nothing) they have only managed to get me back upto 2meg. The router is a business class adsl2+ router and is on latest firmware… and has always worked fab… until they messed with our local exchange!!

    poor poor service and now I cant even get trought to anyone to cancel it!! its £60 a month for our network ADSL…

  • I HATE BT.

    Isn't if funny how when they want to sell you something, it's a call from someone in the UK that can speak basic English, but if you want to make a complaint, the best you get is someone in India that says the same thing over and over again like a robot.

    Get a problem on your broadband connection, get ready to spend many frustrating hours on the phone. I am not an idiot. I was a network manager. I can work out when there is an actual fault.

    Day 1, spend an hour on the phone speaking pigeon English to a "level 1 support person" asking rather stupid questions that have no relation to the actual problem.

    Day 2, go through the whole thing again.

    Day 3, get put through to a "level 2 support person" (level 2 people seem to speak slightly better English), and get told what I all ready know, THERE IS A FAULT. I'm told he will arrange for an engineer to visit within 48 hours.

    Huummmm….getting near the end of the 48 hours, so I hold my breath and decide to phone Customer Services. HA! Think again. I end up at the same place where I started, speaking to someone in sunny India. I'm told that the "level 2 support person" was unable to make an appointment for the engineer to visit.

    This is where I do my best not to shout obscenities across continents. She eventually promises to make the arrangements. I ask for a number in the UK that I can call to complain. She tells me that THERE IS NOT A COMPLAINTS DEPARTMENT IN THE UK!

    I get through to the complaints department in India. What good is that? I want to make somebody suffer! I want to shout at a BT fat cat manager, not cheap cannon fodder! Just wait till they phone me up again wanting to sell me another crap service………….

    I HATE BT!

  • Residential line incorrectly cut off by BT on 23 Feb 2011 despite payment being made MONTHS before on 31 Dec 2010.
    We have provided copies of bank statements, then details of the sort and acc numbers paid to.
    Today we've been told that it will take 14 to 21 days to "investigate", so no service for 2.5 months, no prospect of a telephone working before mid April.
    Never be tempted back to BT, any other operator is better. I can't complain about my business phones as we now all use VIOP completely independent of BT.

  • I was sent a bill that my ex-wife ran up. I paid this bill but had since moved and had a new telephone number. BT suspended my number. I rang BT and explained I had paid the bill for the old number and they promised to reinstate my number within 24 hours, 2 days later I again contacted them, they appologised and promised to reinstate me within 2 hours, next day I again contacted them they again appologised and again was promised 2 hour connection. On Friday I contacted them again and yet again the same promise was made but by this time there was another bill outstanding of £24.+ afew pence I paid this immediately. Saturday morning still no reconnection and again I was promised 2 hours,and was also promised there would be no reconnection fees, in the afternoon I again contacted them firstly speaking to an operative when I asked to speak to a superviser he cut me off. I rang back spoke to a superviser who said he would be a minute and again cut me off. I rang back again and spoke to an operaative with a surly manner who told me I would be reconnected in 24 hours but there were reconeection fees, whan I explained that this morning I was promised it would be on in two hours by a nother lady operative his reply was'' well thats her problem not mine'' BT are the worst company ever and all I got was promises promises…… please someone buy then out and start giving a service

  • last year, we moved broadband internet provider due to the appalling BT customer service. Although the same problem occurred when connecting to O2, our new provider, listened and understood the problem, sent out an engineer and resolved the problem. Their support services are based in the UK, something we took into consideration when searching for a new provider, having experienced the communication difficulties with BT Indian call centres and their inability to resolve or understand problems without going through set protocals unrelated and repeated every time you call. We have had the unfortunate experience of having to contact BT faults again because of problems with our landline and again had to speak to India, and would have had to contact another number until I complained when amazingly they can arrange a four hour time slot for an engineer to attend the problem. I have advised them that there is a health and safety hazard of tripping on their BT telephone wire external to our house over an access and egress area however they are willing to accept this risk. Needless to say it was the indian call centre I was forced to deal with and this includes their customer service. I was advised by the call centre operator that if I was lucky I might get connectectd to the UK. Our pervious experience with them has shown us that the only time you get to speak to the UK operatives is if you plan to cancel your contract. we are now seriously condsidering using a new provider despite having been BT customers for over 30 years. Loyalty does not pay!

