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Here is a typical BT customer services complaint we have received to share with other BT Customers. If you have had similar experience then please comment below. This complaint, along with all the others we receive will be put into a report and sent for investigation. Email you BT complaint to camwinston(at)gmail(dot)com.

Dear Sir

I was so happy to see your BT problems website. I was actually looking to see if I could somehow get the head of BT customer services to write him/her a letter. I have already contacted BBC watchdog and below is my letter explaining my situation.

I hope you can add this to your BT complaints page and put forward to Offtel or whoever can help us out here. Here is my BT Complaint letter:


BT sent me a letter saying someone was interested in my phone number and if I haven’t contacted them by April 24th they would disconnect me.

I called (in disbelief) saying that I do need it, so they said fine they will cancel the cancellation request. They didn’t and so my line was disconnected.

A lot of expensive calls(was on hold for ages) from my mobile phone were made and eventually I was put onto a woman called Barbara who apologised, organised for the activity of the line the following day and said my old number will be back within the week. All this time my sky broadband was canceled because of no active line.

It’s the 3rd June and I still don’t have my old phone number back. I do have service but as everyone has the old number they can’t contact me.

To add to insult I received a bill a few days ago for £41.

I was offered 1 months free rental and £10 as a gesture of goodwill for the following:

  • disconnecting my phone line without my permission
  • A month of no broadband which they argue isn’t their fault
  • massive mobile phone bills calling BT and being put on hold
  • constant promises from people in foreign countries that all will be sorted and then nothing ?
  • continuously calling BT as in the 1st few weeks no-one bothered to call me to review the situation?
  • costs of my visits to the internet cafe as I am in the middle of organising a wedding and have to do it out of office hours
  • Over a month of missing calls as everyone has our proper phone number
  • The stress I have suffered in the last month because of the incompetence of BT.

If I don’t pay this bill I will receive a CCJ yet nothing happens to BT for the lack of service.

They boast that the last thing they do is disconnect landlines after non payment of bills so there are a lot of unpaid debts with a phone line yet they disconnected a bill paying customer and caused all this bother and stress.

I am looking into other landline providers as we speak but would appreciate your response on this.


Majella Foley

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  • hi majella im now going throu the same problem with BT they offer a terrible customer services they never return calls u always get they will ring back within 24hrs but never do now iv found out they have lost my payment i made to broadband and wont reconnect me until found but its there fault not mine totally had enough of what used to be a good provider service but is now a crap one

  • I have just had the same letter, even after confirming over the telephone twice that we had no intention to move. Due to Xmas post problems they are due to cut us off tomorrow. I managed to get through to BT and they have confirmed there are no orders to disconnect the line and have out a note on our file saying not to disconnect us.

    We will see whether we still have phone & broadband (from Sky incidentally) tomorrow 🙂

    TIP: Always go via sales number when phoning call centres at busy times – call centres always staff up sales lines over service one! Trust me I work in one!

  • Something very similar to this has just happened to my fiancee.

    We are both in the process of selling our homes in advance of our wedding in November. My fiancee had agreed through her solicitor to exchange contracts in mid-November, but received a letter this week informing her that someone had requested to take over her phone line and have BT Broadband activated (my fiancee has, or rather had, broadband through Pipex)

    The letter was dated a week previously and stated that if BT hadn't heard from her by the following day they would proceed to cancel her line. She also received a letter from Pipex of the "sorry to hear you are leaving us" type. All of which was totally unexpected and came as a complete surprise.

    She phoned BT the next morning and explained that firstly, she still lived at the house and needed her phone and broadband and secondly, no contract for the sale of the house had been signed so the other customer clearly had no right to request to take over her line. BT told her that they could not cancel the takeover but would delay it until after the proposed handover date.

    When she arrived home from work that evening, Pipex had indeed disconnected her broadband. BT apparently can't or won't help, Pipex have alternately told her that she is either still a customer, or has been disconnected, they can't seem to decide which. To try to reconnect her, they put her through to sales, at which point she gets a recorded message saying they are experiencing a high volume of calls and the call is instantly terminated.

    All this is no doubt running up a huge mobile bill and causing untold stress and annoyance as she needs internet access for email etc. We are planning a wedding after all!

    We can't believe that BT can accept a working line takeover request from someone who doesn't even own the property yet and won't for at least another 6-7 weeks. My fiancee is suffering all the hassle of trying to get her broadband back yet she is not the one who has done anything wrong!

    It's a scandalous state of affairs in my opinion, and someone's head should probably roll… we just don't know who 🙁

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