8 days of BT working and testing the wrong line!

An angry BT complaint about BT customer services, broadband services and engineers. 

Dear BT Complaints and Mr Livingston

I am writing to complain about the appalling service I am currently receiving from BT and hoping that you might intervene and get this sorted out.

On the morning of Friday the 20th March my broadband link which had been very up and down finally stopped working, so I rang your technical help desk. Having spent 15/20 minutes running through what was obviously a script with someone who did not understand the issue, I was told that there was nothing wrong with my broadband connection and that I should scan my PC for viruses, I asked to speak to a supervisor and did. 

The supervisor finally managed to get my broadband connected. In the afternoon once again my broadband connection stopped working and so I and rang your technical help desk. I was told that according to your systems my broadband connection was fine, but as I kept explaining to your staff, it was not working at my end. Finally I asked the technician ‘which BT line are you testing ?’ the response came back 01548 xxx696, which was astonishing as I had rung about 0208 785 xxx03 and had at no point told your support desk about this number (it is the broadband account for our holiday home in Devon).

I am now at the end of my tether as my broadband is still not working. This is because each time that your technical support team refer my case to the engineers, the engineers work on and test our Devon line, they then close the case because the broadband connection is working.

Yesterday was the straw that broke the camel’s back, I was told that an engineer was being sent to my property to fix the problem between 1pm and 4.30pm, so I waited in all afternoon. 
At 4.15pm I called your support desk to find out where thee engineer was, I was told that the engineer had worked on the line earlier in the day, found a problem at the exchange, fixed it and then closed the case. No-one called me to let me know that I did not need to wait in any longer, and to add insult to injury my broadband was still not working. I made another appointment for an engineer to come and fix the problem today (Saturday the 27th March). 
A little bit later, it occurred to me that despite the ‘very sincere apologies’ and assurances that ‘trust me the engineer will check the correct line this time’, that the engineer had once again worked on the 015485xxx96 number. 
I rang your support desk to check the facts and discovered that on Friday, once again, your engineers had worked on the wrong line, I was also told initially and very worryingly that there was no broadband associated with 020 8785 xxx3, it had been closed off. When I asked why and said that we have not cancelled the account, the technician then changed her story and told me that actually the line had been upgraded. 
I was also told that there were no engineers available to work on my London number till Monday, which is hopeless as I am going away, so I asked for an appointment on the morning of the 9th April when I am back from holiday, but I was told that your system cannot book appointments so far in advance, but the technician said that he would book the appointment for me in a few days’ time. As you can imagine I have absolutely no confidence that this will happen.

I have been told that once the problem is resolved I will be refunded the line rental for the days when my broadband is not working. This is not good enough, I have had to join BTOPENZONE at a cost of £3 a day I am unable to navigate my way round the convoluted BTFON and BTOPENZONE systems to establish whether I am being charged £3 a day for each user ie myself, my husband, and my daughter (currently studying for her A-levels so internet access is essential) or £3 a day for all three of us. 

I would use the free openzone service, but the username and password that was supposed to be set up by the engineer I spoke to last week, still doesn’t work. I see absolutely no reason why I should be out of pocket due to BTs gross incompetence.

I expect you personally to intervene on my behalf and make sure that an engineer fixes my broadband and gets it up and working immediately. It is quite obvious that the problem is at the exchange and there is no need for an engineer to gain access to my house to resolve the problem, but if this is necessary then my housekeeper will be at our London home on the afternoons of Wednesday the 31st and Thursday the 1st.

I chose to use BT because it is supposed to be a premium service, to date all I have experienced is total incompetence, I hold you personally responsible for this I expect you to get the problem resolved immediately – eight days of working on and testing the wrong line is completely unacceptable. I also expect to be re-imbursed all of our costs, not just the lost days’ line rental. I can be contacted on 07768xxx880 and 01548 xxx696 (from the 30th April).


Ruth Hatton

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  • ur not on your own the new bt 21cn sucks, bt are a rip off the customer service is a joke my speed keeps droping all the time and my ip profile is going down,

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