A catalogue of BT customer service incompetence

I’m writing to complain and express my disappointment with the level of service and customer support offered from BT and its employees.

On 07/07/2011 I moved home. I rang BT and arranged a home move which was all straight forward. I was told that a BT Engineer needed to come to the property to fit a new line and that I would need to be home to let him in, although I was sure there was already a line installed as the previous tenants had one.

I took the day off work, however on the morning of the visit the Engineer rang and said he can switch it on the board and wont need to visit the property. Why couldn’t they have checked this before I booked the day off?

On Friday 7th Oct I received an email saying I was over my broadband download allowance. I decided to upgrade my broadband package from 10MB to 40MB. This is where my problems with BT started properly.

I rang BT and after a lengthy conversation was told that my new order had been processed and my new allowance would start at midnight. I later got home to discover my phone line and broadband wasn’t working. I rang BT and was eventually put through to technical support. Here I was told ‘I need to do a quick check on the line, so will have to put you on hold for a minute’, I was on hold for 44 minutes before I hung up.

Later Friday evening I rang and again was put on hold from technical support for 24 minutes, before being told by that my line was ok and there was nothing else he could do to assist. I rang BT again to there Broadband department, explained the situation and explained I was very unhappy with the service. She informed me that the line had been turned off. She said she would re-activate the line and the broadband will be working from Saturday morning.

Saturday morning and still no phone line or broadband. Rang technical support again and was informed he needed to do a ‘line check’ which would take up to an hour so he would call me back. He never did.

Saturday afternoon the UK representative who I originally placed the upgrade with called me back. He explained that when the home move was done BT had set up a new line but linked my broadband to my old phone number, which should have been cancelled by BT when I ordered the home move. He would have to cancel my whole account and start again with a complete new order; however this would take a week. This was annoying as I use my broadband for my business, so would now lose a weeks worth of work. He accepted that this was BTs error and that he would seek some compensation for my troubles.

He later rang me back saying there where further complications with my line and it was best if he passed the case onto customer services who would be able to sort all the issues. He ensured me they would call me after 17.00 on Monday 10th. . By this time I was losing confidence in BT so made it clear that they would call me Monday evening, he again ensured me they would. They never called.
So on Monday I rang to cancel my account with BT. After another 32 minutes on the phone I was told I had to speak to the home move department.

Eventually when I got through to the home move department I was informed that I would have to pay £420 to cancel my account as I started a new contract when I did a home move. I was never informed of this and presumed that my existing contract would just transfer to my new address.

So I am currently without broadband or a phone line, with no idea when, or if, either will be switched on.

As stated every time I call BT ‘your call may be recorded…’ so please listen to these recordings and I’m sure you’ll agree that everything I said above is accurate, and that I have been treated with a complete lack of respect. My biggest complaint being that when BT have said ‘we’ll call you back’ they have made no attempt to do so.

I have also spent hours over the weekend being transferred around different departments or sat on hold, all from my mobile as my BT line had been ‘turned off’ which has cost me a small fortune.

I would be grateful if you could look at my issues with BT. I would like to leave BT and cancel my account completely and I shouldn’t have to pay £420 disconnection charges to do so. I wasn’t made aware I was starting a new contract when I did a home move, and as your operative said, ‘BTs mistake’ has left me without a phone line or broadband for over a week costing me far more than £420 in lost business.


Lee Wallington

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  • iv had similar problems with BT and am now being charged £220 for the remainder of the contract on my old address even though i was told i would have a new contract with my house move.Anyhow,did they confirm your order in writing?if not you have up to 3 months cooling off period besides the initial 7 days(i think) cancellation period.Have a look at Directgov for info or cooling off periods in general.Good Luck

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