£56K to connect to BT broadband!!!

A businessman who asked BT to install a broadband line at his farmhouse home – was told it would cost a staggering £56,000. Tony Simkin had called the firm for a quote as he wanted to file his VAT tax return online. But his plans were put on hold after he claims BT quoted him £48,250 plus £8,443 VAT.

BT told Mr Simkin, who owns a jewellers shop, a new line was needed as his telephone line was shared with an unmanned water pumping station nearby.

Mr Simkin, of Beulah, Ceredigion, said: “What I find galling is I understand if it were not for my shared line I would now be connected to the internet just like the two neighbouring farms, which are within 400 yards of my house.

“Bt never asked me to share the line. Yet I am being asked to pay over £50,000 because of BT’s action in extending my line to it. I believe it’s grossly unfair.”

Bt claims he was quoted £40,000 excl VAT. A spokesman added: “There can be very rare cases where additional charges are applied because of an exceptional amount of work required in order to provide service.”

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  1. Makes sense. If there is no line to his house, they have the right to charge to install this. This isn't electricity or water, it's broadband! If they did this for every remote farmhouse, we'd all be worse off. Put up with dial-up and stop yer whining!

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