  • Where do I start, our bt vision has been of for seven days this time it has been of for two and three days at different times since we signed up for this garbage six months ago.A technician came on friday we were told it would be fixed today monday,its still not working.I phoned bt spoke to the supervisor was told he could fix it didnt.All in All the worst service without a doubt I have ever had the misfortune to have any sort of dealings with.Why should we be paying for a truly terrible service that we dont even get.If there is anybody thinking of joining bt please dont its not worth the money or frustation.

  • Jut had a response to a complaint about BT's inability to transfer a line or process an order without losing. It's utterly unintelligible, illiterate even:

    "When a customer has service in their name and another customer can wants service , then either the existing customer needs to cancel service in their name and when service is stopped the new customer applies in their name and it takes 2 working days to complete this.

    Ironically this comes from someone describing himself as a "Digital Care Advisor"

  • My problem is on going, it seems like it will just never end, i don't know what to do, in fact it's got to the point where i'm thinking shall i move house just to be on a different line so the problem might go away.Several months ago the line was terrible for weeks (loud crackling) then it stopped for good.They sent out an engineer he did nothing but wipe out the white plastic box and change the cover, then they charged me £125, after much arguing they waved it.

    But the crackling is back, internet is on and off.Letter sent by recorded mail and no replys.UNBELIEVABLE!

  • Comforting to know I am not alone in my dislike of BT. I ahve been a loyal customer for 24 years and I have always been responsible for the bill. Last month a bill arrived addressed to a MR and had overcharde me for use of internet. I pay a monthly package which they say I had exceeded by £60, I have had it for years and never exceeded it before except when my son were home and this was only by a small amount. I rang them and first they refused to talk to me as I was not mister, after arguing with a man from India he hung up on me, so I rang again and got told under data protection they couldn't speak to me as I wasn't MR. ie xpaliend I pay standing order from my account and I was Mrs. No joy so emailed the compaints department and an irish lady did ring me back and started quoting data protectiona gain, when I said right who do I return this bill too as it clearly isn't mine she decided to take my complaint. Said it wasn;t her deaprtment and she would get the techincal department to ring back. i demanded I have someone who speaks and understands english ring me. Nobody did so i emailed again and got a very curt response from a man. he said I had used it end of story and if I wasn't happy it was a police matter. i emailed back and said expalin how I have used it and asked for his seniour managers name and contact number, that was over a week ago and no repsonse.I have emailed several times and again no response. I pay by standing order which they have increased by 25 a month to cover a bill that I was already in credit with and tell me if I cancel they will take me to court. I have had enough of them and want to move but again they say I cant without there permission.Anybody got any ideas. My friend is a solicitor so I was thinking of asking him to draft a letter.

  • I moved house November 26th 2010 and cancelled BT and paid up to when I left no mention made of cancelations fee my new home has a SKY package
    I have had Advantis Credit on behalf of BT asking for money and threatening my credit rating
    BT have been trying to charge me for line rental and calls and also a cancelations fee and sending the letters to my previous address how stupid How can I be charged for a line I don't have in a house I don't have and expect me to receive letters sent to the wrong place
    So far I have made 6 calls have put on hold for half an hour , hung up on spoken to a scottish woman I could barely understand and two Indian gentlemen who assured me I didn't owe anything and they had sorted this out
    Come on bully boy BT this no way to treat customers you do not have a monopoly you are just trying to sqeeze more money out of people word of mouth is a powerful tool and your reputation Is going down the pan in these troubled time I hope you and your staff get their comeuppance

  • I am in my seventies. I am not stupid !!!!
    I have a BT total Broadband Option 2 account which is due to run out tomorrow.

    I rang BT on Sunday 8th to discuss what they could offer me from the 11th.
    I was told more than once that I could have exactly the same as I have at the moment.

    This includes the following:-
    Broadband at £14 a month and Landline £13.60. It also includes Internet phone (softphone) and hub phone for free evening and week-end calls.

    I was offered a new hub after asking for one and was asked if I would have gone elsewhere, had I been refused.

    I said I might have done.

    I went through this new offer, line by line, with my son, telling him we could keep the softphone etc. I then went through it again with BT with my son standing beside me.
    I ticked off my requirements as I was talking to BT
    so my son could see I had checked the deal and agreed the contract.

    By the time I accepted this, the line rental had gone up 30p but Broadband had been reduced to £11 instead of £14. I was a happy customer.

    Later on Sunday, an e-mail told me the Broadband Talk account was closed.

    Looking further into this, I could see the new hub didn't have a stand for my hub phone.

    Yesterday morning I rang BT to cancel it and to complain that my BT Broadband Talk had been cancelled.

