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This is BT complaint was recently sent to BT Customer Services and ourselves to publish here on btcomplaint.com

Dear BT

In March of last year (2011) I “returned to BT” I wish I could say this was a happy return, but unfortunately I did not find it so. I was constantly telephoned by BT Sales personal asking me to “come back”, I eventually said I would if BT could match what I was being charged by Talk Talk (with whom I had never had any problems); my bills at that time were around £33-35 per month. I required free evening & weekend calls, unlimited broadband and BT Vision. This was agreed. This is where the problems started.

I was told that I would be contacted by sales to confirm the order, no-one rang, I contacted BT and was told that no-way could I have the package I was promised, it did not exist and I was offered a more expensive option.

I eventually after quite a few ‘phone calls by me I spoke to a rather nice young man in BT Customer Services who shall remain anonymous in this complaint. He confirmed that BT would in fact honour what I was quoted, because of the problems I had encountered I would have my BT box free of charge and the one-off connection fee would be waived. I was told that when I received my initial letter it would state a higher charge but he would alter this for me (he could not do this prior the start date). I accepted this in good faith.

Unfortunately at that time I did not follow my order through as closely as I should have for personal reasons; for this I apologise.

The first time I noticed that something was wrong was when I was contacted by my Bank saying that my payment for BT had been returned. This I eventually found out was because the monthly payment was coming out of my account at different times of the month. I was expecting my monthly payment (the same each month) to come out on the same date each month, when the money would be available. This obviously was not happening.

I emailed the young man straight away (several times in fact but he never returned my emails.

I then spoke directly to BT and I was told that I had left it too late to complain about my new account and I was lucky to have a package for £42. I agreed (grudgingly to pay £55 (a rounded up figure) each month and for this payment to correspond with my salary.

The young man in BT Customer Services was sent an email and asked to contact me to discuss my account direct from BT, again no contact was forthcoming.

I again thought all was well until I became aware that BT had begun taking £89 each month, exactly why I am not sure. I again contact BT and spoke to someone in India. I again expressed my concern and anger at this and said that I was only prepared to pay £55 which was agreed earlier that year. The direct debit was then changed accordingly.

On going through my bills for 2011 it has been pointed out to me that I am in fact being charged for ESPN & BT Vision Gold Pack, both of which I do not require, have never used as you can see from my account, and which I never agreed to pay for.

The package that I agreed to pay for back in March 2011 was for:

• TV Essential
• Unlimited Broadband
• Free evening & weekend calls
• The cost for this is £43.60

I am constantly bombarded with letters being offering me a great deal to go back to BT along with seeing numerous adverts on the TV, all offering great deals i.e. money off for the first three months. I was not nothing offered or received any incentive.

I would therefore be grateful if you would look into this for me as a matter of urgency.

I am therefore requesting that BT:

• Amend my account accordingly
• Remove BT Vision Gold Pack & ESPN
• Refund my account with the amount that I have been overcharged since moving back to BT in 2011 plus my bank charges

I have since rung BT (Saturday 14.01.12) and after waiting in a queue (volume of calls) I spoke to two very pleasant members of staff who tried to put me through to the cancellation line, I was cut off four times. This again was not good customer relations. I was assured that the line was being staffed but was not able to speak to anyone regarding the above.

I look forward to hearing from regarding the above as a matter of urgency.

Yours faithfully

W.A. Barnes

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