£500 fee in 8 months for going over broadband allowance

This recent BT complaint about broadband allowance charges is terrible. Terrible in the fact that because this customer had chosen not to have paper billing and thus do their bit to save the environment, in doing so cost them £500 of fees as they did not receive emails informing them of charges for going over their broadband allowance due to a mistake on their email address setup. 

Dear BT Complaint

I’ve gone over my broadband allowance for 8 months but BT have never notified me so i’ve paid £500 on top of my normal bill!

I’m completely gutted. We are a large family and this has hit us hard. We chose not to have paper billing so did not see the bills mounting and the email that I should have received from BT to say we had reached our limit did not have my correct email address on it so I wasn’t aware of the direct debts that they were taking until I started running short of money in my account.

I have spoken to someone from BT today and he said it was all my fault as the incorrect email address was on the account!

Strange as I have been receiving emails from BT for all other correspondence but they said the dot (.) was missing from my address when I set up the broadband.

So I have decided to end my contract, close the phoneline and the kids will now have to go round to friends to go on the internet as we have had enough!

It would not have been so bad if BT had met me half way with some of the £500 but it fell on deaf ears.

Sad as i’ve been a loyal customer for 25 years. Well you learn the hard way sometimes. Just another example of how easy it is to lose a large sum of money by a . going missing from an email address.

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  • Well I went from Sky to BT last May. Well I say May but by the time they cocked up by cancelling the order without notice and keep making excuses, I was finally with BT in end of July, and guess what? Was without a phone line for a week! Then when they came repaired it, guess what? Phone line got a buzzing noise. Then the engineer returns and I get charged a whopping £120 for engineer visit though it's their fault. Next, the router had some overheating issues, so called BT to repair or replace. Got charged for that again though it is BT equipment! I got my money back after a lot of complaints, and BT assured me by giving back some credit. Funny enough, the credit I had to pay back in the next bill! BT are a scam, and have terrible customer service, hate talking to people from India. Sky had their customer service from the UK and was nice to chat to them. I have lodged a complaint to OfCom and they are dealing with it so I can get out of this contract and join Sky (who have given me an offer of 12 months free broadband and line rental) or Virgin Media (who claim to be making our area digital next month).

  • i am having a similar problem at the moment, i joined bt and was offered the evening and weekend phone package, inc anytime free 0845 etc numbers, and unlimited broadband, it took them over a month to connect me past the date they said i would be connected, i have just had a bill for £104 saying i went over my broadband usage and my 0845 calls were only free in the evenings, i complained and was told it was my fault for going over limit, even tho when i joined i was told it was unlimited!! i want to quit with them but it will cost me £156 to get out of the contract, nearly every day at least once my broadband doesnt work and says cant connect to broadband and my phone has a constant crackling noise, i called and they are sending someone out be friday to fix it, but made me very aware that if it is not a fault with equiptment i will be charged £130!!!!! this is just outragous, please help as i have no idea what to do???

  • My experience of BT is that when they make a mistake it's the customers fault. When you complain and they ignore you that's customers fault. when you cancel a service and they dont cancel it so you have to phone again to cancel the service and they then take the next three months money from your bank account thats their system. when you complain about having to pay 3 months in advance for a service you just twice cancelled, they have no answer they do credit the money at the following quarter bill but customer has been without their money for over four months because its been in BT's bank account They really don't care. having made numerous phone calls emails and letters which they mainly ignored i have today been told that my friend of twenty years must have lied to me about my phone bill er no BT got it wrong! and I was told that I got my money back in a tone that implied what was I moaning about. I was moaning about BT having taken it out of my account for a twice cancelled service and i had to wait four months to get my own ,money back and she shouted it at me.Great customer service that is BT. whatever you say to support your complaint Bt will say it's not recorded on your file, like that's your fault ,According to them they are the perfect company and their staff never make mistakes, oh yeah! you can never win with BT except to take you custom elsewhere. as soon as my contract is ended I'm off.

  • Could'nt agree more with all the complaints listed – When originally I was the only one with a laptop all was well – eldest grandson then lived with us and up went the "over the top" monthly payment – NO WARNING WAS SENT TO ME so had to swallow the £80 odd payment. Luckily had an English speakig person obviously living here in the UK that cancelled the up front payment. Only problem I have now is that grandson has left and I signed up with Sky for unlimited broadband!!! Never mind – can be cancelled and the 'phone service from Sky is much better than what BT offer

  • I have been charged for exceeding my monthly allowance each month since December. When we got the first notification I played hell with the family and we stopped down loading or streaming and banned itunes purchases etc. Today BT have told me I am nowhere near downloading the permitted 45GB limit and never have been – I am however UPloading (get that: UPloading!) 60GB per month TO the internet. We have put 6 pictures on Picassa and uploaded a file to my wife's work system – since February! The customer service girl insisted we must have given the children an Xbox or some game platform that was connecting and accounting for this extraordinary volume of traffic. We have no such thing in the house.

  • Why didn't you check your bills online? Why didn't you question why your direct debits were higher than usual? It's easy to point the blame at BT but it's actually your fault for not checking, you have access to online bills, you can check your broadband usage. You're complaining about £500 worth of charges but if you had checked you could of avoided that. Don't hate the biller hate the bills

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