    I was put in touch with a girl, who put me through to a boy, who put me through to a foreign girl, who promised to look into it and ring me back. I asked how long that would be as I wanted to go shopping. I wanted a shower first and couldn't do either whilst waiting. She said she would take 10 minutes.

    My original call started at 8.0 a.m. and finished approximately 8.30.

    I waited two hours but still heard nothing so went shopping.

    I returned at 2.0p.m., still nothing.

    I rang BT again about 4.p.m.
    I spoke to a girl, who put me in touch with a boy who put me in touch with a girl.

    This girl agreed with me that my case didn't seem right. She said she would have a word with her Manager, but another girl came on the phone.

    I asked where the Manager was and she said busy. She offered to check out the whole matter. I told her I was exhausted after speaking to 7 people about the issue in one day. We all know what happens, we have to keep repeating the story time after time, after time.

    She said she would ring me after looking into this. I told her straight I didn't trust anyone in BT any longer.

    She promised she WOULD ring me today. I took her name and recorded the time of 4.36 that we terminated that call.

    Today she rang and said she had had a word with her bosses and it would be corrected.
    This is where we differ as within the next 5 minutes she rang me again and started to ask all sorts of questions as to what I used my softphone and hub phone for.

    I asked why all this cross examination when she had said my Broadband talk would be re-instated. She said she didn't say that, she had said it was likely.

    When cross examining me, she put a specific question to me regarding international calls, asking if I used the phones for them.

    I replied that we didn't make international calls and that actually we had let BT off a charge of 68p before.

    Then came the decision by her bosses, that they couldn't re-connect my Broadband Talk as it was being phased out.!!!

    The change of mind was as quick as that !!

    I'm furious !!!

    I have pointed out that to do what BT have done is a breach of contract and that they can't agree to something, telling me my new contract has been activated and then want to alter the terms.

    BT might be a giant company, but I am prepared to take necessary steps to make them accountable.

    It is So disgusting.


  • BT sold me vision but I said I would only buy it if it had free view HD the sails lady said the box was always updating itself and would have shortly, with this I went ahead and got the vision.
    Since then I found out my box dose not have the decoders for free view HD there for will never get it.
    When I tried to cancel they said i was bound by contract and basicley said tough, I think it is wronge and the next chance I get im going with talk talk if this prob is not resolved.
    I was a good customer but this is disgusting.

  • In April, My disabled husband moved from one NURSING home to another. Now, He has all his marbles, he is just physically and verbally disabled due to Multiple Sclerosis. He runs his own computer, banks and shops on line and keeps in touch with family & friends thro his emails. So you can see this is a life line for him.
    When he moved into his new room at the new home, he requested from BT that he have a line installed as there was none in the room. No problem. Very efficient staff set everything in motion, inc, as a broadband customer the instalation free of charge.Engineer booked for 17th May 2011. Engineer called. Threw a strop and stormed off. Manager of nursing home registered a complaint with Ofcom. Despite asking a new engineer to call within 24 hrs. Another apt. was booked for 24th. On the 24th May engineer called connected new line,to an existing phone point BEHIND a wardrobe.When the elderly, clearly disabled gentleman asked about putting the phone socket in a more acsessable place.I.e. beside his computer table!!! This WAS for an existing broadband customer!. The gentleman was told that it wasn't the engineers job.
    An appointment was also booked for the 8th June. When no engineer had arrived by 6.30pm that evening, his relatives contcted BT.To be told that it wasn't actually an engineers visit but an external operation.
    To date, this gentleman is unable to accsess his phone socket to connect his phone line to his BT hub to activate his broadband. He can not connect his BT Vision. All this he has been paying for since May.
    When his wife contacts BT on his behalf, they just keep appologising and passing her from one number to another. And giving her numbers to call. This is blatent discrimination towards an elderly disabled gentleman. He may have lost his power of speech, but NOT his marbles. Who in their right mind, would leave a phone socket behind a wardrobe, for anyone, let alone a disabled customer. Please put it right ASAP.

