A BT customer with many complaints

Dear Sir, I thought you would like to hear of my complaint towards BT customer services which is still ongoing.

Shortly before Christmas my bank informed me they had blocked my account because someone was trying to access it. They told me to download trusteer security which their bank advises, until then no monies direct debits/standing orders or anything would be going out. I was grateful to them and they said it would only take a week or so to unblock me.

So, obviously my direct debit payment to BT did not go out on time and shortly after everything was back to normal, and I contacted all the companies including BT and the other people I use to pay direct debit i.e Insurance,water rates, television licence, sky etc. With the exception of BT others understood the problem I had with the bank and everyone agreed to set up their direct debits again straight away, and I also advised my bank from my end.

I’m a pensioner (nothing special in that), but the verbal abuse that I suffered from BT operator’s was something else. It was then that I began to do my own investigations online with my telephone account with them ‘never hardly looking previously at my paper free online bill’ which amounted to £19.50 per month for unlimited calls and broadband.

Was I in for a shock, I already thought poorly of them when my telephone landline number was suddenly changed some months ago, without me reguesting a change OR bt even advising me they had done so, and it took friends to ring my mobile to ask me what was wrong with my landline.

BT now state I have 3 telephone lines, and have charged me for calls that I have NOT made. They state that I also live at another address and I actually downloaded that bill with a different address on it. I enquired by telephone the usual number 0800 800 150, and a male operator was extremely rude to me and said ‘well I have changed it back now to where you say you live get over it ‘no explanation’. On some of my downloaded bills it shows the discount for paper free, on others it does not, maybe this is why another female operator argued with me stating that I have never been paper free.

I have also been charged for BT vision and also charged for discontinuing my vision contract. I have never had BT Vision – I have had sky for years and BT have also been charged for late payments, which is very confusing since I have payed them for years by direct debit per month.

I am moving home soon and if BT do not sort this out in the next few days (I have complained again) I will be finishing with their service, and not paying them anything other than maybe a few pence a month.

Best regards to all who have suffered like me with the incompetence of bt.

Mrs M Ashford

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  • swap to another provider. BT staff are mostly always rude, autocratic and use threatening behaviour. Unfortunately Otello do not have the clout to deal with them. So hit them where it hurts dump them but pay up or else they will threaten you with the debt collectors.

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