  • To upset to explain to whats really happened its like being on the moon 2 business lines no new leads in 2 years KEEP WELL CLEAR OF BT AND THE SOFT SELL THEY WILL BANKRUPT YOU what happened to BUZBY

  • This company BT is above the law dont go to Otelo they love to send you there when you feel no one is listening to your complaints. I have been to the top of this organisation they all back each other up a closed society working within. Going back to Otelo the average payout is £110 and the max is £5000 which is never paid out BT hide behind this organisation by the way these rates of compensation were advised 25 years ago and have not altered and if you accept Otelos ruling you will not be able to sue for damages in county court. My advice is to go for £100000 min compensation in small claims court county court it will cost you nearly £700 for the summons money very well spent. The judge will always find in your favour make sure you have all the documentary evidence of events and time without phone or internet believe this company is horrible to its clients the sevice is none existant. you can never pin down who you last spoke to and when it gets rough they send you to India or Philipines but make sure they receive a payment what ever you are suffering
    MP's have been slow to regulate this giant. It is not asking a lot to at least give you a number who you have spoken too i can understand why no names are provided
    only the top dogs in the organisation who are too busy counting there salary to bother with you who then pass you on to the same people who have caused the problems and you still cant get a business call.My advice stay clear of BT they will bankrupt you NEVER NEVER AGAIN STAY CLEAR ALL THESE COMPLAINTS ABOVE MINE CANT BE WRONG. It is like being on the moon what happened to BUZBY

  • Does anyone share the following complaint. I was a BT customer for 3 years at a previous address a large 3 bed property where I lived with my family until recently and from where we ran a small business with two reception rooms that served as dedicated ‘offices’ which required three full time workers. Approximately 6 months ago we moved the company out to a new business address (phones with Talktalk!) and my family moved to a new address. The result of this means that during the day the new property is now empty, whereas before the move, staff used our BT broadband account throughout the day as well as the family in the evenings.

    Despite these changes to our household and our reduced broadband usage (but no change to either our typical evening usage or the BT package), we have for the last four months managed to EXCEED our limit and have been charged accordingly. We have said repeatedly to BT that this is impossible as we no longer run a business from this property and as such we had anticipated that our usage would have significantly reduced. BT however will not listen to any of this and despite conversations with their support staff, they insist our increased usage has caused the additional costs. Incredibly at about the same time as this all started to happen, I have been inundated by BT with offers to ‘upgrade’ to the fibre broadband with no monthly limits. Coincidence surely?

    I have mentioned this to colleagues and on more than one occasion have been told about problems with a BT service called BTfon and the possibility of this being the cause through other people ‘high-jacking’ our broadband.

    Any comments or suggestions appreciated

  • 14yrs ago bt moved a telegraph pole from our garden onto a public verge in doing so they moved two wires into the limbs of a tree previously the route of the wires had a free run now the tree needs topped i have asked O/R to trim the limbs around their wires they refuse saying that the law is on their side under a term FLY WIRE and that when we top the tree and cause any damage WE will have to pay we i pointed out that BT had put the wire in harms way and not us we have been quoted £200 to trim the tree the cost being due to the BT wires.

    Where do we go now.

  • i made a complaint on here yesterday, and, after reading some of these other complaints i feel its time BT closed down forever.
    my husband and i are disabled and since leaving BT now enjoy friendly and caring service from SKY. what a difference. they dont mock or abuse us like BT did and they understand the struggles we go through on very limited income.
    best thing we ever did, and dont get me started on the crap BT callcentres and idiot operators.
    BT want us to return to them, would you willingly return to the abuse? we are very happy now with SKY.

  • i have just looked over my bills for rhe past 12months and noticed i have been over charged by over £200!!!! i have fiber optic broadband with them costing £25 a month and i also pay £4.50 a month for line rental and free UK callls anytime. after looking over my bills for somereason the calls they i have made have been internet calls and i have been charged extorcinate amounts for them. im currently on the phone to bt and they said that i should have two phones!!!! Who the hell wouldhave to house phones???? stay away from BT!!!

  • We have had no problems with our telephone service until this week when BT's Openreach van appeared in our street. The engineers had every manhole cover open pulling wires out and doing goodness knows what…this went on for two days. Now we are unable to use our telephone due to the horrendous crackle on the line. I called BT and was told they could not help as we were with a different provider. I explained that it was due to their Engineers that we now have a problem. I was told to call my own provider (based in India) and was advised that if I need an engineer called out that I would be charged over £100!!! They are unable to repair the damage and we are going around in circles getting nowhere and unable to use our phone. Openreach do not speak to the public so where do we go from here, BT will do NOTHING to help sort this out. DISGUSTED!

  • May I add my voice to the complaints re BT. I have BT line, BT telephone, BT vision and BT broadband and up until recently I have had no problems with the service provided. That all changed when I got BT Infinity with the HomeHub 3. Since then I have had ongoing problems with dropped internet connections. I have lost count of the time I have spent on the telephone being passed around various departments trying to resolve the various problems.

    My biggest surprise was when I rang regarding issues surrounding my Kindle not being able to connect to the internet – I was advised that technical support for this would cost £30 – and yes like a mug I paid that. The Kindle was eventually sorted out – but the settings on the router were changed and subsequently the wireless printers started to drop connection as did the laptop. I have to keep resetting the router in order to get online with my computer.

    What had been a very satisfactory service is now proving to be a very unsatisfactory one. The folk at the call centre in India are very courteous and friendly – but the combination my accent (Northern Ireland) and theirs has led to more than a little confusion and invariably after explaining my problems in detail to the first person on the line I have to be transferred to the technical support – which appears to be in the UK.

    Unless a miracle happens I shall, reluctantly, be changing provider when my current contract is us.

    At present if I were asked would I recommend BT the answer would have to be 'NO'.

  • BT are a set of greedy bast***s. Lets not mince words here.
    Every complaint also needs a letter to the prime minister as misuse of service.
    The chairman gets £1.2 million a year, the next in command £800k a year for 3 days work.
    These are BT's crimes:
    Helping themselves to excessive pay
    Not listening to customers
    Not listening to engineers
    Not providing competent service.
    It was sold for £1.30 a share, at £2 a share price is good for a take over.
    It should go back to being a public service and not private profit.

  • I got an email from B.T telling me that my services will stop on 19.5.12 . But my services already stopped on 25.4.12 broadband and 11.5.12 phone. I pnoned them up four times, so did my new provider, to let them know that i am living. It seams to me that they are trying to charge me when i was no longer using their land line.
    They already been over charging me for my broadband, i spoke to them about it,but nothing have happen.I been with B.T for 18 month and i would never go back to them. I would rather use cup and string to communicate than have anything to do with this crappy company. B.Ts proffits are from ripping people off. They should not called them self British because it is insulting.Shame on you B.T!!!!!!!!

  • BT is the worst company in Britain. It employs useless staff. Its products are poor quality. BT vision is just freeview on speed. BT Engineers who know very little about anything. The company is full of Liars and people who don't have English as a first language or even a fifth language. Please all go to Sky – they are cheaper, answer their telephones quickly and deal with queries efficiently and respectfully.

  • My BT Vision box keeps on going down and takes about 10mins to rebout.They have the worst customer services ever.I actually had an argument with one of there staff who was adamant that he could take a payment of my bank card that does NOT allow me to do that!Very close to changing to another provider after been with BT for 9yrs.They do not care about there customers.

  • BT stands for "Bloody Terrible" just like BG stands for "Bloody Ghastly" and BA stands for "Bloody Awful". They are all former nationalised industries to whom the concept of customer service is as real as the Geneva Convention was to Attila the Hun. Had lots of troubles with BT every time I have dealt with them in the past – wouldn't now buy anything from them even if they were giving it away. Its just a huge shame that my 'phone provider has to use the BT lines and of course, they are very slow about repairing faults if you happen to be someone else's subscriber.

  • I am absolutely astounded at the inadequacies of this company and the "foreign staff" saving money and privatization is the worst thing in the world. Any government that does this deserves to be shot!

  • This company is a world leader, but to get there they have trodden on hundreds of thousands of customers for decades with poor service and over charging. Astronomical overcharging. After living in California for 17 years the difference in customer service was beyond description and living back here is like the dark ages. After 40 years with the same number and address, when my mother passed, (I had come back to try and look after her), I write to BT to let me continue paying for the service (phone number so relatives and friends could get hold of me, plus some very poor broadband (I wonder if anyone in this country gets the broadband they are supposed to). I was running a business in the US and needed constant access. They simply disconnected me. I would advise anyone out there to use ANYONE other than BT because you cannot afford to risk your lifeline to a company that DOES NOT CARE an IOTA!!

  • I have just created a Twitter account if you want to discuss your various issues with BT then feel free to follow me @BT_R_Arseholes

  • Have you thought of going to the press Malcolm? Im having probs with BT, cannot access my email account neither, get sent over to INDIA, and they are as useful as a GLASS EYE! I got a text message other day saying it would all be resolved today and guess what? THEY BROKE THEIR PROMISE YET AGAIN! Grr! Im forwarding a complaint to OFCOM and also got advice from RIPOFF BRITAIN Which is a BBC programme, has useful tips when necessary even on broadband and phone accounts etc. Take a look!

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